(Broc) - Wednesday, January 10th 2001 -

You may notice some changes in sub pages today through Friday, as we implement parts ofthe new design into the page. The majority of the changes are occuring on my hard drive,but a few changes must take place online, so ignore these (I.E. color changes, broken links, etc.). I'm hoping to have the new design up by Saturday morning, but no promises.

(Broc) - Tuesday, January 9th 2001 -

Radio 1 Sent This To Us:

Best Album of 2000
4th Jan 2001
Here's the top five albums of year 2000 as voted by you on this site:

1: Green Day - 'Warning'
2: Radiohead - 'Kid A'
3: Oasis - 'Standing on the Shoulders...'*
4: Sigur Ros - 'Agaetis Byrjun'
5: SFA - 'Mwng'

Thanks for taking part in the vote.
Why do you try Steve Lamacq's Buzz Chart?

*We had to disqualify 31,000 of Oasis' votes after they appeared over a very
short period of time (naughty, naughty)

It just proves once again that Green Day are without a doubt the greatest
band EVER!!

Keep up the good work on your site, and I don't think that your current
design is all that bad.

(Brian) - Tuesday, January 9th 2001 -

News from greenday.com:

Warning 7' by Green Day on Adeline RecordsThis pretty little slab-o-vinyl features the great title track from GREEN DAY's new album Warning plus TWO UNREALEASED TRACKS (1 New song and 1 cover)

For more details head on over to www.greenday.com.

(Brian) - Monday, January 8th 2001 -

Green Dazed and Confused? -rockdaily.com

Green Day are on the receiving end of a copyright claim by the Other Garden, a British band who insists that GD's "Warning" plagiarizes their song "Never Got the Chance." Garden bandmember Colin Merry says they were "alerted by confused fans who thought that Green Day's release at the end of last year was a reworking of our song."

Click to view "Other Garden" website: here.

Click to download clip of their song, "Never Got the Chance": here.

Big thanks to Mike Wilson for the links.

Green Day hits Dallas, Texas on Thursday.

(Brian) - Friday, January 5th 2001 -

New article regarding the lawsuit over "Warning" : here.

more from the BBC:

Green Day�s Kinky Warning

Green Day are facing yet more copy cat claims over their latest single 'Warning'. Radio 1 reported yesterday that the little known British band The Other Garden reckoned that Green Day had copied part of their song 'Never Got A Chance'. Now both songs have been compared to 'Picture Book' - a 1969 album track by Britpop originals the Kinks. A musicologist is on the case.

(Brian) - Thursday, January 4th 2001 -

from the BBC: Green Day's thorny garden

English band, The Other Garden, are suing American band, Green Day. Their latest single 'Warning' which entered the top 30 at the end of last year allegedly has a striking resemblance to Garden's 1997 release, 'Never Got The Chance'. According to their lawyer, Alastair Nicholas, the group could be due �100,000 in royalties.

Click to see the article at the BBC: here.

Soundbreak.com is having a contest giving away autographed Green Day stuff: here.

Green Day's "Warning" won album of the year at the BBC: here.

(Brian) - Wednesday, January 3rd 2001 -

In the newest rolling stone there is a section on artists' top fives and Billie Joe is in it- his top 5:

1. Versus God, Dillinger Four

2. Last Wave Rockers, Common Rider

3. Check Please, The Influents

4. Party Tape, Wicked Scepter

5. (your band here)

Thanks to Justin for that.

You can download the video for Warning at www.moshshockerz.com. Thanks to Lee for sending that in.

(Broc) - Tuesday, January 2nd 2001 -

After several months of people hating this design, I've begun a new design, which I'm hoping to finish in the next week or so. Below is a screenshot of the main page.

GreenDay.Net New Design Screenshot

(Brian) - Tuesday, January 2nd 2001 -

Canada's MUCHMUSIC had their top 100 of 2000 and minority was #15

(Brian) - Monday, January 1st 2001 -

MTV2 aired the 75 most voted for music videos of 2000. Green Day had the most entries in the chart (six), and had 3 songs in the top 20. Thanks to Alice for the news.

69: When I come around
64: Hitchin' A Ride
53: Nice guys finish last
15: Good riddance (Time of your life)
11: Minority
9: Basket Case

(Broc) - Sunday, December 31st 2000 -

Happy New Year's Eve, everybody. Remember, the police are here to protect, and to help.. but if you're not 21, STAY THE HELL INSIDE! MTV2 USA has started to air the Warning video, and a friend of the sites will be taping it the next time it's on.
Also, Green Day's in second place, but they're behind Oasis by 20,000 votes... SO, please CLICK HERE and vote WARNING for BBC Radio 1's Best Album Of 2000, because I think we can all agree on who should win. Hint: Not Oasis

(Brian) - Thursday, December 28th 2000 -

A few more of Green Day's tour dates have changed location. The 01/25/01 Madison, WI show has moved to the Alliant Energy Center. For a complete list of accurate locations check out pollstar.com

(Broc) - Thursday, December 28th 2000 - Second Update

This hasn't been confirmed by anyone yet, but since about 300 of you have e-mailed me telling me so, I'll assume it's correct. The Kansas City show will NOT be held at Memorial Hall. It will be at Hale Arena.
Also, Oasis is kicking Green Day's ass in the BBC Radio 1 "Best Album Of 2000" votingpoll. Please click here and show 'em who's better.

(Broc) - Thursday, December 28th 2000 -

Billboard.com reported that Warning has sold over 500,000 copies. Also, we may soon have a brand spanking new Mike Dirnt section. MDA is in the process of considering to make MDA an official GreenDay.Net affiliate site, which would be great, because it rules. Check out the MDA today at http://www.geocities.com/dirntylittlerat/

(Brian) - Sunday, December 24th 2000 -

Green Day's Billie Joe Remembers Humble Christmas with Launch.com: here.

Armstrong told LAUNCH that gifts were hard to come by. "Christmas . . .I kind of stopped getting presents after my father died and stuff, because that's like our main source of income. And my mom was a waitress, so, we just learned to accept -- the rest of my family -- we just learned to accept it," he recalled. "We didn't get extravagant gifts or anything like that, but we never really cared. It was always sort of . . .We just had fun. My family knows how to party, so it was no big deal, you know?"

(Broc) - Sunday, December 24th 2000 -
Merry Christmas Eve, punksters. Well, I can for once say TV's gonna be good this Christmas Break. Here's a run down of Green Day on TV for the next week:

Today on MTV2 - Live Concert @ 10:00 P.M. ET
Tommorow (12/25) on MTV - MTV Uncensored @ 1:00 P.M. ET
Tuesday (12/26) on MTV - MTV Uncensored @ 1:00 P.M. ET
Wednesday (12/27) on Comedy Central - SNL @ 1:00 P.M. ET
Wednesday (12/27) on MTV - MTV Uncensored @ 10:30 P.M. ET
Thursday (12/28) on VH1 - Before They Were Rockstars @ 8:30 A.M. ET
Thursday (12/28) on MTV - MTV Uncensored @ 4:30 P.M. ET and 11:30 P.M. ET
Friday (12/29) on Much Music USA - Much Gets Warped @ 12:00 P.M. ET
Friday (12/29) on USA - Farmclub.com @ 11:00 P.M. ET
Saturday (12/30) on Much Music USA - Much Gets Warped @ 1:00 A.M. ET
Saturday (12/30) on MTV - MTV Uncensored at 10:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. ET
Sunday (12/31) on USA - Farmclub.com at 12:00 A.M. ET
Monday (12/31) on MTV - MTV Uncensored @ 8:30 A.M. and 2:30 P.M. ET

(Broc) - Satuday, December 23rd 2000 -
In Noise Magazine, published by Kerrang, there's a top 50 punk albums of all time chart. Dookie is No. 2 and Nimrod is No. 35. It also has a big poster of Billie Joe.Thanks to Will for sending that in.

(Brian) - Satuday, December 23rd 2000 -

NME.com reviewed Green Day at the San Francisco Not So Silent X-mas: here.

Download the "Warning" video from the ENHANCED cd, here: here.Thanks to GDOPIV for that.

(Brian) - Friday, December 22nd 2000 -

Green Day is on the cover of this months Illinois Entertainer. Thanks to Dave for the link: here.

(Broc) - Friday, December 22nd 2000 -
Green Day will be on Farmclub on December 29th and 30th. We aren't able to determineyet if they'll be rerunning the old recording or what, but stay tuned for more information.
(Brian) - Friday, December 22nd 2000 -

Green Day Bring Down Curtain At KROQ Show: here.

(Brian) - Thursday, December 21st 2000 -

Jason White, of Pinhead Gunpowder and recently 2nd guitar with Green Day wrote into www.theinfluents.com, his other band's website with tour dates. If you are in Northern California check them out! They will be in Oakland tommorrow night.

(Broc) - Thursday, December 21st 2000 -

There's a new launch.com interview available in text. Click here tocheck it out.
(Brian) - Tuesday, December 19th 2000 -

The "Warning" Enhanced CD is released today. Check local music stories including Sam Goody which in my area all seem to have it. If you strike out, cdnow.com has it as well.

The CD includes a 20 minute EPK, the "Minority" video, and the "Billie Joe for President" clips. And if that weren't enough, there is also a 64 page booklet filled with new, never-before-released photos documenting the recording of the album. The booklet also features things like reproductions of handwritten lyrics. The album will be available on the 19th of December for $24.98 and will be available in stores everywhere.

The package comes in green plastic wrapping, with the warning logo on the cover. Here is a bad scan of mine: here. As well as the enhanced cd, it also includes the 64 page booklet, seen: here.

"Green Day is perfectly obnoxious" in LA:here.

(Brian) - Monday, December 18th 2000 -

Green Day rocked a packed house last night at the Universal Amphitheater in Universal City, California. They played all of their big hits, as well as new songs including "Castaway", "Warning", "Minority", and "Macy's Day Parade". The band's page in the KROQ booklet that was handed out, reads as follows:

Favorite album this year: Check Please - The Influents
Band to watch for: Bouncing Souls
Favorite song this year: "Thanks for Nothing" by Dillinger Four
All I Want for Christmas is: Sox
I would like to kiss ___ under the mistletoe: ass
I would most like to tour with: Santa Claus
Favorite movie of this year: Me, Myself, & Irene.
Favorite stocking stuffer: Jeff Striker Penis Pump
Favorite food to eat while on tour: Whisky
Person (besides Jim Carrey) who most resembles The Grinch: Kevin Weatherly

Jason White also played 2nd guitar with Green Day tonight, and his band- "The Influents" are going to be touring soon. Check out www.theinfluents.com and Adeline Records website for more details.

(Brian) - Saturday, December 16th 2000 -

Green Day rocked the "Deck the Hall's Ball" on Thursday in Washington and 1077theend.com posted these awesome pictures: here.

Tomorrow night (Sunday) they are hitting the Los Angeles area to play KROQ's Almost Accoustic X-mas. They are scheduled to go on last, and the entire show will be broadcast on kroq.com. I'll see you guys there- I'll be at the bar because I turned 21 today. w00h00!

(Brian) - Thursday, December 14th 2000 -

Catch Green Day tonight at 10:30pm from "107.7's The End's Deck The Hall Ball" @ www.1077theend.com

Allstar News:

Green Day will be touring Japan in March, according to their Web site (www.greenday.com). The band is currently doing radio station holiday festivals, and will embark on a full-blown U.S. tour behind their Warning LP in Dallas on Jan. 11 with the Get Up Kids opening (allstar, Nov. 27). No word on an opening act for the Japanese tour. Dates are: March 12, Tokyo, Yokohama Arena; March 14, Osaka, Osaka Castle Hall; March 16-17, Sendai, Zepp; March 18, Tokyo, Makuhari Messe; March 21, Nagoya, Aichi-Taikukan; March 22-23, Fukuoka, Zepp; March 25, Tokyo, Zepp. (Pat Berkery)

"HFS-Mas Nutcracker" in Virginia last night and here is the setlist:Nice Guys Finish Last, Castaway, Welcome to Paradise, Longview, Hitchina Ride, Brain Stew/Jaded, 2000 Light Years Away, Knowledge, Basketcase,She, King for a Day, Warning, Minority. Thanks to Peter for that.

Dave sent in these 13 pictures from Dublin from their last European date. Image #1 / Image #2 / Image #3 / Image #4 / Image #5 / Image #6 / Image #7 / Image #8 / Image #9 / Image #10 / Image #11 / Image #12 / Image #13 /

(Brian) - Wednesday, December 13th 2000 -

Australian radio station "MMM" is running a competition offering a trip to the U.S. on January 26th to be a "Green Day News Reporter" for a week. Thanks to Dagwell for writing in.

A local station in London, ON is broadcasting a live Green Day concert from Toronto. It's on FM96 on Sunday, December 17, at 7:00 pm. Thanks to Ryan for letting us know.

In Toronto December 17th, at 10pm, 102.1 FM the edge is going to air 1 hour of the live concert from at The Warehouse. Thanks to Ellie for sending that in.

(Brian) - Tuesday, December 12th 2000 -

There are apparently 2 versions of the new "Warning" single that have been released in Europe:

Version 1 tracks: "Warning", "Scumbag", and "I Don't Want to Know if you are Lonely" (Husker Du cover)

Version 2 tracks: "Warning", "Outsider" (Ramones cover), and "Suffocate".

Listen to samples of "Scumbag", "Outsider", and "I Don't Want To Know if you are Lonely" here:

"Scumbag"- 30 second wav

"Outsider"- 30 second Real Audio clip

"I Don't Want to Know if you are Lonely"- 30 second wav

Thanks to Tristan and The Armatage Shanks Page for the news.

(Brian) - Monday, December 11th 2000 -

Green Day adds new Japan Tour Dates. Look for more soon

March 12- Yokohama, Arena
March 13- Oaska, Zepp
March 14- Osaka, Osaka Castle Hall
March 16- Sendi, Zepp
March 17- Sendi, Zepp
March 18- Tokyo, Makuhari Messe
March 19- Tokyo, Blitz
March 21- Nagoya, Aichi-Tuikukan
March 22- Fukuoka, Zepp
March 23- Fukuoka, Zepp

(Brian) - Sunday, December 10th 2000 -

Ross sent in these cool pictures from the Green Day tour book, that is apparently on sale at the recent concerts.:

Image #1 / Image #2 / Image #3

(Brian) - Saturday, December 9th 2000 -

The Warning single has already been released in Italy and Gaspe was nice enough to send us in a scan of the cover:

Don't miss Green Day performing live on Howard Stern's CBS show tonight, opposite Saturday Night Live.

Happy Birthday goes out to Tre Cool today, best wishes from everyone.

(Brian) - Friday, December 8th 2000 -

Win autographed Green Day stuff! Check out these cool new contests:

GetMusic.com: here.

SoundBreak.com: here.

(Brian) - Thursday, December 7th 2000 -

Hot off the press 2 Brand new articles on your favorite band:

"Green Day Fight Back" @ Chart Attack: Here.

"Dreaming of a Green Day X-mas" @ Rolling Stone: Here.

Green Day Goes Gold: The album is now, after 9 weeks, on 77th place on the Billboard charts and there is that circle which marks "Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certification for sales of 500,000 album units (Gold)."

Thanks to Marko for the news.

(Brian) - Wednesday, December 6th 2000 -

This Saturday on CBS you are not going to want to miss The Howard Stern Show. They are going to air the Green Day live performance that the band did on October 3rd live in the studio. Get your VCR's ready! Thanks to Howard for the heads up.

(Brian) - Tuesday, December 5th 2000 -

New Article with Billie Joe at Guitar Player: Here.

(Brian) - Monday, December 4th 2000 -

Word on the street has it the new Warning single contains 2 brand spankin' new b-side songs:

"Outsider"- a Ramones cover. Click on it to hear a 30 second Real Audio clip.

"Scumbag"- a brand new song. Click on it to hear a 30 second wav clip.

Thanks to BBC1 Radio, greenday.org and Green Day Online for the first one, and Tristan for the second one.

Green Day played live in Italy last night. You can download an mp3 of them playing Macy's Day Parade: here.
Thanks to greendayvideos.com for that and tons of other amazing live videos and songs.

(Brian) - Sunday, December 3rd 2000 -

MTV will start airing "New Year's Eve" Uncensored starting next Saturday (12/9/00) a 60 minute show featuring Green Day.

A compilation of highlights from MTV's New Year's Eve celebrations includes classic concert clips of Nirvana, Limp Bizkit (performing Prince's 1999) and the Beastie Boys. Also: backstage clips of Green Day and 98 Degrees. Host: John Norris.

Thanks to Adam for that.

To view the list of all the air dates as well as any show which will feature Green Day in the near future, click: here.

Green Day's enhanced CD now scheduled to be released December 19th is tentatively titled "Take 2."

BBC1 Radio: GREEN DAY play the Radio 1 Live Lounge during Jo Whiley's show (12-2pm) on Friday Dec 8th.

Thanks to Lee for that bit of news.

(Brian) - Saturday, December 2nd 2000 -

Win Tickets to see Green Day at musictoday.com. Click: here.

The "Warning"- Enhanced CD's release date has been pushed back from December 12th to December 19th.

The new single Warning is being played all across the country. To request it in the Southern California area call KROQ toll free: 1-800-520-1067. If your in the Nothern California area call (800) 696-1053. Check out this cool picture of the radio promo single: here.

A few weeks ago, Green Day played an Edge 102 exclusive gig at The Warehouse in Toronto

Hear it live!

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13th AT 10PM. www.edge102.com

(Brian) - Friday, December 1st 2000 -

- from MSO
"Their new album, WARNING, takes in a wider range of sounds and styles than any of their previous discs...Various songs contain echoes of the Beatles, Kinks, Stones, Who and other timeless rock icons. But every single number is imbued with the glinting melodic sensibilities and deadpan wit that have always been (Billie Joe) Armstrong's stock-in-trade. And at the end of the day, it's Armstrong's unmistakable songwriting style that defines Green Day..."--Alan DiPerna, Guitar World December 2000

<< click here to view more quotes >>

(Brian) - Thursday, November 30th 2000 -

Win an autographed Green Day guitar at samgoody.com Click: here.

Green Day is playing down here in Los Angeles at the KROQ Almost Accoustic X-mas the day after my 21st birthday, December 17th (Sunday). Do I even have to say, WooHoo?

Hugo was nice enough to send in 2 pictures from the show in Lisbon on Monday. Click to view: Image #1 / Image #2

Green Day hits the UK 2001 FHM January Issue. Click on the images for larger versions. Thanks to Bill Coultas for all of the scans.