Wednesday, October 24th, 2001 -

News from:

Green Day will be in southern California shooting a video for Macy's Day Parade in the next week.

Check out the new EPK (electronic press kit) in the videos section

News from the Green Day Street Team:

Green Day to play X-Games in Aspen, Colorado!

Look for Green Day blocks on MTV2!!! (Times listed below) These blocks will
show Green Day's videos and include all the info on how you can win a trip to Aspen, Colorado in January to see your favorite band Green Day perform at the X-Games!!!! It doesn't get much better than that!

11/13: 1:00am est/10:00pm pst
11/16: 12 Midnight/9:00pm pst
11/17: 12:30am est/9:30pm pst
11/18: 1:00am est/10:00pm pst
11/19: 1:00am est/10:00pm pst
11/22: Midnight est/9:00pm pst
11/23: Midnight est/9:00pm pst

Also, Look for the new Green Day "International SuperPlayer" possibly as early as Monday!! It will stream 5 Green Day videos, has 4 downloadable Green Day buddy icons, and a free download of "Poprocks and Coke"!

New Green Day Song Good For Romance, Says Tre Cool @ Launch:

(10/24/01, 12 p.m. ET) -- "Poprocks And Coke," one of two new songs on Green Day's upcoming compilation, International Superhits, is good for romantic situations, says group drummer Tre Cool.

Tre tells LAUNCH, "That's like a good song to make out with your boyfriend to, or your girlfriend, whatever. Who ever you like to make out with. It's a good song to get all bubbly, tickly,'s a nice song."

International Superhits arrives November 13 on Reprise Records. It features 19 tracks spanning Green Day's major-label recording career, including such hits as "Longview," "When I Come Around," and "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)."

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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2001 -

You can hear Green Day's new album in it's entirety with AOL Music's Listening Party Streaming Audio. Just click the link below!

[Real Audio] - "International Superhits!"

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Monday, October 22nd, 2001 -


Click on the above images to view the new Kerrang! Magazine featuring Green Day.

Issue: 875 / Date: 10/13/2001

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Sunday, October 21st, 2001 -

Mike Dirnt and The Frustrators rocked the Showcase Theater last night in Corona, California. If you missed the show catch them tonight along with the Influents, Fetish and the One Time Angels at the Troubadour in Hollywood. 

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Saturday, October 20th, 2001 -

Could this be the intro to the new album "International Superhits!?" Click: here to find out.

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Wednesday, October 17th, 2001 -

Tre Cool posted an audio message at, check it out!


Green Day's Tre Cool On Afghan Bombing, Bush Presidency @ Launch: here.

"I object. I object to any killing at all," he tells LAUNCH. "You know, it's terrible what happened and I think retaliation definitely makes sense and it's definitely one option. But, personally, I prefer peace. You know, maybe I'm just being ignorant and shortsighted, you know, it's true I'm not running the government, I'm not running the United States. I just don't think that killing people is a good way to remedy people dying. Martin Luther King Jr., said that you can never murder murder itself."

Green Day bassist, Mike Dirnt will be making a trip to Southern California this weekend with band mates in The Frustrators as they play two Adeline Records Showcases in Corona, and Hollywood California. Check them out! For ticket info in Hollywood, click: here.

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Tuesday, October 16th, 2001 -

More release info from

New International release date for "International Superhits/Supervideos"-- Nov 5th. 

U.S. -- Nov.13th.

Green Day is in the new issue of KERRANG! Magazine as well as on the cover! Look for it in your local bookstores or Tower Records.

There's been mud, nudity, self-doubt and broken teeth. But more than a decade after they started, Green Day are still top of the world.

Green Day: "We got stuck with Nirvana's baggage!"
Billie Joe Armstrong recalls the bad old days

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has spoken out about the band's struggle to hold onto their underground credibility early in their career.
"Oh, it sucked," he tells Kerrang! this week. "We got stuck with Nirvana's baggage, you know? They never stuck around long enough for 'Maximum Rock N' Roll' to knock on their door and go, 'What the f**k do you think you're doing?'. We did. We got stuck with Pearl Jam's baggage because they weren't even doing interviews at that time. So we weren't just answering questions for ourselves but also for a lot of other bands who were being paraded around. But I'm glad that we went through it and I'm glad that we came through it."
You can read the full cover story on Green Day's rise to fame in this week's Kerrang!, out tomorrow.

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Monday, October 15th, 2001 -

Billie Joe posted an audio message to the fans on, check it out now!

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Thursday, October 11th, 2001 -

"Pop Rocks and Coke" - Mp3 from the new album "International Superhits!" 

Lyrics / Guitar Tab

Thanks to the wonderful Orla from the Adeline Records Message Board, we have this recording from the radio station 91X in San Diego, California. Enjoy!

Look for links to pre-order "International Superhits!" and "International Supervideos!" soon!

Don't miss Billie Joe's Adeline Records as they put on their next Showcase with these great acts: The Frustrators (with Mike Dirnt), The Influents ( with Jason White), One Time Angels, and Agent 51, at the Showcase Theater in Corona, California next Saturday Oct. 20th. The following day the same bands minus Agent 51, plus FETISH! will hit the Troubadour in Hollywood! Ticket info is to the right, don't miss these great shows!!!

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Thursday, October 11th, 2001 -

New Single?

"Poprocks and Coke" has been heard on various radio stations including 91X in San Diego, Ca. Could it be the new single from "International Superhits!?" Stay tuned...

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Wednesday, October 10th, 2001 -

News about the "International Supervideos!" release on November 13th:

- Available on DVD & VHS

- It will include 19 music videos (80 minutes long)

- It will include videos for each of the 21 tracks on the "International Superhits!" CD except for 'Maria' and 'Poprocks And Coke'. 

- The four new videos will be live versions of "Welcome To Paradise", " She", "J.A.R.", and "Macy's Day Parade." Check out's video page to view the "Welcome To Paradise" video.

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Tuesday, October 9th, 2001 -

Reprise Records opened their brand new Green Day website today @ check it out!

New Rolling Stone article about "International Superhits!": here.

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Monday, October 8th, 2001 -

New article @ billboard: here.

The band has no current touring plans but is set to make a handful of television appearances this fall.

New article at Allstar News:

Green Day's International Superhits joins Madonna's GHV2 (see story, this page) on the Nov. 13 release schedule.

As previously reported, the collection will coincide with the release of a DVD featuring Green Day's videos (allstar, Aug. 2) and two new songs. The new tracks, recorded in early September with producer Jerry Finn, are "Maria" and "Poprocks and Coke."

International Superhits track listing:

1. "Maria"
2. "Poprocks & Coke"
3. "Longview"
4. "Welcome To Paradise"
5. "Basket Case"
6. "When I Come Around"
7. "She"
8. "J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva)"
9. "Geek Stink Breath"
10. "Brain Stew"
11. "Jaded"
12. "Walking Contradiction"
13. "Stuck With Me"
14. "Hitchin' a Ride"
15. "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)"
16. "Redundant"
17. "Nice Guys Finish Last"
18. "Minority"
19. "Warning"
20. "Waiting"
21. "Macy's Day Parade"

Don't miss Billie Joe's Adeline Records, as they put on a "Showcase" of their bands this Wednesday at Slim's in San Francisco, Ca.

Reprise Records's new Green Day website should be up this week @

Check out this new art work for Mike Dirnt's other band, The Frustrators. Adeline Records will use it for some new posters and print ads and such.


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Thursday, October 4th, 2001 -

The Green Day Street Team announced these release dates today:

Green Day "International Superhits" release dates:

October 29th - Australia / New Zealand
November 7th - Japan
November 12th - Rest of world (excluding North America)
November 13th - US and Canada

Look for "International SuperVideos!" to be released, a DVD featuring all of the bands music videos, slated for simultaneous release with the new album! More info soon!

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Wednesday, October 3rd, 2001 - added some new pictures to their Picture Archive from the Reading Festival including this cool one of Mike and Tre cleaning the tour bus. Check them out: here!

Look for a Japanese version of "International Superhits" to be released next month as well, with a 1 track bonus song. If you aren't in Japan look for it as an import album.

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Tuesday, October 2nd, 2001 -

Green Day was featured on the new MTV show "Who Knows The Band?" The show, which debuted yesterday forces contestants to chose between 3 story tellers, each claiming to know a music celebrity, but only one really knows the band. The show ended with some video footage as well as pictures of Green Day from years ago. Check your local listings or for re-run times. 

If you missed Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt and his band, The Frustrators rocking out last month there are two reasons not to worry. posted a bunch of new pictures from the show AND they are playing two more gigs at the end of the month! Don't miss them!

Thanks to everyone who voted and put this site on's Online Music Awards Top 100. We Ranked #72 out of 2,611 sites nominated. For more info and the list of winners check out: OMA Awards.

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Thursday, September 27th, 2001 -

News from

"Green Day's NEW ALBUM International Superhits! is coming...November 13th! Look for Green Day's NEW WEBSITE the second week of October!"

Also this just in from the Green Day Online Street Team:

"What's new with Green Day lately you ask?? Well ask no more, here is the scoop: "International Superhits!" has been pushed back just a few days and will be released November 13th!
Also this just in... The Official Green Day website at will be completely re-designed and up for business the same day as the album release! Coincidence? We think not!
Also Reprise Records will also have a brand spankin' new website at which will be all set to go the second week of October!
Keep racking up those Street Team points, by requesting Green Day on radio stations near you, and spreading the Official Street Team link!

More soon..."

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Tuesday, September 25th, 2001 -

Green Day bassist, Mike Dirnt and his other band "The Frustrators" posted some cool new stuff at today, including an image that may very well be the cover to their second album "Achtung Jackass" as well as a live version of their new song "AAA". Click on the image above to check it all out!

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Friday, September 21st, 2001 -

Tickets for the Adeline Records Showcase here in Los Angeles at the Troubadour on October 21st went on sale at Ticketmaster. Click to check it out: here. Don't miss Mike Dirnt's band The Frustrators as they rock out with the Influents, Fetish, and One Time Angels.

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Thursday, September 20th, 2001 -

Clear Channel Circulates List of Banned Songs, including Green Day's "Brain Stew": here.

No Songs banned after all?: chartattack

Did you miss Green Day's surprise gig at 924 Gilman Street on Sunday? Check out these cool pictures from Brie's website: here.

News from Adeline Records:

Hey!  We are NOW getting our street teams together!  Come one, come all, Adeline NEEDS YOU!  We immediately need California locals to help with our upcoming Showcases next month!  So, please, if you are interested, write back to us here at Adeline ( with your address, phone number, and e-mail addresses and don't forget to write "Street Teams" in the subject box. 

Don't miss Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt's other band, The Frustrators as they rock out in Northern California (Alameda) on Saturday with the Dickies. For ticket info check out  This will be the bands first show performing new songs from their upcoming release "Achtung Jackass."

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Monday, September 17th, 2001 -

Green Day played an amazing surprise set last night at 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley, California at the Adeline Records Showcase. The band used borrowed instruments from the other bands that played earlier in the night and rocked the house!

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Saturday, September 15th, 2001 -

If you're in Northern California you do not want to miss tomorrows Adeline Records Showcase. Billie Joe and friends put on 4 great bands: The Influents, One Time Angels, Agent 51, and The Thumbs. The show is at 924 Gilman Street, in Berkeley, Ca. Show starts at 5pm, tickets at the door. Don't miss it!

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Friday, September 14th, 2001 -

Adeline Records Online Store is now open! It is powered by the wonderful folks at Cinderblock, the same people who do Green Day's online store at Check it out! www.AdelineRecords.Net.

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Wednesday, September 12th, 2001 -

"International Superhits" (11/06/01) cover:

Click here

New Press release from MSO "Critical Quotes": here.

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Friday, September 7th, 2001 -

Don't miss these great bands as they make a rare appearance in Southern California, at the Troubadour in Hollywood as part of an Adeline Showcase:

October 19th, 2001

The Frustrators 
The Influents
One Time Angels

More details as well as ticket info when we get it!

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Tuesday, September 4th, 2001 -

If you missed Green Day's VH1 "Behind the Music" don't worry they are replaying it!

09/13/01 - 04:00 pm ET - VH1 
09/16/01 - 12:00 am ET - VH1 

Green Day has a new Official Street Team where members get points by performing different tasks online, and then cash those points in for cool Green Day stuff. Click to join: here.

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Saturday, September 1st, 2001 -

Don't miss these repeat episodes of MAD TV and Pop-Up-Video both featuring Green Day:

09/01/01 11:00 pm ET FOX MAD TV
09/07/01 12:00 pm ET VH1 Pop-Up Video- "Time of your Life"

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Wednesday, August 29th, 2001 -

from the Green Day Street Team: 

"International Superhits"

The track listing will be as follows:

1 Longview
2 Welcome to Paradise
3 Basketcase
4 When I Come Around
5 She
7 Geek Stink Breath
8 Brain Stew
9 Jaded
10 Walking Contradiction
11 Stuck With Me
12 Hitchin' A Ride
13 Time Of Your Life
14 Redundant
15 Nice Guys Finish Last
16 Minority
17 Warning
18 Waiting
19 Macy's Day Parade
20 Maria
21 (Unknown Song)

Look for the guys to shoot a video for one of the new songs in the next 2 weeks!

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Tuesday, August 28th, 2001 -

The release date for the 'International Superhits' album in the United States is November 6th and it is October 22nd for Europe. 

Interview with Billie Joe in the new People Magazine: here.

Green Day picked up this award at the Kerrang! Awards earlier in the week:

Classic Songwriter
Green Day

Check out for more winners and pictures from the evening.

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Sunday, August 26th, 2001 -

Review of Green Day from the main stage at the Reading Festival in the U.K.: here

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Friday, August 24th, 2001 -

Radio 1's Steve Lamacq interviewed Billie Joe for a few minutes on the Evening
Session show, the BBC site has text and RealAudio. Click: here.

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Thursday, August 23rd, 2001 -

Green Day rocks the new KERRANG! Magazine. Find out Mike and Tre's take on the Offspring, Blink 182, and Brittany Spears. Click on the images below for full size...


Released yesterday on Lookout! Records: [Get an MP3 now! "Am I On My own"]

click here for image

Common Rider - LK271 Thief In A Sleeping Town - [Get an MP3 now! "Am I On My own"]

This vinyl EP is the first follow-up to COMMON RIDER's 1999 debut LP, "Last Wave Rockers." These 4 songs maintain the ska punk intensity that OPERATION IVY is so loved for. Jesse Michaels has enlisted support from Billie Joe Armstrong (GREEN DAY), Jason White (PINHEAD GUNPOWDER), Dan Panic (SCREECHING WEASEL) and Doug Sangalang (SCREW 32, ONE TIME ANGELS). A short white hot blast of inspired rhythms and words.

The nominees for the Kerrang! Awards 2001 were announced at the Kerrang! Club this morning (Thursday) by Amen frontman Casey Chaos. An unprecedented number of votes were collected this year because for the first time ever Kerrang! readers were allowed to vote online at

Best International Live Act
Green Day
Marilyn Manson
Papa Roach

Best Band In The World
Green Day
Limp Bizkit
Linkin Park
Marilyn Manson

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Wednesday, August 22nd, 2001 -

The "Waiting" single has been spotted as a CD, so for you record player challenged people out there check this out:

Australian Import CD / 3 tracks:

1. Waiting   2.Macy's Day Parade   3. Basket Case (Live)  +   Waiting Promotional Video

That's right, no new song "Maria" so if you still want to get that song check out the vinyl release on Adeline Records. 

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Tuesday, August 21st, 2001 -

Look for a Japanese LIVE EP from Green Day to hit Japan tomorrow. If you're like me and don't live in Japan hopefully you can score it as an import  Here is the scoop:

"Tune in, Tokyo..."

click here for album cover

1.Church on Sunday
3.Blood, Sex and Booze
4.King for a Day
7.Macy's Day Parade

It's release date is 8/22/01. More info as we get it!

Don't miss this!

Live Web cast this Friday on (if you can navigate around their site) the web site is streaming live audio from the Reading festival, Green Day will be on after Iggy Pop and before Travis. If you go to the site, click on 'full on e4' then 'music', then the photo of someone playing the guitar.

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Sunday, August 19th, 2001 -

"The Citizen That Didn't Give a Damn" interview/review @ Avenches, Switzerland: here. 

Green Day was mentioned in the new Entertainment Weekly magazine, as they flashed back to Woodstock '94. For the entire article click: here.

"Some things are so great that you want to relive them," reasons Dirnt. "The first Woodstock was peace and love, the second chaos and confusion, and the last one was just stupidity....The times, they are a changin', man."

`MY GENERATION': A new documentary focuses on the Woodstock festivals of 1969, 1994 and 1999 when Oscar-winning filmmaker Barbara Kopple targets ``My Generation.'' Musical performers include Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Who, Santana, Sheryl Crow, The Dave Matthews Band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Limp Bizkit, Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, Metallica (news - web sites) and more. The latest film by Kopple, whose celebrated ``Harlan County, U.S.A.'' told of the a bitter mining strike, ``My Generation'' airs Thursday at 10 p.m. EDT on Encore. For re-run times click: here.

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Saturday, August 18th, 2001 -

Check out this scan from the German "Blood, Sex, and Booze" promo CD:


(click for full size)

Thanks to Phil for the scan.

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Wednesday, August 15th, 2001 -

Green Day will be a feature and sub feature on (Wed and Thurs
respectively) to promote their appearance on Reverb. They will also appear
in the WM newsletter this Thursday.

Green Day start their European tour in Switzerland tomorrow!

HBO's Reverb airs Green Day's performance from New Jersey tonight at 8pm. For more details click: here.

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Tuesday, August 14th, 2001 - added pictures from the San Francisco show: here.

Don't miss Green Day on HBO's Reverb tomorrow! For local time and repeat info click: here.

Help this site win first place in the Online Music Awards - to vote click: here.

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Saturday, August 11th, 2001 -

Billie Joe's Adeline Records will host it's second "Showcase" at 924 Gilman Street on Sunday, September 16th in Berkeley, California. Bands scheduled to play include; The Thumbs, Agent 51, One Time Angels, and The Influents. An additional showcase is in the works for Los Angeles. For more details head on over to: www.AdelineRecords.Net. Download MP3's from all of the bands on their band pages!

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Tuesday, August 7th, 2001 -

Warning! Green Day Busy With Albums, Side Projects (Vh1) : here.

"Green Day are also looking ahead to their next record, which they hope to have out by the end of 2002 or the beginning of 2003. They have seven songs written and another three under construction."

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Sunday, August 5th, 2001 -

Green Day's song "Waiting" has been featured on the television commercial trailer for the new Showtime series, "Going to California." For more info on the show click: here.

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Thursday, August 2nd, 2001 -

AllStarNews: DVD in the works! - "International Superhits"

Green Day's International Superhits is slated for release this fall on Reprise with two brand spankin' new songs. The new songs, not yet titled, will be recorded in Oakland, Calif., in early September with producer Jerry Finn. The 21-track album will also be accompanied by a not-yet-titled DVD of all the band's music videos. All of the obvious choices will be included on the album, such as "Longview," "Basketcase," "Brain Stew," "Time of Your Life," and "Minority," among others. In other Green Day news, the bands June 26 show at Asbury Park, N.J., will air on HBO's Reverb Aug. 15. The band kicks off its European tour Aug. 16 in Switzerland. 

Check out this similar article: here.

Green Day's drummer on the run @ Salem Oregon Statesman Journal: here.

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Wednesday, August 1st, 2001 -

Mike Dirnt's side band, The Frustrators posted on their website today that they will be playing a rare show with The Dickies in Northern California on September 22nd in Alameda, Ca @ The Minnow. The show is all ages, and tickets will be available online soon. For more info and ticket details head on over to: The band will be debuting new songs from their upcoming release on Adeline Records, so don't miss it!

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Tuesday, July 31st, 2001 -

Look for HBO's Reverb to premiere Episode #041 with Green Day (from June 26th's Asbury Park, New Jersey show) and the Bouncing Souls on Wednesday August 15th at 8:00 p.m. For more info click: here.

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Monday, July 30th, 2001 -

Green Day gives fans their due @ Denver Post: here.

Green Day Up to Its Usual Tricks @ Salt Lake City Tribune: here.

Green Day: Punk's Mature Sound @ Salt Lake City Tribune: here.

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Sunday, July 29th, 2001 - posted a new interview with Tre Cool as well as new pictures from the recent Denver show. Check them out: here.

Yahoo: "Green Day" singer/guitarist Billy Joe Armstrong performs at the Cox Pavilion in Las Vegas July 25, 2001: here

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Friday, July 27th, 2001 - added this site to it's links page, thanks to everyone over there for that.

The Green Day Street Team confirmed today that the Singles Collection due out this Fall will contain more than 20 songs. As well, a video will be shot for 1 of the 2 new songs on the CD.

Join the Street Team Mailing List by emailing:

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Thursday, July 26th, 2001 -

Interview with Mike Dirnt @ Las Vegas Sun: here.

Green Day: Punks, but children at heart @ Las Vegas Sun: here

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Wednesday, July 25th, 2001 -

New Article from this months KERRANG! Magazine:

"Green Day will release a greatest hits album on November 5 through Warner
Bros. The album will feature all of the band's hit singles, including
'Basket Case', 'Minority', 'Warning' and 'Welcome to Paradise', along with
two new tracks. Green Day are expected to release one of the new tracks as
a single to coincide with their appearance at the Reading and Leeds
festivals on August 24 and 25 respectively."

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Tuesday, July 24th, 2001 -

"It may not be easy being Green, but it sure is fun" @ San Diego Tribune: here.

"A new Day is dawning" @ The Arizona Republic: here.

Monday, July 23rd, 2001 -

"Green Day having the time of its life" @ Reuters/Variety REUTERS: here

 "Green Day invigorates" @ Orange County Register: here.

Mike Dirnt's side band, The Frustrators posted some brand new pictures from Billie Joe's Catbox studio in Oakland @ Check those out as well as the Message Board which is known for it's visits from the band from time to time.


Sunday, July 22nd, 2001 - 

Check out this awesome interview with Lawrence Livermore the founder of Lookout! Records: here.

Green Day ROCKED the UCI Bren Events Center last night, and I'd like to thank a few people for such a wonderful time. Huge thanks to, Adrienne and Billie Joe Armstrong, Jason White, Mike Dirnt, Mitch Cramer, Laura Kayser, Kathy Eiler, Peter Standish, Scott Boyd, and last but not least Howard Klein.

The set list was as follows: (or something close)

1. Nice Guys Finish Last 
2. Castaway 
3. Church on Sunday 
4. Longview 
5. Welcome to Paradise 
6. Hitchin' a Ride 
7. Ozzie & Van Halen Covers 
8. Brain Stew 
9. Jaded 
10. Ballad of Wilhelm Fink 
11. J.A.R. {request} 
12. Going to Pasalacqua {request} 
13. Knowledge {played by audience members} 
14. Basket Case 
15. She 
16. King for a Day 
17. Waiting 
18. Minority 
19. Good Riddance 
20. Warning 
21. Platypus 
22. When I Come Around 
23. Macy's Day Parade.

Don't miss Green Day tonight in Chula Vista, Ca!

Friday, July 20th, 2001 - 

Green Day kicks off the second leg of their new tour tonight in Santa Barbara, Ca!

The movie trailer for "Rat Race" has moved from the big screen to the TV screen, and it features Green Day's "Nice Guys Finish Last." No word yet if it will appear on the film's soundtrack.

Wednesday, July 18th, 2001 -

Listen to the Furious 5 at 9 every night this week to score tickets to see Green Day, sold out Saturday at UCI�s Bren Center.

Tuesday, July 17th, 2001 - 

Enter to win one of Mike Dirnt's smashed bass guitars at Seventeen Magazine: here.

from the Green Day Street Team:

* * *Green Day OST Newsflash - - - July 17, 2001* * *

Who wants to see Green Day play in Vegas? Neon lights and punk rock. 
Well, if you can get yourself there, we have 3 pairs of tickets just
waiting for a good home. The show is on Wednesday, July 25th at Cox
Pavilion. Reply to this email with your full name and we�ll choose three
lucky winners.

To join the Street Team, click: here.

The Irvine, Ca show on Saturday has SOLD OUT. To those of you who got tickets, congratulations! Doors open at 7pm, and the show begins at 8pm. See ya there!

Sunday, July 15th, 2001 - 

Don't miss VH1's Behind the Music featuring Green Day for a full hour, TONIGHT @ 9 p.m. Click here for re- run times and dates.

Billie Joe played bass with Jason White's band, The Influents on Friday and Saturday nights. Check out for tons of awesome pictures!

Check out these great screen captures from Behind the Music at the Billie Joe Obsession Network: here.

Saturday, July 14th, 2001 - is featuring Green Day in a poll for this months artist of the month, vote for them! article on the new singles disc: here.

Did you miss the Influents playing last night in Northern California? If you did, you missed our very own Billie Joe Armstrong playing bass for the band! Pictures coming soon!

Friday, July 13th, 2001 - 

Mike Dirnt and his band, The Frustrators started recording their second Adeline release last night in Billie Joe's Catbox Studio, while Green Day is on break from touring.  Check it out @

Thursday, July 12th, 2001 - 

Green Day ready singles set @ SonicNet: here 

Green Day ready singles set @ VH1: here.

The Green Day guys are taking some time off the road, but they're not taking a vacation. The band has been working in Los Angeles on new material, some of which may make it onto a singles collection they hope to deliver this fall.


Wednesday, July 11th, 2001 - 

VH1 has set up this web page for Green Day's Behind the Music which will debut this Sunday @ 9pm: here.

Tuesday, July 10th, 2001 - 

"On Tour With Green Day", an interview of Green Day's production manager and FOH engineer: here.

Monday, July 9th, 2001 - 

Tre Cool's interview in the new Circus Magazine is now here! Check it out: Circus Page.

Look for a Green Day release this Fall on Reprise Records, tentatively titled, "Singles Collection."


7.09.01 - Green Day on VH1s' Behind the Music
This sunday July 15th Green Day will be on "Behind the Music" at 9 p.m. You will see a side of the guys you never knew.I definitely wouldn't miss it!!

Saturday, July 7th, 2001 - 

Green Day's song "Do, Da, Da", from the B-side of the Brain Stew/Jaded single is featured on under a search for author "Billie Armstrong."

Lookout Records! released this info on a new record coming out August 21st.:

21st COMMON RIDER "Am I On My Own" 7"
Brand new songs from Jesse Michaels (OPIV). Features Billie Joe and Jason White (GREEN DAY and PINHEAD GUNPOWDER) has some pictures of Billie Joe, Mike, and Tre under the animated banner "Steve doll knows celebrities". Check them out!



Green Day has had a long history since forming in 1989. In fact, Bassist Mike Dirnt and frontman Billie Joe Armstrong have been friends since they were ten years old. That amounts to a lot of crazy road stories. Pop cult investigator, Sook-Yin Lee sat down with the band to reminisce.

Thursday, July 5th, 2001 -

Congratulations to Billie and Adrienne Armstrong who celebrated their 7th Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday, July 2nd! Best wishes to them and their family.

Did you notice a foxy lady playing the trombone with Green Day on their last couple of shows? That was the fabulous Jeanne Geiger, of the Influents playing during "King for a Day" and "Knowledge" in place of Gabe, who just got married. Congratulations to him!

The band's next gig is in 2 weeks on July 20th in Santa Barbara, Ca.

Saturday, June 30th, 2001 - 

Green Day plays in the DC 101 studio and Tre Cool unveils new song, Click here to download.

For lyrics: click here.

Awesome pictures from the studio: here!

Thursday, June 28th, 2001 - 

Green Day Live in New York City @ Spin Magazine: here.

Green Day will be performing "Waiting" on Conan O'Brien tonight on NBC after the Tonight Show. Don't miss it!!! has added pictures to it's archive from the New Jersey show this week. Check them out!

Tre Cool is interviewed in the new Circus Magazine and discusses his dreams of becoming an avalanche victim.

Tuesday, June 26th, 2001 - from

Green Day's show today in New Jersey will be filmed by HBO's "Reverb" crew for a future airing date.

Billie Joe's "Adeline Records" just got a new customized Message Board. The Adeline bands are known to pop in from time to time so register a free account and check it out!

Monday, June 25th, 2001 - On TV:

Don't miss Green Day as they perform their hit single, "Waiting" on Conan O' Brien Thursday night at 12:30 a.m. on NBC.

If you missed Billie Joe on MTV's Celebrity Undercover, get your VCR ready for Monday, July 2nd  (1 week from today) when MTV will re-air the episode. 

Green Day rocks Lowell, Massachusetts: here.

Friday, June 22nd, 2001 - Update from

"You can purchase tickets for the upcoming show in San Francisco on Sunday August 5th at or any other ticket outlet."

The show on August 5th has moved from The Greek in Berkeley, Ca  to the Bill Graham Civic Center in San Francisco. also added a St. Louis Pictures Archive, check it out!

Green Day Radio
6.22.2001 6:00 pm
101.1 FM.

Thursday, June 21st, 2001 - Green Day rocks St. Louis @ St. Louis Today: here.

Wednesday, June 20th, 2001 - GREEN DAY STILL ROCK.
Green Day just pulled an awesome move. On night two of their summer tour, they played a few songs like "Welcome to Paradise", "Hitchin' a Ride," "Church on Sunday" and "Longview". Then, Billy Joe announced to the crowd that "Unfortunately, that's the end of our set list," and spent the next 20 minutes taking requests from the sweaty crowd of more than 3,000 at the Eagles Ballroom, in Wisconsin. The requests were for mostly rare stuff to which Billy said "OK, but if I f--- up the words, you guys take over." He did and the audience didn't let him down. The rest of the 100-minute set showcased Green Day's melodic side, with hooky hits like Dookie's "Basket Case" and "Minority", both of which received anthem treatments as Armstrong essentially turned the crowd into part of the band, conducting sing-alongs with all the enthusiasm and precision of Bruce Springsteen.- Much Music


Green Day Radio
6.20.2001 6:00 pm
95.3 FM.

Mike Dirnt's side band, The Frustrators, updated their web page today @ with some cool news about Warped Tour T-shirts, and a new album coming soon. Check it out!

Tuesday, June 19th - 2001 - Green Day Live: Crowd Picks Set List, Bizkit Booed, Ramones Covered @ MTV: here.

Monday, June 18th - 2001 - "Green Day's teen flock eagerly follows wherever band leads" @ here

New press release from MSO: here.


Green Day Radio
6.18.2001 2:00 pm Milwaukee
104.5 FM.

Sunday, June 17th - 2001 - Green Day kicks off their new tour tonight in St. Paul, Minnesota look for them in a town near you! is featuring Tre Cool's custom drum kit, check it out: here.

If you haven't seen it, there is a movie trailer out now in theaters for "Rat Race" which features "Nice Guys Finish Last." You can also view the trailer online: here.

Thursday, June 14th - 2001 - Pennywise's official website: posted a picture of Billie Joe and Mike Dirnt with Brett from Bad Religion from the Keyclub last night, it's the third picture on the Keyclub pictures page, check it out!

Wednesday, June 13th - 2001 - Don't miss Green Day as they make an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno as the musical guest, tonight! NBC @ 11:35pm. is having a contest to win some awesome autographed Green Day stuff, check it out: here!

Tuesday, June 12th - 2001 - Reprise Records chief leaves after six years @ Variety: here.

Monday, June 11th - 2001 - From

No More "Waiting"
Green Day finally are getting the Behind the Music treatment. The tell-all documentary will debut on VH1 July 15. In the meantime, catch the trio performing on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on Wednesday and Late Night With Conan O'Brien on Thursday. Or, check out's own brand-spankin' new GD profile.- Thanks to Chad for sending that in.

Click to read an interview with the guys also at here.

From Yahoo News!

Green Day Contributes Rare Track To 'American Pie 2'

(6/11/01, 5 p.m. ET) -- Rockers 3 Doors Down contribute the first single off the American Pie 2 soundtrack, "Be Like That," but the gem of the collection may be Green Day's "Scumbag," previously unavailable in the United States. The soundtrack arrives in stores July 31, while the movie hits theaters August 10.

Thursday, June 7th - 2001 - Update By Brian

News from the Green Day Street Team!

Green Day will be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Wednesday the 13th of
June (NBC 11:35pm ET), so make sure and check it out.

Wednesday, June 6th - 2001 - Update By Brian

Green Day Line Up for Pie: Rolling Stone

Soundtrack to "American Pie II" due July 24th

Tuesday, June 5th - 2001 - Update By Brian

Look for Green Day on MTV's "So Five Minutes Ago" today at 7:30pm.

Also check out the Frogpond for a live video of Billie Joe's band, Pinhead Gunpowder.

Monday, June 4th - 2001 - Update By Brian

Green Day's song, "Scumbag" will be appearing on the American Pie 2 soundtrack according to a new article @ MTV: here.

Sunday, June 3rd - 2001 - Update By Brian

Check out these scans from the new Waiting Single:

(click for larger sizes)


New Green Day Lyrics to the song 'Maria':


She smashed the radio
with the board of education
turn up the static left of 
the state of the nation

Turn up the flame
step on the gas
burning the flag at half mast
she's a rebel's forgotten son
an export of the revolution

She is the first voice
of the last ones in the line
she'll drag the lake
to keep the vendetta alive

Bring in the head of the government
the dog ate the document
somebody shot the President
and noone knows where Maria went?

Maria, where did you go?...

Be careful what your offering
your breath lacks the convicion
drawing the line in the dirt
because the last decision.. is no!

Saturday, June 2nd - 2001 - Update By Brian

Green Day tickets, for the Berkeley show @ The Greek go on sale June 24th @ 10am. has updated their PHOTOS page with some new pictures from the WHFS festival, check 'em out!

Friday, June 1st - 2001 - Update By Brian

Green Day will be featured on a new MTV program June 5th, this Tuesday entitled "So Five Minutes Ago" @ 7:30pm.

Also, a few of you had trouble ordering the new "Waiting" single on vinyl from Adeline Records, so here is some more info to clear that up:

The new Green Day Waiting 7" - with the new
song Maria is here now, ready for your order.
And it's on PINK vinyl... This isn't in the
catalog yet so to order, click on CATALOG
above, then go to the "ORDER BY MAIL FORM".
For the catalog number write "AR019", the
price is $3.50, plus shipping.


Thursday, May 31st - 2001 - Update By Brian

Green Day has added this new tour date:

28-Jul Sat Megna, UT Salt Air Pavilion

Tuesday, May 29th - 2001 - Update By Brian

You can now order the new Waiting single, on VINYL from Adeline Records! The new 7" record contains the new song "MARIA" as well as the amazing single "Waiting." Head on over to Adeline Records to order yours right now!

Official Adeline Records Website. added a radio request line page: here.

Staind, Green Day, Tantric, More Rock D.C.'s HFStival @ MTV: here.

Monday, May 28th - 2001 - Update By Brian

Green Day are surprise headliners at WHFS Festival in Washington D.C.: here.

Sunday, May 27th - 2001 - Update By Brian

From Boston Globe:

Smoother show at River Rave this year


WBCN Rocked Foxboro Stadium!
So that's it! We just wrapped up the biggest WBCN River Rave ever. Whether your favorite moment was Green Day's drum kit flamb�, Fatboy Slim dropping his brand new Outkast remix, Marilyn Manson performing under the lightning or Joe Perry joining the Black Crowes on stage to cover Fleetwood Mac, a good time was had by all.

You can watch Green Day live tonight @ the  WHFS radio show @ RFK stadium / Washington, DC: Here.

Friday, May 25th - 2001 - Update By Brian

News from Adeline Records!

Green Day Waiting 7" - with the new song Maria- is set for release in early June. The 7" vinyl is 3.50 plus the 2.00 shipping. All are on PINK vinyl.

This was taken from the KROQ Almost Accoustic Christmas program that Green Day played in December: Click for Image.

May 23rd, 2001 - Update By Brian

"Bob Dylan At 60: Weiland, Stipe, Wyclef Tip Their Hats": here

Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day � "He showed me how to stuff as many lyrics into one song as you can get. 'Like a Rolling Stone' was one of the first songs that got into that feeling of abandon. It sounds like he's talking to some trust-fund college kid who came up and had the world on a silver platter and then he suddenly has to fend for himself, has a lot of growing up to do. One of the reasons he's so legendary is that he's so human, he's put out crap, too. That's what makes him even better � he has evolved. Eventually everybody makes crappy records, but to come back and make something halfway decent ..."

More info on the Irvine, CA show:

Saturday, July 21st 7pm. Tickets will go on sale to the general public on Saturday, June 2, and to UCI students May 31st. All seating is general admission.

May 22nd, 2001 - Update By Brian

News News News: posted a whole mess of new tour dates!

July 25th, Wed Las Vegas, NV Cox Pavilion 
July 27th,  Fri Denver, CO Fillmore Auditorium 
July 29th, Jul Sun Boise, ID Bank of America Centre 
July 31st, Tue Vancouver, BC Plaza of Nations 
August 1st, Wed Seattle, WA Paramount Theatre 
August 2nd,   Thu Salem, OR Salem Armory 
August 5th  Sun Berkeley, CA The Greek 
August 16th  Thu Switzerland Avenches Rock Oz Arena 
August 18th  Sat Erfurt Highfield Festival 
August 19th,  Sun Cologne Bizarre Festival 

For a complete list, check out the "Touring" page: here.

Read about Joey Ramone's 50th Birthday Bash including a taped musical tribute by Green Day: here. 

From Lookout! Records.:

Common Rider new 7" EP
Brand new songs from Jesse Michael�s from OPERATION IVY�s COMMON RIDER. These songs feature Billie Joe (GREEN DAY, PINHEAD GUNPOWDER), Jason White (PINHEAD GUNPOWDER, THE INFLUENTS) and Dan Panic (SCREECHING WEASEL, GROOVIE GHOULIES).

-Also, quick thanks to Mena Suvari who was at LAX when I flew in this evening from NY, and was super sweet and took a picture with me.

May 20th, 2001 - Update By Brian

Green Day added these two new dates:

Saturday, May 26th WBCN radio show @ Foxboro stadium / Boston
Sunday, May 27th WHFS radio show @ RFK stadium / Washington, DC

They will also be on Conan O'Brien (NBC) on June 28th according to

-more info when I get back from NY on Monday!

May 16th, 2001 - Update By Brian

 ( -

Tour Date change: 

Irvine, California - July 21st. Tickets go on sale to the general public June 2nd, and pre-sale tickets go on sale the week before to UCI students.

May 14th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

News from the Green Day Street Team:

"Have you heard the little rumor going around about the possibility of a
pre-tour live Green Day Web cast? Stay tuned; we may even be able to get
some of you in."

Also you can now view the "Waiting" video online @ Reprise Records: here.

Mike Dirnt's band, The Frustrators may have a new album in the works while Green Day has some down time. For more info on that and a possible mini-tour check out:

May 12th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Green Day has added 2 more tour dates in Germany according to

8/21/01- Berlin, Germany

8/22/01- Hamburg, Germany

Don't miss Jason (2nd guitarist for Green Day) and Bill ( of Pinhead Gunpowder) as they rock the country on their newest tour starting tomorrow!

Sunday, May 13th - Minneapolis, MN @ First Ave
Tuesday, May 15th - Champagne, IL @ High Dive
Wednesday, May 16th - St. Louis, MD @ Mississippi Nights
Thursday, May 17th - Ft. Wayne, IN @ Colonial Street West
Friday, May 18th - Chicago, IL @ Metro
Sunday, May 20th - Toronto, ONT, Canada @ Horseshoe Tavern

You can listen to Mp3's of the guys @

May 11th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Green Day will be unable to make the Joey Ramone tribute show in NY in May, but will send a video message. - Reprise Records

New Tour Date from

July 27th - Irvine, Ca @ UCI Bren Center (Hey, that's my school!)

From Rolling Stone:

"...soundtrack to "American Pie II," which will also feature music by BLINK-182, GREEN DAY and UNCLE KRACKER "

The movie is set to be released on August 10th of this year so stay tuned for more details... is also giving away an autographed Green Day guitar if you join their Street Team, so check it out: here.

New MSO Press Release: here.

May 10th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

New Tour Dates from

July 22nd - Chula Vista, Ca. 

August 2nd - Salem, OR. 

News from Reprise Records:

The "Waiting" video goes to M2 this week, and VH-1 custom rotation next

May 9th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

The brand new "Waiting" video is online! Check it out at here.

May 4th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

WAITING SINGLE :::INFO::: from Adeline Records.

The GREEN DAY 'Waiting' 45rpm single will mark Adeline's release #19! Can you believe it? I just get all choked... up thinkin' about... I promised myself I wasn't gonna cry.

GREEN DAY "Waiting" b/w "Maria" 45 - coming soon!!!
And yes, it's available on VINYL ONLY.

Happy Birthday to Mike Dirnt, who turns 29 today! Best wishes to him and his family.

Eric was cool enough to make mp3's of the radio broadcast from the California Music Awards, including interviews with the band: here.

Jason White, who you may recognize as playing 2nd guitar with Green Day lately, and his other band The Influents added more tour dates to their upcoming schedule, you can check them out at:

May 2nd, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

The show Billie Joe mentioned in his letter yesterday, is now in the archive and you can watch the amazing set on your computer! Click: here.

Launch Article: Joey Ramone Tribute Packs CBGB's, Green Day Plays Surprise Show

May 1st, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Letter from Billie Joe!

Dear Friends, 
I am ready to fall over on my face exhausted from a very long and exciting week. I just wanted to thank everyone for all your support and votes for the California Music Awards. We are looking forward to seeing all of you this summer on tour. Thanks again!! 
LOVE Billie Joe 
Oh , PS ... Thanks to CBGB's for letting us play last week!

May 1st, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Congratulations to Green Day for taking home 8 California Music awards this Saturday!!!

Outstanding Bassist - Mike Dirnt
Outstanding Drummer - Tre Cool
Outstanding Group - Green Day
Outstanding Punk/Ska album -Green Day
Outstanding Songwriter - Billie Joe
Album of The Year - Warning 
Outstanding Male Vocalist - Billie Joe
Artist of the Year - Green Day

Read more about it and see pictures @ the San Francisco Gate and

Green Day played a surprise set in New York City Thursday evening at the famous CBGB's. The band borrowed instruments from the last band to play that night, Tiereds and rocked the house with songs including She, Longview, Welcome to Paradise, Minority, and covers of Mahogany, Surrender, Outsider, and Master of Puppets.  ( thanks to for that)

April 27th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Joey Ramone To Have Two Tributes, Green Day Wants In: here.

April 26th, 2001
- Update By Brian ( -

Green Day's publicist just released this Press Release: here.

Green Day rocked Howard Stern's Radio studio this morning, and you can listen to an mp3 clip from their performances of "Waiting" and "Platypus" at Don't miss the band on David Letterman tonight!

Green Day Hits 'Letterman' Tonight, Recalls X-Rated Stunt: here.

April 25th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

It has been confirmed Green Day will make an appearance on Howard Stern's radio show tomorrow morning as well as being on David Letterman (CBS) tomorrow night.
Don't miss them!

April 25th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Musique Plus in Montreal just filmed a 90 minute special with Green Day in which they debuted their new "Waiting" music video to the live studio audience. For more details you can check out the website: here. (It's in French)The track listing was as follows:

Church on Sunday
Blood Sex and booze
Basket Case
Who wrote Holden Caulfield?

Rumor has it that Howard Stern told his listeners that Green Day will make an in studio appearance on his radio show later this week, which would make sense since Green Day will be in town tapeing David Letterman on Thursday. Stay tuned for details on that.

Thanks to S�bastien, Alain, and Howard for the info!

April 24th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

If you missed Billie Joe on MTV's "Celebrity Undercover" don't worry because it will re-run on Saturday. Check your local listings for exact times. Also Green Day will be making an appearance on David Letterman this Thursday night @ 11:35pm on CBS. Then on Saturday they will be performing "Blood, Sex, and Booze" on Fox's Mad TV. Get your VCR's ready!

April 20th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Green Day will appear on MTV's Celebrity Undercover on April 23rd, (Monday) @ 5 p.m. EST.
Click to see the re-airing times and dates: here.

More info!
Go undercover with Billie Joe! Catch the Premiere of "Celebrity Undercover"with Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. Join Billie Joe @ a secret dinnerparty where he will surprise one huge fan!

April 19th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -


MTV finally fixed it's TRL Voting Page so this time we are going to do it! Click on our voting page to vote for Green Day's "Warning" video. Don't forget to check the "other" box at the bottom of the page and then write in your vote. 10 random winners will be announced in 1 week. Good Luck! Thanks to Reprise Records for sending us lots of stuff to give away! The prizes from the last contest will be sent out this weekend.
Click here to vote now! Vote Often!

April 18th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Peers Praise Joey Ramone, The Man And The Musician(sonicnet): here.

Green Day, Metallica, Bosstones, And Record Exec Stein Remember Ramone (Launch): here.

April 17th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Letter from Mike Dirnt:

Friends today is a sad, but proud day in the history of (punk) rock-n-roll and our lives. I woke up this morning to find that Joey Ramone had passed on Easter Sunday 2001. Ironically religion gets its Icon back and American punk culture loses theirs. I think an end of an era has come and I've never felt as old as I do right now. I remember in junior high when I heard the Ramones at a party or a skate park I knew that I was at the place to be. Right now I am listening to the Ramones Anthology. The songs mean a lot more to me today and alot of other bands mean so much less. Thanks always comes a day late and a dollar short but my respect has and will always be there for the band that showed me that simple songs and a simple life could make you happy. "Here today and Gone Tomorrow" Thank you to all of our Ramones for everything and Hail to the Chief. Oh yeah!! and the kid in the Ramones tshirt will always be cool....
Mike Dirnt

April 15th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Green Day wrapped up shooting on their music video for the new single, "Waiting" last night in the West Adams district of Los Angeles. Shooting took place mostly in a house-turned set in a residential neighborhood across from the First AME Church. You can catch Mike Dirnt and his freshly bleached blonde hair along with Billie Joe and Tre in the new video, which will debut on MTV in a few weeks. Stay tuned for details!

Check out this review of "Warning" by Lawrence Livermore:here.

Punk Rocker Joey Ramone Passes Away at 48 :here."Their ``do-it-yourself,'' garage-rock influence still echoes today in bands like Green Day and the Offspring. The low-tech Ramones spent just two days and $6,000 recording their 1976 debut album."

April 13th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Green Day's performance of "Blood, Sex, and Booze" will air on MadTV 4/28.

Don't miss Jason White's band, The Influents tomorrow night in San Francisco, as well as Billie Joe & Jason White's band, Pinhead Gunpowder on Monday in Benicia, California. For more details check out the Influents Official site @ Check out their message board, the band is known to pop in from time to time!

The Living End To 'Roll On' Solo And With Green Day (launch):here.

April 12th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

New Articles:

Green Day Announces Summer Tour Itinerary (allstar):here.

Green Day�s summer plans (antimusic):here.

Green Day Sets U.S. Summer Tour (billboard):here.

Green Day Set For Summer Tour, U.K. Festivals (mtv):here.

Green Day confirm north American tour dates (nme):here.

Green Day Won't Stop Touring (spin):here.

Green Day Set For Summer Tour, U.K. Festivals (sonicnet):here.