Billie's Corner

An area dedicated to our close encounters with the man himself, Billie Joe. Created many, many, moons ago continuing to this day to amaze, enchant, and exfoliate. 

Mike's Corner

You Guessed it! So far we just have a letter he sent in after the passing of Punk Rocker Joey Ramone, but we think we will be seeing a lot more of Mr. Dirnt on these pages to come.


More information on these three guys than ever. From their childhoods to their lives of fame, it's all here. Read up on our boys, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt (Michael Pritchard), and Tre` Cool (Frank Edwin Wright III).


Ever wonder what's behind Green Day's smashing stage power? Check out what the guys use for gear here.. from amps to pick sizes, it's guaranteed to make you go out and buy more stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old was Billie when he wrote his first song? Did Mike really change his name? What does Tre` Cool mean? Are the guys married? Who's that kid always taggin' along with Billie backstage? It's all here, in our frequently asked questions.


From the 7 inches released on Skeene!, to the LPs on Lookout!, to the money makers from Reprise, it's all here. From soundtracks to Benefit Albums to Compilations, Green Day has made it's presence on more than just their albums.

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