My Adventure with Green Day Included in the inlay of the Kerplunk CD/LP, 'My Adventure with Green Day' is a humorous story of what a young girl would do to spend a week with Green Day. The story was written for the punk zine "Tales of...Blarg!". The name Laurie L is a homage to the man who signed Green Day to their first record contract on Lookout! Records, Lawrence Livermore.

Lawrence Livermore Interview A Q&A with the man without whom we may never have discovered the wonder that is Green Day. Interview questions were submitted by the fans to be asked to him. Larry started a band a long time ago called 'The Lookouts!' with none other than a 12 year old Tre Cool as their drummer. Larry is also the founder of Lookout! Records.

Green Day Bits Bits and pieces of information put together in one big write-up from the 'Slappy' EP. Learn things you never knew about Green Day! For example, did you know the name of the dog on the Slappy EP was Mickey but the EP was called Slappy because Jason Andrew Relva (AKA J.A.R.), called him that? Didn't think so.

Making Of The 'Minority' Video An interview with the central figures in creating the video for Green Day's smash hit, Minority. You'll find out what Billie refused to do, how the balloons were created and problems they enountered while filming. Get a little behind the scenes look at making music video's.

Creating The Insomniac Cover The creator of the Insomniac artwork, Winston Smith, is known as kindof a nutcase. Green Day are pretty wild themselves. Together, they came up with an album cover that perfectly illustrates what the content of the album is all about. Check out this interview with Winston Smith to see how it all came together.

Police File Here is a very unique archive of a few different run in's that Green Day has had with the law. Very Interesting!