The September 28th Rolling Stone Issue

Warning (October 3rd) Billie Joe Armstrong says his band has always had broad musical tastes - "Not just the Ramones" - but it's taken a while to show them off. For Warning, he "wanted to play more acoustic rock songs," inspired by part by Bruce Springsteen's The River and Bob Dylan's Bringing It All Back Home. The album finds the band stretching on songs like the Kinks-influenced title track, and "Misery," a bona fide polka. 

-Big Thanks to Selene for typing it up for us

                Click here to download Bruce Springsteen's The River   

    Click here to download Mr. Tamburine Man, from Bob Dylan's Bringing It All Back Home

        Click here to download Rain Dogs by Tom Waits  *

(supposed to be the inspiration behind "Misery")

* my personal favorite