Source: Kerrang!, Orla

Here's an article straight from a recent Kerrang!, typed by the lovely Orla:

"Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has launched a tounge-in-cheek campaign to become America's president. The band's 'Billie Joe For President' summer
campaign will coincide with the latest presidential battle between Senators Al Gore and George W Bush. Besides printing thousands of posters, the band have made
a short campaign video which has already been shown at various US festivals.

The clip is divided into two sections, titled 'Good Billie Joe' and 'Bad Billie Joe.' Explains Armstrong: "The first one sees me dressed in a suit, lobbying to be
president, kissing babies, surrounded by security guys and stuff. The second part shows me smoking weed and my secretary�played by Tre�photocopying her fat
ass in my office. It's better than making some corny, 'Hi we're Green Day!'- type message isn't it?"

Green Day have completed work on their sixth studio album. Titled 'Warning', it is due for release on October 3rd through Warner/Reprise. The album's full track
listing is: 'Warning', 'Blood, Sex and Booze', 'Church on Sunday', 'Fashion Victim', 'Castaway', 'Misery', 'Dead Beat Holiday' (the possible first single in August),
'Hold On', 'Bob's Your Uncle', 'Waiting', 'Minority', 'Macys Day Parade'.

"With this record there is a definate sense of hope, on both a personal level and with humanity in general," says Armstrong. "I don't think there's anything on here
that's self-absorbed or negative."

Drummer Tre Cool confirms that Green Day will "definately" plan UK dates. "We're going to wait until the record is out before we tour," he notes. "It's frustrating
playing new songs to people who haven't heard them yet. So its up to you, the Kerrang! readers, to make this next Green Day record a huge success. We've made a
record that isn't going to grow on you�it's going to hit you right away. The listener can expect multiple audio orgasms."

Green Day are currently touring the States as part of the Vans Warped Tour. Next week, we join them in the studio for an exclusive blast of the new album."

Orla also added, "there is a really cool picture of Billie Joe holding one of his campaign posters. It's yellow and it reads: Vote for Billie Joe (then theres a picture,
just his face) Don't Be A Puss!"


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