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3rd Quarter 2000 reviews last nights in-store performance: "Green Day bait Slipknot": here.

Green Day chat with the BBC."Be excellent to each other!": here.

Green Day were on Channel 4's Big Breakfast show in Europe this morning doing an interview and a vegetable contest.

Green Day played the Virgin Records last night in London and it will be on radio 1 in the UK tonight on the Steve Lamacq show, from 8pm (UK time). You can also listen to it online: here.

Download a live version of "Minority" which the guys performed last week in Europe: here.Thanks to and

Green Day played an amazing, secret 90 minute set on Friday in London. Click to read all about it: here.

Ross was lucky enough to be there and scanned his ticket invite for us: here

Entertainment Weekly-9/8/00-FALL MUSIC PREVIEW:
Green Day::Warning:: "Two years ago, Green Day fans got a shock with the disarmingly tender ballad "Good Riddance(Time of Your Life)." For its sixth album the Bay Area trio continues to veer toward the pop side of pop-punk. "There are a lot of accoustic guitars on the album," admits singer-guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong. "But then, we never claimed we were the most 'punk' band around. Sometimes, the most dangerous thing you can do is be totally vulnerable." 10/3

The October issue of "Stuff Magazine" is now on the shelves. It has a small article about the new album, including a quote from the band that basically says, that listening to the new album makes you want to stand up, and pour alcoholic beverages all over yourself at Denney's. Check it out.

Sophie was nice enough to send us in pictures from MTV Europe's Select with Green Day as well as clips from the new video, "Minority" :

click for larger versions:
Image #1 Image #2 Image #3 Image #4 Image #5 Image #6 Image #7 Image #8 Image #9 Image #10 Image #11 Image #12

"Minority" images:

Image #1 Image #2 Image #3 Image #4 Image #5 Image #6 Image #7 Image #8 Image #9 Image #10 Image #11

Check out our contest page. Win T-Shirts, and stickers!: here.

Tone-Def was nice enough to scan his tickets from the London show for us:
"I'm sending u scans of the Green Day tickets for the London instore at Virgin Megastores at Oxford Street on Sept 17th. I spent 12 hours queing overnight for this ticket (long, cold, but well worth it). There were 300 tickets given away for free (150 pairs). All you needed to do was exchange a voucher from Kerrang! magazine and u got 2 tickets. Tickets were given away from 9:00am outside the Virgin Megastores on Wednesday (13th) morning:
image #1 image #2

Green Day are making an appearance on T4 this Sunday (17th) morning on Channel 4 in the UK. spread the word. Thanks to Johny for letting us know.

The French magazine we posted about a few days ago we are told is called "Rocksound" and not "Punk Rock". Also there will be a special edition of this magazine about Punk Rock, in which the guys from Green Day will appear, coming out October 4th. Thanks to Phil for the info.

MTV just debuted the new video for "Minority" on TRL. Go to the TRL website to vote for it to be on the countdown: here.Or call MTV, and tell 'em you want more! 1.800.DIAL.MTV.

It was #17, then it was #5. Now Green Day's new single Minority is on Billboards top 20 this week, at #2: here.

MTV Europe: Green Day will be at the Select Studio tomorrow, Friday 15th of Sep. 17:00 p.m. CET. Thanks to Andres for the news

Tentative Free Show: Green Day will be playing the Valley Drive-In in Kent, Washington - near Seattle on Oct 10th.

Check back tomorrow for a brand new contest, brought to you again by the wonderful folks at Reprise Records We have some awesome- BRAND NEW T-Shirts to give away as well as a ton of stickers to promote the new album. Don't miss out!

Green Day appears on the cover of "On Stage" Magazine as well as inside with a several page interview. Fall 2000. (Vol.1, No.4)

Also check out these other cool pictures from the magazine:
#1 #2 #3 #4

No Need To Search the World Around

The world premiere of Green Day's video for their smash single "Minority" is set for today at 3:30 p.m. EDT on MTV's Total Request Live. To catch a preview of the clip, click here. Meanwhile, Green Day have lined up a free, "secret" gig Oct. 4 in New York.

Check out the Official Lyrics for Minority, which were passed out at MTV's "First Listen" on Friday: here.

Warning lyrics. Click: here.

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Reprise Records, we will be having another contest in the next day or so. They sent me some great t-shirts which they want to spread to the fans! Check back soon!

Warning is now ranked #114 on Amazon's sales list, and climbing.

Thanks to Niko for this info.. A French magazine recently came out,which from my eyes is believed to be called "Punk_Rock"... I'm having someone translate the cover tonight.. but anyways, here's three newpics from the mag. Click for larger version.

Click here for #1
Click here for #2
Click here for #3

News Updates from

The new video for "Minority" will debut on MTV's TRL on September 14th. Here is the request # 1-800-DIAL-MTV. Call and tell them, to play it. October 4th there is going to be a free show somewhere in New York. But it's a secret so I can't tell you where it will be yet. Keep checking the website for more details. Lisa

How awesome will it be to be one of the few who own the new Green Day record Warning on quality colored vinyl? It will be availible Ocotober 3rd only through Adeline Records. Send $9.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling to Adeline Records 5337 College Avenue #318 Oakland, CA 94618. Still craving more... Available October 10th, Adeline Records has a Green Day 7" ep featuring "Minority" and "Jackass" from the new album Warning along with Two previously unreleased live versions of "Brat" and "86". The first 1500 copies are on green vinyl! Send $3.50 plus $2.00 shipping and handling to the same Adeline Records address. Or send a self addressed stamped envelope for the complete Adeline Records catalog.

New Green Day Video- This Just In!
The new Green Day video "Minority" will be available exclusively on for a sneak peak Tuesday September 12th. Make sure you check it out!: here.

Also, Green Day will be in the October issue of Stuff Magazine Make sure to check it out.

Green Day's new Album "Warning" hit #127 on Amazon's sales ranking at one point yesterday. It's just cruising on it's way to number 1, before it's even released.

Rumour has it Green Day will be on MTV's Total Request Live TODAY! Check your local listings, but here in Los Angeles it's 3:30pm


The new single "Minority" is the #2 most requested song on LA based radio station KROQ

Greetings, everyone... one thing.. I'm not dead, just lazy.Everyone e-mail Brian and tell him he's been doin' a kickass job on updates.

I'll be adding tour dates to the Warning page tonight, so it's all organized and stuff.

Also, regarding TRL, to all of us hardcore Green Day fans'disappointment, who probably skipped their last class to catch the show, Hanson made an appearance, rather than Green Day. We appoligize. But yeah, Thursday.. Minority..premiere.. we promise this time. 3:30/2:30c on MTV.

Also, bootlegs.. I'll be reopening the shop soon,as I'm pretty much caught up on orders. Couple thingschanging. No more videos for sale... Videos, trade only.All videos have been transfered to CD and will be theonly format purchaseable. For the videos, you'll haveto trade me. Another feature I'll be adding, is that youorder before you send money. Then, when your order is packaged, stamped, and ready to mail, I'll e-mail you andTHEN you send money, so I don't have anymore angered people,and to those of you who have waited countless months, I appoligize.I'll send you free stuff or something.

Thanks to Gregg Verutes for this bit of news.Billie Joe when asked about the Horror Movie, "It was a bad idea that justgot worse. We are not doing it."

One more thing before I go.. we're having as big of a contestas possible begining September 25th, 2000. We'll have 3 Copiesof Warning (that you'll get a day early if you win), and I'msure there'll be more copies of Warning, but for now, that'sconfirmed. How can you sponsor the contest without giving usany money? Pre-order Warning by clicking on the banner justabove this update (on the top of the page). So yeah, order it,because Green Day kicks ass.

That's all for now, and again, our appoligies to the fans whowere disappointed when Hanson took the TRL stage today.

Green Day added a new date to their Fall lineup: October 1st, 2000: Atlanta, GA Lakewood Amphitheatre. For more tour info, which is basically only Australia dates so far- check out

The new album "Warning" was at one point #141 today on Amazon's sales ranking. Again, not bad for an album to be released in 20+ days.

Don't miss Green Day on MTV's Total Request Live tommorrow (Monday 9/11) at 3:30pm, check your local listings to be sure on the time.

Green Day and MTV had the "First Listen" yesterday in New York. 50 lucky people got to listen to the entire album, and received copies of the lyrics.

Look for the boys on MTV this Monday, September 11th, on Total Request Live. MTV has been plugging it for the past few days.

Thanks to Franco for asking Mike Dirnt at the First Listen, where the free show in NY would be on October 4th, and the answer is Central Park. Don't miss it!

Some tentative song lengths for Warning:
"Warning" 3:44
"Blood, Sex and Booze" 3:33
"Church on Sunday" 3:18
"Fashion Victim" 2:48
"Castaway" 3:52
"Misery" 5:05
"Dead Beat Holiday" 2:54
"Hold On" 2:57
"Jackass" 2:43
"Waiting" 3:14

The Electric Artist's Green Day Street Team has been sending out great information about the new album. To join click:here.

New Rockdaily Article:Better Late Than Never.Count Green Day's Oct. 4 appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman as part of their extensive promotional tour in
support of Warning:. The album continues to be propelled by lead single "Minority," a track that deals with "taking a stand for yourself," according to frontman Billie Joe Armstrong.

MTV flashed a bunch of commercials today, about the 500th episode of Total Request Live, airing this coming Monday the 11th, as well as debuting new videos soon, by bands includeing Green Day. There are a bunch of rumours flying around that it will be a "Making of the Video" as well as premiere of the "Minority" Video, but no one seems to know for sure yet. As soon as we know, you will know. Keep checking back.

Thanks to Alex we now have a really cool Flash banner at the top of the page. If you don't see it, you probably need the Flash plugin for your web browser. Feel free to e-mail Alex, and the site and let us know what you think.

If you entered our Promo CD contest on Wednesday, check out the winners:here.

Green Day's new single Minority is on Billboards top 20 this week, at #5, up from last week at #17: here.

The new Rolling Stone has a small article on Green Day. Click:here.

Green Day are on their way back to Europe for some promotional shows. In London on September 15th, they will be doing a show for BBC Radio 1, then broadcast on the site's "Lamacq Live" on September 18th. Click to check out their site:here.

London Show, September 17th, Tickets only. New NME Article Click:here.

Same article by "Music 365". Click: here.

Next Wednesday, September 13th, at 6pm, EST. Comedy Central will be re-airing the Saturday Night Live episode with Roseanne, in which Green Day was the musical guest. If you missed it, or want to tape it be sure to check that out.

Green Day's new album is already at the #234 spot for's sales numbers, and it's not going to be released for another 25 days. As a frame of reference, here are some of the sites top selling albums:

Britney Spears, "Oops I did it Again": #20
Nsync, "No Strings Attached": #31
Eminem, "The Marshall Mathers LP" : #63
Green Day, "Warning": #234

Not bad for an album that isn't going to be released for almost a month. (Figures are changing constantly)

The fabulous Reprise Records ( has donated several copies of the new Green Day "Rock Block Sampler" seen here to us:

The track list is as follows: "Minority", "Time of your life", "When I Come Around", "Brain Stew", and "Basket Case".This rare cd, is your chance to own a copy of the new song "Minority" before its even released, usually only sent to radio stations.

We are going to start by giving away 15 copies to the biggest Green Day fans. The first 15 people who email me at [email protected] with their name and address, will win a copy of this rare promo cd. That's it! Those who are fastest on the keyboard, and loyal to the site will win. All 15 winners will be announced on Friday. Good Luck, and look for more contests coming soon. Thanks again to Reprise Records

Thanks to Chris from Ohio for scanning the current issue of Punk Planet featuring Green Day:
Click here for the image

Ben Sauter wrote in and said the Farm club show will air on USA on October 9th. Stay Tuned.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest we had earlier today. We had hundreds of people enter, but only 15 lucky people won. Their promo cd's are being stuffed in envelopes as we speak, but won't be announced until Friday. Look for more contests coming soon.

This months Electronic Gameing Monthly (EGM) has a tear out Green Day sticker that promotes the new album. I saw it today, and it's the same one that many of you have probably seen at Warped Tour (Green/black and pink colors) click here to see a picture.

As I posted earlier, Green Day is in the current issue of Punk Planet. The first page is basically an explanation/apology to Billie Joe- from the editor for putting Green Day on the cover. The rest of the article deals with the controversy surounding Green Day signing to a major label. It's $3.50, and the cover is really cool, defintely a good read. There is also a new picture in black and white of the guys.

The current issue of Guitar One magazine has a picture of Billie Joe and an article about Warped Tour.

Check out this new exclusive picture of the guys, from Electric Artists: here.

"Green Day Globe-Trotting For Promo Appearances": here.

This Saturday, MTV is supposedly Airing a "First Listen" with Green Day at 4pm. Stay Tuned for more details

A new compilation CD called "Bored, Lonely, and a little pissed off" comes out tommorrow featuring never before heard Green Day. Check out for details.

"A benefit CD for KALX radio in Berkeley featuring previously unreleased live-in-the-studio recorded tracks from AISLERS SET, BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG (GREEN DAY), BRACKET, BUCK, DEMONICS, MK ULTRA, PAPAS FRITAS, PANSY DIVISION, ORANGE PEELS, KIRBY GRIPS, EX-GIRL, DEALERSHIP, DOLORES HAZE, BITESIZE, STILLMEN, and more."

This months Punk Planet also features a new article on Green Day, so check it out.

Green Day added another Australian Tour date which makes this their current Fall Lineup so far:
18-Oct Wed Sydney Hordern Pavilion
19-Oct Thu Sydney Goat Island
20-Oct Fri Melbourne Festival Hall
21-Oct Sat Brisbane Livid Festival
22-Oct Sun Perth Perth Festival

A brand new article in German came out today at, click for the translated version: here.

Listen to a clip from the new Green Day song, Blood, Sex, And Booze. Click: here.

Listen to a clip from the new Green Day song, Hold On. Click: here.

Click here for #1 Click here for #1
Big thanks to Nick and Anthony for the links. now has some more "Warning" info, includeing a short album review.

Witness "Jackass," which cautions, "Everybody loves a joke, but no one likes a fool." Proving that they aren't fools, Green Day take a substantial step forward, exploring new rhythms, sonics, and subjects.

The Minority single, which I assume is an import is also scheduled to be released in 2 weeks on September 15th

Minority topped the chart, for airplay this week: here.

Billie Joe talks about voting with September 1st: here.

Green Day's new single Minority debuted on Billboards top 20 this week, at 17: here.

Green Day rocked's set last night at Universal Studios. The set list was as follows:
Minority, Minority, Blood Sex Booze, Blood Sex Booze, Nice Guys Finish Last, Christie Road, Christie Road, and Warning. Some songs were played twice because of technical difficulties.

Jason White of Pinhead Gunpowder played guitar on the first, and last song. They sounded great, and did an interview with Matt Pinfield right after their set. Look for it to air on the USA channel soon. We will keep you posted.

Following Green Day, No Doubt took the stage, then Mandy Moore, followed by Eve 6 and some other bands that I didn't see

Tre discusses his presidential choice in this new article that came out today: here.

Green Day is playing tommorrow in LA for the tapeing of a TV show. I'll post details all about it tommorrow night

If you missed our contest to win Free Green Day Tickets for Next Tuesday, Check out Mike Dirnt's other band's site:

If Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nader can run for president, why not Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong? New MTV article today: here.

This was sent into us, a possible scan from the radio single version of Minority.
click here

Amazon now has an order form up for the new album, including a photo of the cover. It turns out the picture we posted here a while back with the guys on the front, is in fact going to be the cover image. Scroll down to our news update for August 2nd, or head over to amazon to check it out

This picture was just added to the BBC Interview that I posted about yesterday.

Click here for image

Also, if you listen to the interview Billie Joe mentions the inspiration for their new song "Misery" being from a Tom Waits song, "Rain Dogs". I put a clip up, for those of you who haven't heard it. I have a feeling Misery will sound a lot like it: here.

Check out this new interview with Green Day on BBC radio. Find out more about the new album, and Billie's vocal chords. Streaming audio: here.

New Launch article: here

MTV: Green Day Hits Campaign Trail: here.

Green Day apparently wrapped up the shoot for the Minority Video this weekend. Click here to read an email that was sent into us about it: here.

New Image from this months Rolling Stone Magazine. Thanks to for this.

click here for image

Papa Roach, Green Day, STP Set For "Big Day Out" Benefit (MTV): here.

Green Day Stops the Rock (NME): here.

New Article at VH1: here.

Thanks to some great fans we have the Guitar tab for minority: here
And the Lyrics: here.
You can now get a complete mp3 of the song, with no gaps: here.

New Pictures From this months- Revolver Magazine. Thanks to Amber for the scans.
click for image #1
click for image #2

Green Day to be on BBC radio with Offspring, Blink 182, and other bands:

Reprise Records has a new promo site, includeing a banner for the new album and the Billie Joe 4 President Video: here.

Congratulations to Green Day, who just 4 hours after premiering their new single "Minority" on LA's KROQ, made it to the #1 requested song on the Furious Five at 9.

Congratulations to Rio from Los Angeles who won our ticket giveaway contest. She will be seeing Green Day on August 29th, in Los Angeles. To see all 20 contestants click: here.

"MINORITY" CLIP- 47 seconds of the *NEW* song. Check it out at Mike Dirnt's other band's site, The Frustrators ( here.

"MINORITY" CLIP- Longer Extended Clip added to the news section: here.

Brand new Wall of Sound Article, which talks about more new songs: here.

The Uk's 365 Website released this article about the new album today: here.

Allstar News confirms set list, and first single for next week: here.

8.17.00 - IMPORTANT DATES TO MAKE NOTE OF Aug. 19th & 20th The Guys will be shooting a video. When we find out more details we will let you know.

Aug. 29th Taping Farmclub TV Show
Sept. 9th Perfoming on MTV.
Sept. 17th They will be doing an in store appearance at Virgin Records in London England
Sept. 30th a Radio Show in Indianapolis Indiana and another Radio Show
Oct. 1st in Atlanta Georgia
Oct. 2nd They will make an appearance on Rockline
Oct. 3rd Letterman
Oct. 4th MTV'S Total Request Live

Green Day added a whole mess of tour dates in Australia in October today:
Sat 09/30/00 Noblesville, IN Deer Creek Music Center
Wed 10/18/00 Sydney, AUS Hordern Pavilion
Thu 10/19/00 Sydney, AUS Goat Island
Fri 10/20/00 Melbourne, AUS Festival Hall
Sat 10/21/00 Brisbane, AUS Livid Festival

New article with Green Day in Revolver Magazine: here.

There have been a lot of rumours regarding Green Day's new single "Minority" which is scheduled to start airing on radio stations TUESDAY. Some people have said they are already playing it, and personally I have heard an extremely short clip on LA's KROQ radio station. KROQ has also mentioned on their website they will be playing it soon: here.

Click here to check out the finalist's photos for part 2 of the contest. The winner will be announced on Saturday. put up some cool new pictures from this months Melody Maker: here.

Weezer has dinner with Green Day in Japan (8/7/00): here.

***CONTEST INFO Part 2***
Ok, so here is the deal. You all want Green Day tickets. 1 of you is going to win 2 of them to see Green Day, on August 29th, in Los Angeles. The 2nd part of the contest, is going to be bit of an online scavenger hunt. Those of you who have already emailed me entering, must now do this: email me a scanned or digital photo of yourself holding all 5 of Green Day's albums, 1 green guitar pick, and there must be at least 1 Green Day poster visible in the photo. All photos received at my e-mail address: [email protected] before Wednesday (August 16th), will be in the finals for the last part of the contest, to win the tickets. The final winner will be announced next Saturday, August 19th- 10 days before the show. Good Luck! And just to make this interesting, you must also include a hair dryer somewhere in the photo. Be creative! (all photos will be posted on the site, so your fellow Green Day Fanatics can laugh at you hysterically)

Green Day has a blurb in this weeks Music section of TV GUIDE. Click to check it out: here.

Sonicnet recapped the Warped Tour with some great new photos of the bands: here.

Hey everyone, I'm back from San Francisco so you can expect those regular updates coming even quicker now.

New article: "Green Day's Schedule Opens Up " here.

Check out this great article from Melody Maker, which includes Green Day on the cover. Great reading: here.

There has been some confusion about Green Day being on "Gonna Meet a Rock Star" on Much Music, the Canadian station. People have been reporting it's on tonight at 7 or 10 pm, but check your local listings as well as

As some of you may know, Green Day will be tapeing a live performance for August 29th, in Universal City, in Southern California. Along with Green Day will be Eve 6, and Common. We are lucky enough to have received 2 tickets which we will be giveing away to you, our loyal fans of the Official Green Day Fan Site. So if you will be in the Southern California/Los Angeles area on August 29th, and are over 16 years of age, e-mail me here with "I WANT THOSE GODAMN TICKETS!" as well as leaving your name, age, and location to get in the running. Keep checking back, for details on the next part of the contest. The winner will be announced in 10 days, on August 19th, 10 days before the show. Good Luck, and I'll see you there!

Green Day will be on the radio in Atlanta on 99x October 1st. For more info: here. finally put the promotional video up, for "Billie Joe For President": here.

Green Day's Official Website: released these 3 brand new press photos of the band.

Click Image #1
Click Image #2
Click Image #3

Billie Joe made headlines before Green Day went to Japan as he hopped on stage to sing with the Go-Go's in San Francisco. Check that article out here

*CONTEST* In the next day or so, we will be giving away 2 tickets to see Green Day, for August 29th in Los Angeles. Stay Tuned!

from Sunday, September 3, 8pm ET, 5pm PT "Gonna Meet A Rock Star" 30 min. MuchMusic gives music fans the chance to meet their musical idols. This week's featured artist: Green Day with winner Jennifer Hogg of New Westminster, B.C. [ Does NOT air on MuchUSA] Wednesday, August 30, 10pm & 3am ET, 7pm & Midnight PT

Green Day is filming an online show for on August 29th in the Los Angeles Area. The guys will also be filming the video for Minority that comes out after this month, when they get home from Japan.

Thanks to Corrie from Electric Artists, we got a new picture of the guys, which might appear in the new album or on the single... we're not sure, but it's a great picture! Click on the image below for a larger picture.

There will be 2 versions of the new single "Minority"--a clean version for radio, and a not so "clean" version. Also, the Korea show has been cancelled, it was posted on today. Green Day will also be on Howard Stern's radio show on October 3rd, in the morning. Then of course that night playing on CBS on David Letterman. Thanks to Corrie from Electric Artists for the news.

Check out this new article, about Green Day producing the album all by themselves here. For more info on Tre's injury at, go here. Green Day has left Warped, but don't fret, find out about more shows soon here.

This was posted on a Record Companies website, which sells pre-release merchandise:
"GREEN DAY-WARNING +2 Scheduled Release Date 09/20/00
Japanese edition of their forthcoming album is set to feature 2 bonus tracks, a bonus sticker to the initial pressing as well as an earlier release date. Includes the forthcoming single 'Warning' as well as, 'Fashion Victim', 'Hold On', 'Blood Sex & Violence', 'Church On Sunday', 'Minority', 'Deadbeat Holiday', 'Macy's Day Parade' & more. Full track-listing as well as the bonus tracks are yet to be confirmed."

More details as we get them

What up everyone? A couple updates... first of all, Napster dies today at midnight. Though it has nothing to do with Green Day, many of you will no longer be able to download Warning. So you know, it's available in the multimedia sectionof this site... download it.

Also, thanks to Dan at, we'll finally be able to get that promised live MP3 archive going in the nextfew weeks. I'll post more information as the archive progresses. Anyone who has some cool live MP3s, e-mail meat [email protected].. DO NOT E-MAIL MP3s! Please.

And finally, guess this was posted before, but it's cool so I'll post it again. There's some new informationon the Green Day CD.. The UK Release date is October 3rd as well.. and Billie told Radio One in a recent interviewthat they do plan on touring the UK on the Warning tour. And other album news, the track "Blood, Sex, and Booze"will feature their engineer being whipped by a dominatrix. You can check out the press release right here.

And finally, the contest will be underway in just a few weeks.. if you want a free entry, buy shit from the Bootleg shop, accessible righthere. It's all 30% off right now, and for every item you buy, you get a free contest entry. The contest will feature copiesof the album, the single, and cool other stuff too.. it's still in discussion between this site and the contest sponsors, which reminds me.Would you guys prefer to pay for entries, and have more prizes, or have sponsors buy some stuff, and have less prizes? Let me know.

from Reprise Records:

Green Day will perform on "The Late Show With David Letterman" on Oct. 3 as part of a series of yet-to-be-announced promotional appearances for their new album, Warning, a band spokesperson said.Currently playing the Vans Warped Tour, the band plans to head for Japan afterthe tour wraps on Sunday (July 30).

Thanks to Orla for this page from the new Kerrang Magazine. Click on the image for the Kerrang Challenge with Green Day.

Adam and Chris sent in these awesome picturesfrom the Pontiac Warped Date. They all came out great.

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7

Thanks to Missy for this cool picture from the July 23, 2000 Toronto Sun.It features Tre wearing one of the new "Warning" style t-shirts. Image

Also, don't miss the BBC's review of the NewJersey show, including Real Audio of fans discussing the set: here

Green Day's last Warped Tour date is this Sunday. A few days after that they arehitchin' a ride to Japan and Korea, before coming back to play two shows inTexas in September. Also check out the Warped Tour Page for some more picturesby fans.

26-Jul Wed Norfolk, VA Naval Base
27-Jul Thu Knoxville, TN Worlds Fair Park
28-Jul Fri Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville Fairgrounds
29-Jul Sat Miami, FL Bayfront Park
30-Jul Sun Orlando, FL Cent. Florida Fairgrounds
05-Aug Sat Osaka Cosmo Square
06-Aug Sun Fuji Conifer Forest
08-Aug Tue Okinawa Okinawa Zoo
12-Aug Sat Seoul, Korea
04-Sep Mon Dallas, Texas
05-Sep Tue San Antonio, Texas

"Warning" to be the new single after all?
Click here to read a new article that came out today by

GREEN DAY have used the sound of their engineer being whipped by adominatrix as the intro to 'BLOOD SEX BOOZE', a track on theirforthcoming new album 'WARNING'.

Texas tour dates to be postponed? Apparently the Beastie Boys/Rage show is being postponed. Check out for more info.

Kerrang'sNew Issue had these new pictures of the band. Thanks to Orla and for the scans.

#1  #2  #3

RepriseRecords has released the official track listing of the new album, "Warning". The list goes as follows:

1. Warning
2. Blood, Sex And Booze
3. Church On Sunday
4. Fashion Victim
5. Castaway
6. Misery
7. Deadbeat Holiday
8. Hold On
9. Jack Ass
10. Waiting
11. Minority
12. Macys Day Parade

This is indeed slightly different that what is posted on our Warning page..expect the page to change later on.

Check out these great new picturesfrom the Arizona Warped date, by Kevin.

For more Click here: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6

Check out this great review of Green Day at Warped from the Boston Herald today: here

Also, Green Day will set off on a short U.S. promotional tour inlate September to play "in-stores" and smaller venues, with atentative free show in New York City on Oct. 4, the day after the album'srelease and their appearance on the Letterman show. "Minority," thefirst single from the thirteen-song disc should hit radio by Aug. 22.

for more from Rolling Stone click here

-More new articles from,, and

Click here to read a new article about "Warning." from the Boston Herald.

"Warning,'' the group's fourth album for a major label, is inthe final mixing stages. "It's finished enough to know that it's the bomb, man, it's the shiatsu,'' says Cool, who was born Frank Edwin Wright III.


Hey, everyone. An update on Tre, from the same source.. It sounds like he'll be alright. Mike commented to our source that"Tre gashed his head on a flying cymbal." Here's the story, thanks again to Jonathan of the Citizens: "From what I could see, when tre knocked over the set he fell over it as usual. Then he was smashing it for a while. Then he finally lit it. He threw a cymbal that was off the stand pretty high into the air, it came down and I didnt see tre after that. Mike said he's ok, just resting. I think he'll be fine. We could see him in the back of the bus with his head wrapped."

Also, [email protected] has sent us two new pics from her experience at Asbury Park, and I addedmy pics from Minneapolis. Check 'emout in the Warped Tour Picture Archive. I'll also be scanning 6 more Minneapolis photos tonight, so check the site tommorow morning for new pics., the Official Green Day Site has finally been updated with some news. It justconfirms the release date of Warning for October 3rd, and has the date of therescheduled NY Warped Show.

-The 2 dates for Texas of the Rage/Beastie tour with Green Day playing go on sale this Thursday 10am EST.Click here to buy tickets 

-Jessica was kick ass enough to send us scansof her pictures with Green Day backstage, as well as some more during their set.

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12

The All Access show on MTV was a disappointment. No Warped show, and no recent interview. They played part of theEdgefest show from 1998 in Vancouver, which has been available in the GreenDay.Net bootleg shop for around a half of a year now. Suck. Also, even more suck. Tonight at the Pittsburg Warped show, Tre cut his head open on a flying cymbal. Sources who were at the show say Mike and Billie came out of the bus as the day was ending, and told somepasser-byers, that Tre` was injured. Hopefully no postponments, but stay tuned to the site for more info. Thanks goes out to Jonathan McCune of The Citizens for that info.

Green Day is going to be on MTV's Total Request Live: TODAY near the beginning of the show. Check your local listings for times, but here on the West Coast it's 3 p.m.

Green Day will be on MTV's ALL Access show tomorrow at 11:30 EST. Don't miss that.

Apparently Billie and Mike have new guitar pics for this tour, check them out here, thanks to Jessica

(click here to view guitar pics)

The Randall's Island New York date of the Warped was cancelled due to heavy rain. It has been rescheduled to July 24th. Click here for more details.

Hey, everybody. As many of you know Green Day was on MTV's TRL tonight. Well, since we gave you such late notice on the appearance, I thought I'd do my best to get it up on the site. You can download it in Logitech format here:

Appx. 2 1/2 Minutes, 7.5 MB... A GreenDay.Net Exclusive!

Since I don't have very good equipment for transfering TV to Computer, it looks kinda crappy, but it's better than nothing, and the sound.. you hear this crazy BZZZZZZZ in the background, but you can still hear the entire interview. And don't worry.. I'm not giving you a virus. The file is in EXE format because it includes a video player. I made it this format so it was 7.5 MB, rather than it's original 239 MB in AVI format.

I'm also gonna start sending out newsletters again, because the newsletter has nearly 5,500 subscribers, so if you want to get on that list, subscribe at

And finally, many of you have been sending me pictures from Warped shows, which is really cool of you. BUT, make SURE you make them JPEGs, so they're filename.jpg, because when you send bitmaps, it fills my e-mail inbox, which means other people who e-mail me can't get through because my inbox is out of room.

Thanks everyone.. GREEN DAY FOR PRESIDENT!

New Video Clip from WARPED!

Platypus- Low High (Quality/Size) 3 minutes 6 seconds

As usual email RiGoR ([email protected]) if you are interested in getting a copy of the entire 30 minute set on VHS

Ashley was kind enough to send in these 4 great new pics from Chicago:
Image #1   Image #2     Image #3    Image #4

Ashley in Cleveland sent us some more awesome pictures:
Image #1  Image #2  Image #3 Image #4

Check out this review of the Warped tour from last nights gig in Cleveland: here.

Also you might want to give the Kerrang Article another read, because the last version was missing some parts, but here is the full thing: Click here

"Soon news vans are being attacked as LA police officers line up and prepare to take things in hand. "Oh shit, look at that!" chirrups Green Day drummer Tr� Cool, pulling up a chair to watch the action alongside the increasingly concerned MTV workers, many of who know that the riot stands between them and the safety of their beds tonight."

Your guess is as good as mine, as to what this image is: here

It looks like an image from that game Halflife, with a Green Day logo on it. 

E-mail Brandon Healy maybe he will tell you what it is :o)

Hey, everybody. Sorry it took so long to get this stuff up. Please do me a favor and harrass the hell out of the fine folks who run my internet service, Buffalo City. It's like relying on snow to defrost frozen peas. ANYWAYS, I hit the Minneapolis Warped and holy shit, what a show. I've made a whole new page, noting stuff from my experience. I'll be adding some cool promotional crap I found down there and some more pics my friend took.. I ran out of film just as Green Day went on stage. HOWEVER, I did manage to find the Green Day bus, and got some very cool close-up shots of Billie and Mike.. Tre, however, doesn't like his picture taken, or so it would seem.

Click HERE to see my review and my pics.. the promo stuff and my friend's pics will come tommorow or Sunday.

I also have very close-up pics of One Man Army, Midtown, and Floggy Molly if anyone wants 'em. One Man Army is one band that you can't pass up seeing if you still plan on hitting a Warped show. If you miss them, you might as well go home.

Here is a scan of an official Green Day setlist that was on stage last night in Chicago at the Warped Tour. Click here to see the image. Look for an update with some great close-up pictures of Green Day from Broc soon.

thanks to Ashley Morrison for stealing that for us :o)

KERRANG! Magazine reviews 6 songs off of "Warning"- Click here to read about it! 

Thanks to Milky and for this great piece.

Also, last night in Chicago apparently instead of playing "Basket Case" and "When I Come Around" Green Day played "Going to Pasalacqua" and "Christie Road"

Click here to read the Sun Times's review of Warped Tour last night. Remind me not to send Roger Ebert a Christmas Basket.

MTV's sister station MTV 2 is going to be teaming up with the Warped Tour and broadcast live from New York starting *this* coming Monday. Click here for more details.

Check out these brand new ictures from Kerrang. Thanks to Ross and Milky for scanning them.

Kerrang #1

Kerrang #2

Kerrang #3

Kerrang #4

Green Day will be on MTV's ALL ACESS WEEK: Tuesday. Click for details.

Check out these 3 brand new pictures of the band:

Warped Promo #1

Warped Promo #2

Spin Magazine 

thanks to Anthony for the scans.

-There are more reviews from Newspapers across the country that I added to the Warped Tour /  Reviews Page like Salt Lake City and Minneapolis.


Thanks again to RiGoR we have 2 brand new full length clips from June 30th of the Warped Tour in Anaheim, California.

Brain Stew- Low Medium High (Quality/Size) 3 minutes 26 seconds

When I come AroundLow Medium High (Quality/Size) 3 minutes 12 seconds

Click here for screen shot #1   (click for screen shot #2)

If you are on a regular modem, you probably want to use the low or medium files, and if you are on an ISDN line or cable modem, High is better quality.

As usual email RiGoR ([email protected]) if you are interested in getting a copy of the entire 30 minute set on VHS. If you are using Netscape, press shift on the above links to download the file(s) to your computer, and if you use Internet Explorer, just click on them and they should stream in Real Time. If you have any questions e-mail us. The files will also be added to the Warped Tour section of this page under Video.

New Article added to the Warning Page under Press. "Billie Joe for President":
"Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has launched a tounge-in-cheek campaign to become America's president. The band's 'Billie Joe For President' summer campaign will coincide with the latest presidential battle between Senators Al Gore and George W Bush. Besides printing thousands of posters, the band have made a short campaign video which has already been shown at various US festivals."

(click here for full article)

MTV's All Access Week, will feature footage from Green Day I believe at the '94 Woodstock. Click: here for details.

"Total Woodstock Live: Two live hours from Woodstock '99 in
Rome, NY. Includes five videos from artists performing at
Woodstock, on-site coverage, performance clips, and news
updates. "

Alright.. Click here to read the new Spin article from next month's (August) issue. I plan to get the pics scanned later today at a friend's house.. my damn scanner won't work. I've also done (am doing) some work on the covers section.. added a couple, and want more! If you have a cover you want to send in, meet me on ICQ (UIN #78692157). Also, Brian's working on some more album stuff.. as you can see, there's been a couple new tabs added to the left menu. So by all means, check 'em out! And check the covers out. Underground Punk Band exposure is what I like to do best. Click here or the "GD Covers" link at left to check out the covers. And finally, Anyone who got a pic, video, or audio clip of Green Day playing Knowledge in Boise, please e-mail [email protected]. He was the guy picked to play guitar during the show, and he wants to see himself! So help a fellow punk out.

Possible new logo for the new album Warning? click here for image

Only time will tell, but for now we added some new pictures to the Warped Tour page. Click here, or on the green tab to the left.

New article from Mean Street, which talks about the Green Day US tour starting in November:

With the bass line for "Longview" welcoming fans to the homepage, Green Day finally launched an official website last month at, six years after that hit launched them into superstardom. The site features exclusive photos, tour dates, merchandise, tons of videos, info on joining the Idiot Club and a letter from Billie Joe himself... in his own writing (oooh wee!).

Green Day will spend July on the road as headliners for the Warped Tour before releasing their sixth album, "Warning", set for an October 3rd release on Reprise. Green Day recorded the album themselves in their hometown of Oakland and is currently being mixed by Jack Joseph Puig (Goo Goo Dolls, The Verve Pipe, No Doubt). The band will embark on a full U.S. tour beginning in November.
-thanks to for that


That's right. RiGoR was nice enough to make us a quick little clip of Green Day in Anaheim from June 30th. If you are interested in getting a copy on video, as well as Weezer's set e-mail him for details: [email protected]

But for now here is a small taste, a 1 minute clip from "Longview"

GD.asf / GD.mpg

ASF files are smaller then mpegs, and you can stream them with Internet Explorer, but Mpegs are better quality- and bigger. If you are using Netscape, press shift and click on the Mpg file. Big thanks to RiGoR, and we will look forward to more coming in the next few weeks.

Thanks to Mark for sending in this promo for the new single.
(click here for image)

Some of you may have caught this update earlier, but Brian has seemed to upload over it :) GreenDay.Net, with the help of, will soon hold a contest, supporting the new album. Tentative prize listings are as follows: GRAND PRIZE (1): Two tickets to an upcoming Green Day show on their Warning tour, a copy of the "Warning" Album One Day Before It's U.S. Release, and the Warning Import Single. SECOND PRIZE (10): The "Warning" album one day before it's U.S. Release, and THIRD PRIZE (30): The "Warning" Import Single. I'm working on more prizes and stuff, so as soon as I get more stuff figured out, I'll let you know.

Also, as many of you know, Warped is in Minneapolis this Tuesday with special guests No Doubt and Lit, along with the Black Eyed Peas. I'll be catching this Warped show, and plan on having some promotional material, and I'd like to catch a couple of you punks before the show so I can give you crap to hand out.. like GreenDay.Net stickers and maybe even a few bootleg CDs with a whole crapload of advertisements advertising the site and stuff. In exchange, you'll get some free crap too.. probably a Warning Import or something. So if you're attending the Minneapolis Warped, e-mail me as soon as possible at [email protected]. I also got my copy of Spin yesterday, and noticed some cool stuff. As previously mentioned, there's a pic of the guys in there, but in addition to that, a full-page article about Warped and the new album. I'll be typing that out as soon as I'm done with this update, so come back in an hour from now (11:28PM Central Time) and it should be up. It is also my last issue of Spin, and my re-subscription card features a full page black and white photo of Billie, and says like "It Stops Here" or something, and he's holding his hand out.. I'll get the re-subscription card, and the photo of the magazine scanned before I leave for Minneapolis on Monday.

That's all for now.. stay tuned right here at ten to the hour, every hour, on MT... uh, nevermind

Green Day will appear from the warped tour on Much Music along with the other Warped Tour bands July 29th. Click: here for more details.  thanks to pantsless wonder for letting us know.

Read about the Anaheim Warped Tour date and a crowd surfing streaker: here

Look for brand new pictures from the warped tour tonight, and video this weekend.

Want this sticker? Want 10 of them? Just send $1 per sticker, and a self addressed stamped envelope to the wonderful people at and you will get these brand new Official Reprise Records promo stickers, which advertise for the new album Warning and the official web site: on the back.

click here for image of sticker

Send your dollar(s) to:
P.O. Box 1473
Rialto, California  92376

U.S. Money only! (only open to US residents)
Any questions? send them to [email protected]

-Tentative Track list for Green Day's new album Warning:
"Warning," "Blood, Sex and Booze," "Church on Sunday," "Fashion Victim," "Castaway," "Misery," "Dead Beat Holiday," "Hold On," "Bob's Your Uncle," "Waiting," "Minority" and "Macy Day Parade."

thanks to Craig and  for the news.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

- MTV has some show coming on soon, called ALL ACCESS, which will show Green Day and the Foo Fighters in some kind of backstage show. Thanks to everyone who sent this in. No one is sure if it's the same as the Edgefest show which was shown on HBO a while back, but I guess we will all find out soon enough. Stay tuned for details.

- Happy Anniversary to Billie and Adrienne. July 2nd was the special day.

- You can now buy the CD single for the new song "Warning" at Only problem is, it won't be sent to you until October when the album is released.

- In the new Spin magazine, with Eminem on the cover, there's a picture of Green Day lined up from shortest to tallest in the magazine, and includes an article on the group, so check it out.

- I added some more great pictures from Warped Tour, to the Warped Page. Click on the green icon to the left for those. Thanks to and the Got Billie Joe page for the additions. Look for lots more soon.

- New article from on Green Day's upcoming album: here

- Green Day's pyromania @ here

- New interview at here

- New O.C. Register article after the LA warped tour. Click here: scan

- New S.F. Examiner article after Warped. Click here: scan

"In other Green Day news, look for the band to be special guests on the Texas dates of the upcoming Beastie Boys/Rage Against the Machine tour. While plans aren't entirely firmed up, Cool told Launch the idea is to make up for the fact that Green Day won't be on the Warped Texas dates."

- I moved all Warped Tour, and Warped Tour related pictures to a new page, so that this page should load a lot faster. There is a link to it on the left thatsays "Warped Tour" so click on that, or click here to check it out. I also put up some new pictures of Green Day's new t-shirt designs. Look for lots of new pictures coming soon, including pictures from the Green Day booth at Warped Tour, and cool pictures of the band backstage. Enjoy!

-thanks to Melinda K. for scans of the newspaper clippings, and t-shirts. Main Page