GreenDay.Net Visits
Minneapolis, MN
July 11th, 2000 at the Vans Warped Tour

GREEN DAY NEWS: I got a chance to ask Mike a question.. I asked him if they were going to play "Warning" at the show. He said, "Nooo... but we might play Napster of Puppets." They never did play either song, but that was cool.
At the Alternative Press booth, they had small little cards with a photo of the Green Day issue on the front and on the back, they had the tour dates, but unfortunately they had posted the old Texas dates. I also got some very sweet backstage photos of the guys, found later on this page.. check 'em out.
Anyone who was standing back by the Green Day van during Papa Roach or Lit's set, e-mail me... and maybe you can identify me, cuz I was there from 4:45pm until they went on Stage.

GREEN DAY SHOW REVIEW: The guys went on at about 6:45p.m., and opened the show with Welcome to Paradise. They then smashed into Hitchin' A Ride, where Billie Joe yelled out to the crowd "What's up Minnea-Minnea-Minnea-Minnea-MinneaPOLIS!?" They finished the strong and then he announced "Oh, I'm Drunk!" (Cheers) Mike responded with "I think that makes three of us." Mike also was wondering where the 5-ft penis that the band threw into the pit to start the show had wondered off to. They then played Geek Stink Breath and Longview, and then hit Brain Stew and Jaded. They then broke into their old school cover of Operation Ivy's "Knowledge," where they called upon a 15 year old dude to assist in guitaring, while Billie Joe concentrated completely on his vocals and stage antics. After the guitarist did a stage dive off the second stage of the Vans Warped tour, they broke into Basket Case, and ended the show with When I Come Around. Tre then, without thinking twice, jumped through his set of drums, smashing the piss out of them, and then poured lighter fluid all over. The set went up in flames, and anyone who missed out missed one hell of a show.
      Billie Joe
      Mike w/ The Guy Who Sold Him His First Gibson Bass
      Mike talking with a small crowd of people.
      Tre behind a large roadie.