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Band of the Week- Drop Dead Fred - Blauvelt, NY

(Brian) - Friday, January 19th 2001 -

Green Day Rocks Knoxville, TN. Click on the image for full story:

Don't miss TRL on MTV this coming Monday for the premiere of the Green Day video: "Warning". This isn't the live video that was posted on greenday.com a few months ago, but a REAL video! Don't miss it! Also the Green Day Stree Team is having a contest giving away rare import singles, so if you aren't already on their list join now: Click here.

(Brian) - Thursday, January 18th 2001 -

Green Day responds to copyright lawsuit: nme.com article

Spin Magazine online reviews Green Day's performance in Austin, TX.: here

(Broc) - Wednesday, January 17th 2001 -

Greetings, everyone. A bit of a dilemma on my hands, here. I just found out that I will not be able to attend the two Wisconson shows, which means I still have two ticketsthat I paid $70 for on my hands. If you're interested in purchasing a ticket for Milwaukee,Wisconson, or Madison, Wisconson, January 24th and 25th, e-mail me TODAY at [email protected]. I'll sell them for $25/each, which saves you about twenty bucks. You can buy one of them or both, but irregarless, contact me today!!

Here's a scan of the tix:

(Brian) - Monday, January 15th 2001 -

Rudy and the AdelineWeb Team tell us they are about to post a design update for Adeline Records' website. Parts of it will be going up VERY soon. Look for improvements in their online catalog and even some audio. Here is a sneak preview screen shot of the home page...

(Brian) - Sunday, January 14th 2001 -

FOX will re-air the episode of "King of the Hill" guest starring Green Day tonight (1/14/01). For more info click: here

(Brian) - Saturday, January 13th 2001 -

English Rocker Claims Green Day Plagiarized His Song: Sonicnet Article

The article above has an error in it when it says:

*Green Day's official Web site, www.greenday.com, offers a link to www.theothergarden.co.uk, which contains an MP3 excerpt of "Never Got the Chance."*
- Obviously it does not.

(Brian) - Friday, January 12th 2001 -

Read about Green Day's gig last night in Dallas here: Goofy Paradise

The band hits The Aerial Theatre at Bayou Palace in Houston, Texas tonight.

(Brian) - Thursday, January 11th 2001 -

New article at the Dallas Observer about the Green Day/Get Up Kids show tomorrow: here.

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