Green Day Signature Equipment - For Sale

Billie Joe Armstrong Signature Les Paul Junior Electric Guitar


Fender Mike Dirnt Precision Bass

Skull and crossbones gives this durable nylon bag killer looks. 3 pockets keep all your sticks organized. 2 interior pockets for spare parts, plus 2 pen holders and floor tom ties.

Designed by the Green Day drummer to match his powerful punk rock style.

For more equipment info check out this list from On Stage Magazine: here.

Billie Joe Armstrong (guitar, vocals)

  • From Guitar World: "I looked at my guitar playing as more as a tool this time (on Nimrod). I didn't want to go outside of what I can do, but I also didn't want to keep only playing powder chords. I wanted to noodle around a bit and write these nice little leads and just add stuff that made sense to the song. I'm more of a rythm player than a lead player. The stuff that I do play that is more like a solo is a rythmic kind of thing that blends in with the melody. I'm just into getting a good powerful sound. Whatever benefits the song is what I try to play. Mike is a great bass player and Tre's a great drummer, and it's about letting them play. I'm more of a back-up. We are a very tight unit, and I work with them to enhance the song rather than go off on long, pretentious guitar solos. I'm not a guitar player's guitar player. I'm a songwriter. I come from that Pete Townshend tradition: let the song take it's course and build a sound around it. It's hard for me to talk about. One of my limitations is that it's hard for me to talk about guitar playing. I just do what I am capable of, which is not much."
  • Guitar is a Fernandes Stratocaster copy he calls "Blue". On Nimrod he also used some Gibson's,  some old Les Pauls, an ES-355, and ES-135 and a Fender Jaguar. He also made a guitar he call's "Frankenstein" because it is a combination of several different parts purchased at a Fender shop.
  • Has a Seymour Duncan humbucker added to Blue.
  • Mainly plays through a modified Marshall amp. On Nimrod he used a Fender Bassman, a Hiwatt, and a Leslie. The amp he uses on Dookie is most commenly reffered to as the 'pete' amp and can be seen most noticably at the Woodstock concert, it has 'pete' written across it.
  • When asked about what brand his accoustic guitar is, Billie says: "I don't know, one with strings and a whole in the middle!"
  • Billie say's a lot of his sound comes from strumming. "I use my thumb. It's that half-pick and half-thumb that gives it that thwack. Also, I don't play with my wrist, I play with my shoulder and hit it really hard."

  • Mike Dirnt (bass guitar)

  • From Guitar World: "On this record (Nimrod), I used Precision basses because my old Gibson G-3 didn't sound good with the new songs. I used a '66 and '69; they have a real warmth on the low end. For this record I knew we weren't going for the huge guitar sound; this gave me more room to get in there. I needed to play a real punchy bass on the old records because the guitar frequencies where everywhere and I needed to get right in the middle. I recorded Dookie with a Percision bass too. I use Mesa/Boogie amps, MB 2000's. They're half-tube and half-solid state. I wanted to custom-make my own sound , and Mesa/Boogie was really willing to work with me. They made me 6x10 cabinets, and we put those on top of a 1x18. I think i'm nailing it. I have an MB 2000 running each one of my 6x10 cabinets and then a MB 2000 running both of my 18's."

  • Tre Cool (drums)

  • Drums:  Slingerland Studio King 5 1/2x14" snare, 14x11 tom-tom, 18x16

  • floor tom, 22x18 bassdrum.
  • Drum Heads:  Remo coated CS Powerstroke 3 on snare batter.

  • Coated Empererors on batter side of the toms and clear Ambassadors
    on the bottom. Powerstroke 3 on bassdrum batter side.
  • Cymbals:  Zildjian=14" K/Z Hi-Hats (both bottoms), 19" K Dark thin crash,

  • 19" A medium thin ride, 22" K heavy ride.
  • Sticks:  Zildjian Super 5B wood tip