Green Day


Billie Joe Armstrong (vocals, guitar)
Mike Dirnt (bass, vocals)
Tr� Cool (drums)

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When Green Day pushed the East Bay Punk Revival in the year 1989, there they sounded like a through-slammed turbo-version of the good old Buzzcocks, Dickies, Ramones and the Beatles. Eleven years later put it now with warning: their sixth album forwards and sound like a through-slammed and set lower turbo-version of the Beatles, Dickies, Ramones and Buzzcocks.
" I wanna the minority, I don't need NO authority... ", then the first single Minority prescht in front and puts thereby the red thread by the album. Because still Green Day practice deliberately verweigerung.
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That they drove its High speed automatic controller down a little, thereby at all no deficiency is, but benefits their Songwriting. In the long run it is an irrefutable fact that it under the East Bay Revivlern, to which operation Ivy,Crimpshrine and Rancid belonged at that time, which is only ones, which still find a broad audience, and which is also because of probability of bordering security quite at the development, which Green Day went through since its Megaseller Dookie.
klick zum Vergößern! The basic data of the Green DayErfolgsstory are well-known. The roots go back in the year of the foundation 1989 into the California university town Berkeley. The two schoolmates Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt did with Tr� Cool together and took up their first two Singles 1000 Hours and Slappy . Already the first album 39/Smooth (1990) announced those tape also supraregional.
On Kerplunk (1992) the Trio sketched then the blueprint for the world success of its album Dookie (1994). With the Grammy awards 1995 Green Day for it received the Award for the " best alternative performance ". Constant radio Powerplay for all single uncoupling (and many album TRACKS) established those tape as a front runner of their category in the US radio. MTV nominated those tape equivalent three times with its " MTV Awards ". Until today Dookie could bring full twelvefold platinum in. 1995 they could be followed Insomniac, in the US Charts safe 2. Workstation protected, to it with the 1998er-Album Nimrod. a skillful swivel toward Punkabilly and relaxtes Songwriting did.
Warning: Songwriting unequally round and more consistently than the predecessor Nimrod draws from this process of musical progressing and works with its Melodik and for sovereigns. " our last album was to its type a transition, " determines Billie . " we were not at that time safe us, into which we to direction wanted to go. But this time it was clear me that I wanted to give a chance to each small in the long runness of my person to express itself. It was still more important me that my both once hear the album young later, and says: ' my Dad was a type, ' the ne quantity of hopes had.' " klick zum Vergrößern!
And indeed hope is the constant topic of the album. Naturally gives it each quantity of Sarkasmus and rebellion in the texts, but if Billie in Macys Day parade sings: " I'm Looking for a fire new hope, the one I've more never known... ", then becomes clear that Green Day mastered the transition of bare provocation to contents. The acoustic guitars, which by the way pull the whole album through, set yardsticks in Songwriting and printout - and obtain additionally a feeling of humanity, which was hidden under the rapid Punk attitude beforehand.
klick zum Vergößern! Hold on, which causes the best days of the Beatles with the harmonica, is dedicated to a friend for example, the one inconceivable series of personal tragedies through-confessed.
" A cry OF hope, a plea for peace, and my conscience beating ", is called it in the text, and " As I run to the edge OF a shadow OF a doubt, with my conscience bleeding, there read the truth, the draws treasures OF youth, as I hold on to the end to OF day... "
And hope that youth treasure, which is to be kept most difficult, is natural. Above all if one were with 21 years on the high point of its career and more than half of its life on route spent 1988 went still everything around girls, in the year 2000 goes it around lives, family and future. After 12 years Punkaddiction is not missing a certain life experience now once.
Success Green Days is based since ever to swim against the current. Billie: " one put us always gladly into the Punk drawer, but we actually there really did not fit in. We wrote dear songs, which came from the heart, and some Punk Kids could not begin thereby much. But it was probable what Punk at us was. We sang, like us the bill had grown and did not scherten us not much therefore, which the people thought of it." klick zum Vergrößern!
Thus warning places itself: more ripely and above all thematically more broadly varied. Green Day are unmistakable Green Day, which have Songs the same power, their sense for melodies and has itself rhythms still refined. The arrangements are playful and perfectly, the unfailing sense for humor belonged still to the entire Outfit that tape.
klick zum Vergößern! And which one wants more from Green Day, tape, which played from the beginning straightforward and something never tried to be, which it cannot be. If one solve oneself from its own expectations to ' the new GreenDay album ', then one will state that those tape with warning: achieved a new high point in music.
The Songs is simply better, the arrangements more skillful and the sound, which young arranged, more stimmiger. Perhaps Billie becomes Kids of a daily warning: hold in the hand and say: " that is Dads best album... "
From 15 to 20 December their fans can experience Green Day live in Europe - and naturally also in Germany.