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4th Quarter 2000

Happy New Year's Eve, everybody. Remember, the police are here to protect, and to help.. but if you're not 21, STAY THE HELL INSIDE! MTV2 USA has started to air the Warning video, and a friend of the sites will be taping it the next time it's on.

Also, Green Day's in second place, but they're behind Oasis by 20,000 votes... SO, please CLICK HERE and vote WARNING for BBC Radio 1's Best Album Of 2000, because I think we can all agree on who should win. Hint: Not Oasis

This hasn't been confirmed by anyone yet, but since about 300 of you have e-mailed me telling me so, I'll assume it's correct. The Kansas City show will NOT be held at Memorial Hall. It will be at Hale Arena.

A few more of Green Day's tour dates have changed location. The 01/25/01 Madison, WI show has moved to the Alliant Energy Center. For a complete list of accurate locations check out

Also, Oasis is kicking Green Day's ass in the BBC Radio 1 "Best Album Of 2000" votingpoll. Please click here and show 'em who's better. reported that Warning has sold over 500,000 copies. Also, we may soon have a brand spanking new Mike Dirnt section. MDA is in the process of considering to make MDA an official GreenDay.Net affiliate site, which would be great, because it rules. Check out the MDA today at

Merry Christmas Eve, punksters. Well, I can for once say TV's gonna be good this Christmas Break. Here's a run down of Green Day on TV for the next week:

Today on MTV2 - Live Concert @ 10:00 P.M. ET
Tommorow (12/25) on MTV - MTV Uncensored @ 1:00 P.M. ET
Tuesday (12/26) on MTV - MTV Uncensored @ 1:00 P.M. ET
Wednesday (12/27) on Comedy Central - SNL @ 1:00 P.M. ET
Wednesday (12/27) on MTV - MTV Uncensored @ 10:30 P.M. ET
Thursday (12/28) on VH1 - Before They Were Rockstars @ 8:30 A.M. ET
Thursday (12/28) on MTV - MTV Uncensored @ 4:30 P.M. ET and 11:30 P.M. ET
Friday (12/29) on Much Music USA - Much Gets Warped @ 12:00 P.M. ET
Friday (12/29) on USA - @ 11:00 P.M. ET
Saturday (12/30) on Much Music USA - Much Gets Warped @ 1:00 A.M. ET
Saturday (12/30) on MTV - MTV Uncensored at 10:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. ET
Sunday (12/31) on USA - at 12:00 A.M. ET
Monday (12/31) on MTV - MTV Uncensored @ 8:30 A.M. and 2:30 P.M. ET

Green Day's Billie Joe Remembers Humble Christmas with here.

Armstrong told LAUNCH that gifts were hard to come by. "Christmas . . .I kind of stopped getting presents after my father died and stuff, because that's like our main source of income. And my mom was a waitress, so, we just learned to accept -- the rest of my family -- we just learned to accept it," he recalled. "We didn't get extravagant gifts or anything like that, but we never really cared. It was always sort of . . .We just had fun. My family knows how to party, so it was no big deal, you know?" reviewed Green Day at the San Francisco Not So Silent X-mas: here.

Download the "Warning" video from the ENHANCED cd, here: here. Thanks to GDOPIV for that.

In Noise Magazine, published by Kerrang, there's a top 50 punk albums of all time chart. Dookie is No. 2 and Nimrod is No. 35. It also has a big poster of Billie Joe. Thanks to Will for sending that in.

Green Day will be on Farmclub on December 29th and 30th. We aren't able to determineyet if they'll be rerunning the old recording or what, but stay tuned for more information.

Green Day is on the cover of this months Illinois Entertainer. Thanks to Dave for the link: here.

Green Day Bring Down Curtain At KROQ Show: here.

Jason White, of Pinhead Gunpowder and recently 2nd guitar with Green Day wrote into, his other band's website with tour dates. If you are in Northern California check them out! They will be in Oakland tommorrow night.

There's a new interview available in text. Click here to check it out.

The "Warning" Enhanced CD is released today. Check local music stories including Sam Goody which in my area all seem to have it. If you strike out, has it as well.

The CD includes a 20 minute EPK, the "Minority" video, and the "Billie Joe for President" clips. And if that weren't enough, there is also a 64 page booklet filled with new, never-before-released photos documenting the recording of the album. The booklet also features things like reproductions of handwritten lyrics. The album will be available on the 19th of December for $24.98 and will be available in stores everywhere.

The package comes in green plastic wrapping, with the warning logo on the cover. Here is a bad scan of mine: here. As well as the enhanced cd, it also includes the 64 page booklet, seen: here.

"Green Day is perfectly obnoxious" in LA: here.

Green Day rocked a packed house last night at the Universal Amphitheater in Universal City, California. They played all of their big hits, as well as new songs including "Castaway", "Warning", "Minority", and "Macy's Day Parade". The band's page in the KROQ booklet that was handed out, reads as follows:

Favorite album this year: Check Please - The Influents
Band to watch for: Bouncing Souls
Favorite song this year: "Thanks for Nothing" by Dillinger Four
All I Want for Christmas is: Sox
I would like to kiss ___ under the mistletoe: ass
I would most like to tour with: Santa Claus
Favorite movie of this year: Me, Myself, & Irene.
Favorite stocking stuffer: Jeff Striker Penis Pump
Favorite food to eat while on tour: Whisky
Person (besides Jim Carrey) who most resembles The Grinch: Kevin Weatherly

Jason White also played 2nd guitar with Green Day tonight, and his band- "The Influents" are going to be touring soon. Check out and Adeline Records website for more details

Green Day rocked the "Deck the Hall's Ball" on Thursday in Washington and posted these awesome pictures: here.

Tomorrow night (Sunday) they are hitting the Los Angeles area to play KROQ's Almost Accoustic X-mas. They are scheduled to go on last, and the entire show will be broadcast on I'll see you guys there- I'll be at the bar because I turned 21 today. w00h00!

Catch Green Day tonight at 10:30pm from "107.7's The End's Deck The Hall Ball" @

Allstar News:

Green Day will be touring Japan in March, according to their Web site ( The band is currently doing radio station holiday festivals, and will embark on a full-blown U.S. tour behind their Warning LP in Dallas on Jan. 11 with the Get Up Kids opening (allstar, Nov. 27). No word on an opening act for the Japanese tour. Dates are: March 12, Tokyo, Yokohama Arena; March 14, Osaka, Osaka Castle Hall; March 16-17, Sendai, Zepp; March 18, Tokyo, Makuhari Messe; March 21, Nagoya, Aichi-Taikukan; March 22-23, Fukuoka, Zepp; March 25, Tokyo, Zepp. (Pat Berkery)

"HFS-Mas Nutcracker" in Virginia last night and here is the setlist:Nice Guys Finish Last, Castaway, Welcome to Paradise, Longview, Hitchina Ride, Brain Stew/Jaded, 2000 Light Years Away, Knowledge, Basketcase,She, King for a Day, Warning, Minority. Thanks to Peter for that.

Dave sent in these 13 pictures from Dublin from their last European date. Image #1 / Image #2 / Image #3 / Image #4 / Image #5 / Image #6 / Image #7 / Image #8 / Image #9 / Image #10 / Image #11 / Image #12 / Image #13

Australian radio station "MMM" is running a competition offering a trip to the U.S. on January 26th to be a "Green Day News Reporter" for a week. Thanks to Dagwell for writing in.

A local station in London, ON is broadcasting a live Green Day concert from Toronto. It's on FM96 on Sunday, December 17, at 7:00 pm. Thanks to Ryan for letting us know.

In Toronto December 17th, at 10pm, 102.1 FM the edge is going to air 1 hour of the live concert from at The Warehouse. Thanks to Ellie for sending that in.

There are apparently 2 versions of the new "Warning" single that have been released in Europe:

Version 1 tracks: "Warning", "Scumbag", and "I Don't Want to Know if you are Lonely" (Husker Du cover)

Version 2 tracks: "Warning", "Outsider" (Ramones cover), and "Suffocate".

Listen to samples of "Scumbag", "Outsider", and "I Don't Want To Know if you are Lonely" here:

"Scumbag"- 30 second wav

"Outsider"- 30 second Real Audio clip

"I Don't Want to Know if you are Lonely"- 30 second wav

Thanks to Tristan and The Armatage Shanks Page for the news.

Green Day adds new Japan Tour Dates. Look for more soon

March 12- Yokohama, Arena
March 13- Oaska, Zepp
March 14- Osaka, Osaka Castle Hall
March 16- Sendi, Zepp
March 17- Sendi, Zepp
March 18- Tokyo, Makuhari Messe
March 19- Tokyo, Blitz
March 21- Nagoya, Aichi-Tuikukan
March 22- Fukuoka, Zepp
March 23- Fukuoka, Zepp

Ross sent in these cool pictures from the Green Day tour book, that is apparently on sale at the recent concerts.:

Image #1 / Image #2 / Image #3

The Warning single has already been released in Italy and Gaspe was nice enough to send us in a scan of the cover:

Don't miss Green Day performing live on Howard Stern's CBS show tonight, opposite Saturday Night Live.

Happy Birthday goes out to Tre Cool today, best wishes from everyone.

Win autographed Green Day stuff! Check out these cool new contests: here. here.

Hot off the press 2 Brand new articles on your favorite band:

"Green Day Fight Back" @ Chart Attack: Here.

"Dreaming of a Green Day X-mas" @ Rolling Stone: Here.

Green Day Goes Gold: The album is now, after 9 weeks, on 77th place on the Billboard charts and there is that circle which marks "Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certification for sales of 500,000 album units (Gold)."

Thanks to Marko for the news.

This Saturday on CBS you are not going to want to miss The Howard Stern Show. They are going to air the Green Day live performance that the band did on October 3rd live in the studio. Get your VCR's ready! Thanks to Howard for the heads up.

New Article with Billie Joe at Guitar Player: Here.

Word on the street has it the new Warning single contains 2 brand spankin' new b-side songs:

"Outsider" - a Ramones cover. Click on it to hear a 30 second Real Audio clip.

"Scumbag" - a brand new song. Click on it to hear a 30 second wav clip.

Thanks to BBC1 Radio, and Green Day Online for the first one, and Tristan for the second one.

Green Day played live in Italy last night. You can download an mp3 of them playing Macy's Day Parade: here.
Thanks to for that and tons of other amazing live videos and songs.

MTV will start airing "New Year's Eve" Uncensored starting next Saturday (12/9/00) a 60 minute show featuring Green Day.

A compilation of highlights from MTV's New Year's Eve celebrations includes classic concert clips of Nirvana, Limp Bizkit (performing Prince's 1999) and the Beastie Boys. Also: backstage clips of Green Day and 98 Degrees. Host: John Norris.

Thanks to Adam for that.

To view the list of all the air dates as well as any show which will feature Green Day in the near future, click: here.

Green Day's enhanced CD now scheduled to be released December 19th is tentatively titled "Take 2."

BBC1 Radio: GREEN DAY play the Radio 1 Live Lounge during Jo Whiley's show (12-2pm) on Friday Dec 8th.

Thanks to Lee for that bit of news.

Win Tickets to see Green Day at Click: here.

The "Warning"- Enhanced CD's release date has been pushed back from December 12th to December 19th.

The new single Warning is being played all across the country. To request it in the Southern California area call KROQ toll free: 1-800-520-1067. If your in the Nothern California area call (800) 696-1053. Check out this cool picture of the radio promo single: here.

A few weeks ago, Green Day played an Edge 102 exclusive gig at The Warehouse in Toronto

Hear it live!



- from MSO
"Their new album, WARNING, takes in a wider range of sounds and styles than any of their previous discs...Various songs contain echoes of the Beatles, Kinks, Stones, Who and other timeless rock icons. But every single number is imbued with the glinting melodic sensibilities and deadpan wit that have always been (Billie Joe) Armstrong's stock-in-trade. And at the end of the day, it's Armstrong's unmistakable songwriting style that defines Green Day..."--Alan DiPerna, Guitar World December 2000

<< click here to view more quotes >>

Win an autographed Green Day guitar at Click: here.

Green Day is playing down here in Los Angeles at the KROQ Almost Accoustic X-mas the day after my 21st birthday, December 17th (Sunday). Do I even have to say, WooHoo?

Hugo was nice enough to send in 2 pictures from the show in Lisbon on Monday. Click to view: Image #1 / Image #2

Green Day hits the UK 2001 FHM January Issue. Click on the images for larger versions. Thanks to Bill Coultas for all of the scans.

New article at Click: here.

Mike Dirnt tells LAUNCH that, after more than a decade and six albums, the group is "fortunate to still be a band and still be playing music." He adds, "I kinda look at it like we are a band, we've banded together, and we look at it right now as for life. I mean, who knows how long we'll be playing together? But it's been 12 years already, and most my friendships don't last that long. That's more than you can ask for."

New MTV article, which confirms a January release for the new Warning Video. Click: here.

Green Day's publicist tells Allstar news there will be more tour dates to come. Click: here.

Green Day stops in Milan on December 3rd and Danny was nice enough to scan his ticket: here.

Green Day hits Madrid tonight.

Look for Green Day to announce they are joining the KROQ Almost Accoustic X-mas Show in Los Angeles, this Thursday morning on 106.7fm- KROQ. The show will most likely take place mid december. More details on Thursday

US Tour Dates are finalized.

11-Jan Thu Dallas, Texas Bronco Bowl 12-Jan Fri Houston, Texas Aerial
13-Jan Sat Austin, Texas Austin Music Hall
14-Jan Sun New Orleans, Louisiana UNO
15-Jan Mon Pensacola, Florida Bayfront Auditorium
17-Jan Wed Charlotte, North Carolina Hornets Training Facility
18-Jan Thu Knoxville, Tennessee Civic Auditorium
19-Jan Fri Athens, Georgia Classic Center
20-Jan Sat Myrtle Beach, South Carolina House of Blues
22-Jan Mon Grand Rapids, Michigan Deltaplex
23-Jan Tue Dayton, Ohio Hara Arena
24-Jan Wed Milwaukee, Wisconsin Eagles Ballroom
25-Jan Thu Madison, Wisconsin Exposition Hall
26-Jan Fri Kansas City, MO Memorial
27-Jan Sat Tulsa, Oklahoma Brady

The Get Up Kids will be opening for them on all of these dates. is having a Green Day contest where you can win tons of cool stuff. Click: here.

MTV in the UK apparently aired the new video for Warning, and Ross was nice enough to send in 5 screen shots.

Image #1 Image #2 Image #3 Image #4 Image #5

Ross also tells us this about the video:
The video shows a day in the life of "John", a guy who likes to break the rules. He washes his eyes with shampoo, runs with scissors, swims after eating, leaves the gas on, takes candy from strangers, operates machinery after drinking cough syrup, looks at the sun, etc.

The new single WARNING is set to be released December 11th.

More news about the Green Day enhanced CD straight from the Green Day Street Team:

The CD includes a 20 minute EPK, the "Minority" video, and the "Billie Joe for President" clips. And if that weren't enough, there is also a 64 page booklet filled with new, never-before-released photos documenting the recording of the album. The booklet also features things like reproductions of handwritten lyrics. The album will be available on the 12th of December for $24.98 and will be available in stores everywhere. is having a Green Day contest where you can win tons of cool stuff. Click: here.

from Rolling Stone Magazine:

12/7/00 Pop! 100 songs issue)....
#78: Green Day- Longview

Green Day�s first hit single, Longview, turned Bay Area punk into the Next Best Thing, but it wouldn�t have happened without some good old-fashioned hippie inspiration. It took about a year for that song to work itself out, recalls frontman Billie Joe Armstrong. I had two chords, but they sounded like the Pretenders� �Message of Love�. We really needed a walking bass line. At the same time, bassist Makie Dirnt and drummer Tre Cool were living with about seven others in a big crash pad in Richmond, California. One night, I went to a show, Armstrong recalls, and everyone else in the house dropped acid. I came home, and Mike was sitting on the floor like, �Dude, listen! I wrote the bass line!� He played it, and it sounded all right. But all I could think was, �Man, he�s on acid.�

The song�s rumbling bass, raucous, thrashing chorus and Armstrong�s ersatz-Brit delivery ushered the new wave of California punk to the top of the charts, opening the door for acts like Blink-182. The lyrics were born of experience. After we lived in Richmond, I moved back in with my mom for a while, he says. I felt really pathetic. I rented a room from her for, like, 200 bucks. I was just, like, sitting on the couch. All I would do was watch TV, smoke dope and jerk off. I really didn�t care- for a time I was wallowing in my own misery and liking it. The lyrics wrote themselves.

Thans to Alejandra for typing that up for us.

The "Warning" Enhanced CD's release date has been pushed back from December 5th, to December 12th.

Green Day adds first of U.S. tour dates:
Thu 01/11/01 Dallas, TX Bronco Bowl
Fri 01/12/01 Houston, TX Aerial Theatre at Bayou Palace
Sat 01/20/01 Myrtle Beach, SC House Of Blues
Wed 01/24/01 Milwaukee, WI Eagles Ballroom

The new single will be "Warning" scheduled for release in early December and the video was recently filmed in San Francisco. Green Day are playing the "Not So Silent Night" for San Francisco's Live 105 on December 15 along with the Deftones, Disturbed, AFI, and Papa Roach. Thanks to Sarah for sending that in.

The Bouncing Souls will be opening for Green Day on their European dates coming up. Go to our tour page to find out more about those shows. Green Day adds tour date:

Thanks to Amanda Paris, and for these awesome pictures from last weekends San Francisco show. Check out their site for more cool pictures.

It's Green Day re-run heaven.

MTV's "Live Without Warning": Thursday @ 11pm
VH1's "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock" list 10pm and tomorrow @ 9pm.
USA's "" November 17th @ 11:00 PM & November 19th @ 12:00 AM.

Jason White who has been playing 2nd guitar with Green Day lately just released his first album with The Influents on Adeline Records. Check it out at their website now, it's great!

"THE INFLUENTS have a wonderful, cockeyed, fresh sense of melody. Bill and Jason of PINHEAD GUNPOWDER; Greg, formerly of TUNSTIN GAT; and Willie from the late-great RECEIVERS."

Thanks to Sarah for this great shot of Green Day last Sunday in San Francisco:

What is the new Green Day single going to be? That's like asking who the next President of the United States is going to be, no one seems to know. Rumours floating around, from what local radio stations are playing seem to point to "Warning" and "Blood, Sex, and Booze" so stay tuned...

Green Day is confirmed to play 107.7's The End's Deck The Hall Ball Thursday December 14th with Papa Roach, Orgy, Fuel, and Eve 6.

Don't miss Green Day on the Tonight Show tonight! They will be performing "Minority".

HFS presents the HFSmas Nutcracker, December 13th at the Patriot Center...with Green Day.

High Times is giving away Autographed GREEN DAY stuff! Check it out. The proposition that Green Day rallied for last Sunday in San Francisco, an anti-growth measure, passed! read more about it: here. Don't miss Green Day on the Tonight Show tomorrow night!

January 11th-to January 27th, Green Day will be touring with the GET UP KIDS.

Green Day adds tour date: December 4th: Munich, Germany. "Green Day shows Sonic Maturity" @ Toronto Star: here. New Video Interview with Green Day at

it's coming...Warning, Enhanced CD. Limited Edition.

Warning (Enhanced) (Ltd Ed)
Release Date: December 5th.
Mark your calendars..
...more info coming soon...

Green Day's 2nd album, "Kerplunk" is featured on the cover of's Rock Page: here.

Check out these great new pictures from the Brisbane Australia Livid Festival:

click for larger versions:
Image #1 Image #2 Image #3 Image #4 Image #5 Image #6 Image #7 Image #8

Thanks to Lu-Wee Koh for the great scans.

More news about the Special Warning CD, that I posted about earlier:

There's a 64 page booklet with photos and info and the CD's enhanced with an epk and the Vote for Billie Joe for President public service announcement video clips.

"Green Day plays Free Show in San Francisco" @ MTV: here.

Green Day take back San Francisco at Rolling Stone: here.

Green Day is currently on the cover of PULSE! Magazine, which is the free magazine given out at Tower Records. Thanks to everyone who wrote in to let us know about that.

New article from MTV regarding the Sunday concert: here.

It will be broadcast live on Berkeley's KPFA-FM radio.

Happy Halloween everyone!

more info on this Sunday's show in San Francisco:

nov 5 sun GREEN DAY (4:30pm), Victoria Williams, Jello Biafra, Mark Eitzel,spoken word: Sister Spit, John Santos, Lysa Flores,speakers: Kirk Hammett, Tom Ammiano, dj Polywogat Civic Center, S.F. a/a free noon *** @ info [email protected](take back San Francisco - anti-gentrification celebration)Preceding the show will be a Million Band March beginningat Valencia and 18th Street, ending at the Civic Center

from THE LIST.

You can get your "Minority" Video props here. The auction is selling one of the styrofoam fists from the float, a hand with fingers broken off, and two of the lights off the float.

Rumour has it Green Day will be back in Australia June/July of 2001. Apparently the band told the crowd that, at some of their latest shows.

New Review of the Green Day gig at Kings College, from the November 'Rock Sound.

Give or take Nirvana, Green Day are the best three-piece band to come out of America since the Stray Cats. Okay, now I�ve got your attention, I can rave about this riot of a small London gig arranged at short notice to vibe up fans and Radio One Evening Session listeners about �Warning� the group�s fourth release from Warner Brothers. Actually, my opening statement is not that far-fetched. Green Day open with a blistering �Welcome to Paradise� but, as they settle into the swagger of �Hitchin� a Ride�, Stray Cat Strut does indeed spring to mind while Billie Joe Armstrong�s honest lyrics (�Church on Sunday�, �Misery�) convey some of the frustrations but none of the despair of Kurt Cobain�s. With his hair dyed black, his skinny tie and his red shirt, Billie Joe Armstrong is the little kid who came good, who reveres The Jam and Stiff Little Fingers and still sings in an English accent when so many Brits are busy aping the Yanks. Watching him, it�s comforting to know that there�s a corner of California that will forever be Anarchy In The UK. In fact, as if to prove my point, he soon throws out what set list there is and asks the audience: What cover song do you wanna hear? I jokingly tell a friend �Dancing with Myself� and, when the band launch into the driving intro of the �Gen X/Billy Idol� classic, I do a double take. I have no idea how I came to make that educated guess and the serendipity makes their heady rendition all the more enjoyable, especially when Armstrong admits: We only do this when we�ve been drinking a lot. Later, when the diminutive frontman teases the invited audience about a Sex Pistols song, I hope for my favourite �Holidays in the Sun� and get my wish. Telepathy or what? Green Day may be a bunch of goofy bastards but they�re tight as hell too even when they invite three fans to replace them one by one, thus proving that anyone can do this. Rancid, The Offspring and Blink 182 do this too but nowhere near as well as Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool, the true heirs to The Ramones spirit (yes I know, punk has ping-ponged back and forth across the Atlantic). At the time of �Dookie�, some critics dismissed Green Day as a cartoon act. They ate their words when �Basket Case� tapped into the teenage psyche with �Blood, Sex and Booze� now likely to do the same. Now, odd influences creep in like the Bob Dylan-style harmonica on �Hold On� and the title track of their new album sounds uncannily like Joe Jackson 20 years ago. In fact �Minority�, the singalong single, is the worst track they play tonight. Last encore is �When I Come Around�. Billie Joe sees the contents of a pint glass flying towards him, shuts his eyes, gets drenched and smiles gleefully without missing a cue. Puck rock indeed!

Thanks to Lona for that

ATTENTION SAN FRANCISCO AND BAY AREA FANS!! Green Day will be playing a FREE show at the Civic Center Plaza on Sunday November 5th. they go on at 4:30, but there will be other bands and a rally earlier in the day. It's in support of finding a new affordable rehearsal space for Bay Area muscians

Our deepest sympathies, and hopes of get well go out to Petra Haden, who of course played violin on NIMROD, as well as with That Dog, who was recently injured after being hit by a car.

It appears the new radio single is going to be "Blood, Sex, and Booze" It has been played on several radio stations now including KROQ.

Green Day: Songs Mike Likes
Uplister's Jaan Uhelszki Interviews "DJ" Mike Dirnt
Mike Dirnt, the usually understated bassist of Green Day, really comes alive when he deejays. Whether it's at parties he throws at his equally understated home in Oakland, CA (no, none of the members of the Berkeley punk trio lives in Berkeley anymore) or at informal bashes thrown by his friends, his strategy stays the same: play something on 45 from each decade, beginning with the 1920's. His first order of business is to slap Benny Goodman's "Blue Skies" and "Swing Into Spring" on the turntables, working himself up to the brink of the '90s. He usually only plays a single punk rock record. But then again bass players are never, ever obvious...

Uplister: Why do you only play 45's?
Mike Dirnt: Because the B-sides are so interesting and I like to bring a really varied collection without breaking my back. Actually, it started off when I wanted to get a jukebox, and I ended up skipping the jukebox, and buying two turntables, because I wanted to play one song after another. Then I realized, God, this is great and I'm really enjoying it, so why don't I just skip the jukebox until I can put them all on CD and then save my records for deejaying.

Uplister: Is that what you've been doing-- putting them on CD and bringing them that way?
MD: Not yet. But I'm getting ready for it.

Uplister: And how many 45's do you have in all?
MD: About 1,000.

Uplister: Do you go to the flea markets and look there, too?
MD: I do, and I got about 40 of them the other day, at the Oakland Flea Market--the Laney Flea Market.

Uplister: Where do you buy most of them?
MD: [The] Salvation Army-- you know, most record stores have a box of 45's in the back that they're not doing anything with, and they'll let you have them for 50 cents to a buck for each one.

Uplister: Why do you like Ike and Tina's "Shake a Tail Feather"?
MD: I try to kick it up [as I] move it closer to the tempo of the 70's. Here's my quote, too: "When it doubt with the flow, leave a few seconds in between songs."

Uplister: Why?
MD: You need time to acclimate. You can't throw a monkey wrench in the beat. People's minds take a minute to come off of one beat, I think. And it's anticipation, because I play songs. I'm not just going from jam to jam to jam. It's fucking hard to blend shit. You adjust the tempo with the beat and then you go into the next one. Granted, what they can do with their turntables is really great, but I like to play songs.

Uplister: Do you take both your turntables with you?
MD: Yeah, I bring both turntables. Because I do go from record to record. I go by blending the beat. These are records I like to play but this is nowhere near a set list. Far from it.

Uplister: Being a bass player, do you gravitate to songs with a great bass line?
MD: �[Songs] with a great groove� Like, something with a good pocket. How about Disco Duck, Rick Dees and His Cast Of Idiots, 1976.

Uplister: Do people dance when you deejay?
MD: Once we move up the line. You got to work people in to wanting to dance. Now, in a seven-hour period, I'll probably play one hundred and twenty-five 45's. So this is nowhere near what the flow is.

Back to Mike's Playlist? Click here.

To celebrate the release of Green Day's new album, Warning, is giving away the ultimate Green Day fan fantasy -- tickets to catch Billie Joe, Mike, and Tre Cool LIVE. The fantasy part? You get to hang out ONSTAGE and watch the show. Yep, you and two friends this close to a sweaty, singing Billie Joe, making fun of the poor slobs getting hosed in the front mosh pit. Suckas! Click here to enter.

Green Day will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno performing Friday, November 10th. (NBC)

Rumour has it, the new single will either be "Blood, Sex, and Booze" or "Waiting". Different radio stations appear to be playing one or the other. Stay Tuned.

Green Day Highlight Australia's Livid Festival

Green Day was a simple joy that was at times assisted by brass. With the release of the Warning album the band can now boast some truly great songs that are closer to the Who than the mohawk. But that didn't stop a cocky comb-headed fan being dragged out of the crowd to play guitar at one point. The set's closer was very much in Daltrey, Townshend, Moon, and Entwistle mode with a full smash-it-up routine that ended up with Tre Cool's drums getting a fuel-assisted toasting.

Green Day was on the cover of the pink pages of the San Francisco Chronicle. Thanks to Marisa for these scans:
Image #1 Image #2 Image #3

The guys will be on MAD TV, with a live performance November 18th at 11pm. Don't miss it!

Green Day in the new Guitar World. Thanks to Anthony for the scans:

(click on image for article)

Adeline Records just updated their site with ordering info for the "Minority" single on vinyl.

1. Minority
2. Jackass
3. Brat (unreleased live version)
4. 86 (unreleased live version)

Adeline is also releasing the debut album from "The Influents". For those of you who don't know who they are, they feature Jason White of Pinhead Gunpowder, and maybe you've seen him playing 2nd guitar with Green Day lately. Anyway, they are great so defintely check them out at Adeline's website here.

Lots of updates for a Sunday. Thanks to Ricki for sending in these _recent_ photos of the band from Australia where they currently are. These are from the Livid Festival.
Image #1 Image #2 Image #3

Green Day will visit MuchMusic on Nov. 2, where they will perform live and answer questions from fans via phone, fax and e-mail, the Canadian music channel announced. Go here for more info: here.

Warning: Green Day Takes Over Sydney Harbor: here.

Mike and the band mentioned this site, 409 Online in the real audio interview at MTV: here.

Great new review, and Flash Animation from shock comics. Thanks to aD for the link: here.

Here is a scan from the cover of the French Magazine we posted about yesterday. Look for more from Phil soon: here.

Free Tickets to the Edge Presentation of Green Day - Every Hour For Ten Day

Toronto: Listen for the Free Ticket Wicket - and call 416-870-EDGE to win.
Click here for appearance info.

Request Magazine, the bi-monthly mailing for Replay members from On Cue/Sam Goody/Music Land, had this review:

Green Day

With Blink 182 now carrying the flag for angels-with-dirty-faces punk, there's only one thing Green Day can do: Grow up and prove that maturity doesn't have to translate into tedium. Warning doesn't have quite the assaulting crunch of the Bay Area band's past efforts-but it certainly does kick with ample instrumental aggression. The difference is that the arrangements, particularly on the harmonica-laden "Hold On" and the jaunty "Castaway"-are more richly textured than on previous recordings. The requisite plugged-in power chords are now either balanced with layers of acoustic strumming or with nimble lead riffs, while the rhythm lines are notably more intricate.
More radical, however, is the fact that Billie Joe Armstrong and pals have seriously thrown open the emotional floodgates. The band's decidedly non-punk effort, the elegant "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)", was clearly a primer for the thoughtful, often vounerable words that fill Warning. Lyrically pensive tunes like "Macy's Day Parade" and "Church on Sunday" have enough
backbone to keep them from getting sruck wallowing in sentimental dross.


New article at A Green Day comic book in the works?: here.Thanks to Dave for sending it in.

Here is some news to take your mind off the breakup of "Rage Against the Machine". Green Day moved from #11, to #5! on the UK album sales chart: here.

Phil writes in and tells us there is a big article, and picture of Green Day on the cover of the French Magazine "Rock-Sound" Special Punk Rock, which he should have scanned soon.

Check out the chat with Mike and Tre from last night @ here.

Green Day was apparently made into a comic at MAD MAGAZINE: here.Thanks to Alex for sending it in.

new review from last night:
Green Day Rock on in Sydney (10/19/00) -Paul

Green Day played an awesome gig last night in Sydney to a packed out Hordern Pavilion. The set list goes something like this in no particular order: Disappearing Boy, Going to Pasalacqua, Knowledge, Christie road, Welcome to paradise, Longview, Basket case, She, When I Come around, F.O.D., Geek stink Breath, Jaded, Brain Stew, Hitchin A Ride, Platypus (i hate you), King for a day, Scattered, Time of your Life, Minority, Castaway, Church on Sunday and Waiting. In addition Green Day played a minute or two of Sweet Home Alabama. The whole set lasted for an hour and 45 minutes during which a fan from the audience got to play Platypus (i hate you) and Billie Joe had half the crowd Screaming fuck you, and the other half screaming back, Go fuck your Mums. For the finale, Tre Cool, after smashing his drum kit with a Little help from mike d, climbed on top of a speaker 2 metres high, and threw his drum down. All in all, a kick ass concert.

Do not miss the live Green Day chat in Real Audio today at 9pm ET at here.

The Saturday Night Live episode with Green Day performing will re-air on Comedy Central on October 31st at midnight.

Green Day in the new Kerrang. Thanks to Anthony for the scans:

(click on image for article)

Green Day will be on Channel 4 in England on Wednesday 18th: here. Thanks to Guy for the info.

The Toronto show (11/3) has sold out.

Reprise Records has a new home page layout: here.

Lamstock was cool enough to send us in this cartoon of Green Day from the new Kerrang Magazine: here.

"Gabbing with Green Day's Billie Joe" (November: Teen People):

Teen People: The songs on your new CD, Warning [in stores October 3rd], are more positive than usual. Why?

Billie Joe: The older I get, the more I try to make my anger have a direction instead of just sort of wallowing in it. Anger seems to age you. You become bitter....You have to think about your politics and the world and try to challenge people as far as what they want to listen to. You can't keep writing the same song over and over again. Lyrically, I think there's a lot more said on this album then there has been in the past.

TP: Why did Green Day choose this past summer's Warped Tour to commence it's return to the limelight?

BJ: We've always wanted to do Warped, but the timing was wrong. This time, we hadn't toured in a couple of years and it was
the perfect platform for us to come out and start playing. We've had a great response. People have been going crazy.

TP: You guys are pranksters-any fun

BJ: Tre [Cool, Green Day's drummer] put meat in the walls when we left. I guess they had a band in there [after us], and they left because the smell was so bad. No one found it for two months.

Big Thanks to Tara for typing that up.

As you probably saw at the top of the page we have a winner for the Logo Contest. The 10 Runner's Up are- The flash graphic, #2, #3, #8, #29, #34, #39, #41, #43, #45. The Grand Prize winner's logo is at the top of the page. Congratulations, and look for a brand new contest coming soon. To see the other entries click : here.

What's up, punksters? Just want to let all of you knowthat Brian will be in charge of all the updates and important stuff from Friday morning until Sunday night thisweekend, so don't e-mail me any pressing info. Also, anyone who lives near Brookings, SD, who would like to meetme... Actually, I want to meet you, but when I say that, it makes me sound important.. should e-mail me [email protected] so we can "hook up." Me and a friend will be down at the Fairfield Inn this weekend on a "vacation" and I'd love to meet a few of you. So, e-mail me.

Also, Netscape users experienced troubles with the contest page the last few days because I'm an idiot.Changes have been made, and now everyone should be able to see the page. Thanks to everyone who enteredthe logo contest.. now, enter the Warning one too!!

I don't know that we've even updated on this yet.. but I got a reallygood description of what actually went on at the Boston show/signing a few weeks ago where Tre` sliced openhis hand. Thanks to Caitlyn for this review, and "411" on the show:

"...they played Blood, Sex, and Booze last, but when it finished, Tre` ran out of the room and Nik Carter (BCN dj) didn't realize it and was still asking questions until Billie was like "Yeah, um, Tre` just went to the hospital, soo, we have to get going." Apparently (from what I heard), Tre` was playing Blood, Sex, and Booze and the cymbal started to fall or something and the roadie pushed it back. As he grabbed for it and he cut that webby part of your hand in between your fingers. He went to the hospital and got 5 stitches I think, and that's probably why they were late for the signing, but Tre` did come back to sign, but it was the hand he writes with so he was in pain all night..."

Thanks, Caitlyn for that info.

I'm also going to be organizing all of our press releases and interviews todayor tommorow, so that you don't have to search through pages and pages of newsto find what you want. I've also got a lot of fan stuff, like reviews, tabs,and stuff the last few weeks, which I've decided would be cool to post, soI'm gonna do that before week's end as well.

Many people are e-mailing me about ticket information. The only ticket info Ihave is for those of you attending the UK Shows between December 7th and 10th.You can get tickets for those shows at Anyone with other ticket information,please e-mail me immediately at [email protected] so that I can assist other fans.

Also, Green Day was on Sensless Acts of video on October 7th. Senseless Acts wastrying to recreate the Piano Scene from Walking Contradiction, and the band wasinterviewed regarding the stunt. Watch MTV for reruns of the show.

That's all for now.. catch'y'all later.

Click to see the Semi-Finalists for the Reprise Logo Contest: here.

Green Day is #3 on Billboard's INTERNET Sales tanking: here.

If you missed Green Day on MTV last night, you can catch the re-broadcasts at these times:

Monday Oct. 16th @ 1:00 AM
Thursday Oct. 19th @ 12:30 AM

The video for "Minority" beat out Whitney Houston and Matchbox Twenty on NBC's Friday Night Video this week: here.

New Green Day review in Jane Magazine. Thanks to Erica for typing it up:

Rating: "on the right track" (a little road sign that says "pass with care")

GREEN DAY- Warning

You put this melodic pop-punk CD in your walkman, then step outside andstart roaming the streets. You notice a dog pissing near a tree, a laughingbaby on someone's shoulders, that Wendy's is hiring. Then you get an icecream cone and something dumb happens, like it falls on your shirt. But allyou can do is smile and think, "Damn, it's sunny outside. Nice."
-Sephanie Trong

Thanks to everyone who sent in a logo for our logo contest. I literally got thousands of them, and they were all great. I am going to a post a bunch of them tomorrow, and some winners and lots of runners up will be announced Tuesday.

Green Day in Metal Hammer Magazine, in which the interviewer mentions *THIS* website!: here. Thanks to Dave for sending the scans in.

Green Day is in the latest issue of Guitar World (Dec. 2000). In fact,Billie Joe is on the cover and their is a pretty good interview and poster inside.- Blake quotes our site:

"420 in Your Mouth"

Green Day skinsman Tre Cool digs watching Rolling Stone Charlie Watts drum. "It looks like he just took a big hit of pot and he's holding it all in," says Cool. "At the end of the set, he opens his mouth . . . no smoke comes out." Watch a recent GD gig on MTV Saturday at 10 p.m. EDT.409 Online

Get your VCR's ready, because Green Day is all over the TV today:
10:00 pm. ET - MTV Green Day Concert Special. (to re air 10/16 1am. ET and 10/19 12:30 am ET)
11:00 pm. ET - USA Re-broadcast. gives warning 4.5/5 stars. great review: here.
thanks to matte for sending that in

Amber writes in and tells us, that the new KERRANG mentions Tre Cool and his wife expecting a new baby soon. Congratulations!

New Interview at Virgin Records: here.

Staring out the window of his hotel room in Hollywood's "for the stars" Chateau Marmont on Sunset Blvd., Tre Cool of Green Day spots a familiar face and responds in casual laughter, "There's Keanu Reeves. He lives here ... See, there he is peeling out."

Only 2 more days to Join the Green Day Street Team, to be entered in our contest: here. Winners will be announced on Tuesday.

Farm Club to re-air performance of Green Day this Saturday night/Sunday morning at 1 AM. for more details.

New pictures and video from the Seattle Show: here.

Thanks to Jennifer for that news.

New Article at here.

Anybody who didn't get to see the concert in Boston can watch it on MTV. 10:00 PM this Saturday October 14th and 11:00 PM Sunday October 15th. It's called "Green Day Warning LIVE".-

It's Green Day week at MTV2: here.

Elsewhere in the top 10, Green Day bowed at No. 4 as ''Warning,'' the pop-punk trio's fourth release for Reprise Records, sold about 155,500 copies.Reprise president Howie Klein said sales were helped by MTV exposure and by the No. 1 performance of first single ''Minority'' on the alternative radio airplay charts. Top 40 stations, which favor middle-of-the-road music, also are taking an interest in the song, he added.``In the case of a band like Green Day, nothing is going to help more than the band going out and playing,'' Klein said.Green Day is on its way to Australia to play some dates and will then head to Europe. Klein said the bulk of its U.S. touring would take place early next year.The debut for ``Warning'' was better than that for 1997's ''Nimrod'' (No. 10 with first-week sales of 82,000 copies), but below 1995's ``Insomniac'' (No. 2 with 171,500 units sold).

Updates, updates, and more updates! I've updated the following sections of the page.. Chart Progressions and The Picture Archive. In addition, I've added a tour date and eventspage, since the "Warning Page" was more for pre-album stuff. You can access itby clicking here. There'll be a "Touring"button on the side bar by the end of the day to use to access the pageas well. I'll also be unveiling contest information tonight, probably late,with the new sponsored contest, with over30 prizes! 'Til then.

New Interview with Billie Joe at Harmony Central: here

Tickets are going on sale!!

Tickets for the EDGE 102 show in Toronto at The Warehouse go on sale this Saturday October 14th. Get 'em before they're gone!

New Green Day Interview at Hip Online: here

New Green Day Interview at here

New Green Day Interview at Wall of Sound: here

New Green Day Interview at NY Rock: here

Green Day adds tour date, November 3rd in Toronto.


We are giving everyone a 2nd chance to win lots of cool prizes. Yesterday we posted about a design-a-logo contest. We want everyone, even you less graphic snazzy people to have a chance to get cool Green Day stuff. From now until Sunday, people who join the Green Day Street Team, which sends out fabulous news every week, often more then once a week will be entered to randomly win t-shirts, stickers, posters, and Warning Police tape. Just click here to join. . Just find the image that says "Click Here" to join. People who join will be randomly selected on Sunday and posted on the site. Good Luck!

Green Day adds more tour dates:

18-Oct Wed Sydney Hordon Pavillon
19-Oct Thu Sydney Goat Island
20-Oct Fri Melbourne Festival Hall
21-Oct Sat Brisbane Livid Festival
22-Oct Sun Perth Perth Festival
27-Nov Mon Lisbon Lisbon Colleseum
28-Nov Tue Madrid Madrid La Riviera
29-Nov Wed Barcelona Barcelona Pavellon de la Vall d'herbron
01-Dec Fri Rome Rome Palaghiaccio
02-Dec Sat Florence Florence Palasport
03-Dec Sun Milan Milan Palavobs
05-Dec Tue Cologne Cologne Palladium
07-Dec Thu Manchester Manchester Arena
08-Dec Fri London Wembley Arena
09-Dec Sat Nottingham Nottingham Arena
10-Dec Sun Glasgow Glasgow SECC
11-Dec Mon Dublin Dublin Point

Green Day is number 4 on the billboard chart this week selling 155,000 albums.

You may have caught Green Day playing "Minority" and "Nice Guys Finish Last" last night on's TV show, but check out their website to see the other 3 songs they played in the studio, plus tons of new pictures: here

Green Day Interview in MEAN STREET is now in: here

Green Day chatted on AOL's live forum yesterday, and we have it saved. Click: here


Ok, so here is the deal. Look at this picture: here. The wonderful folks over at Reprise Records sent me a ton of posters, carboard promos, stickers, t-shirts, and police tape (that says warning all over it) to give to you, our loyal fans. There will be a *lot* of winners for this contest, because frankly they gave us a ton of stuff. If you want to win, we are having our first "Design-a-logo" Contest. Do you see the picture at the top of this site of the guys, that says "" and "409 Online"? All you have to do, is make some sort of new image for that spot on the site. Take a picture from of the guys thats on the net, or design something totally different. The GRAND PRIZE Winner, will not only win stickers, posters, t-shirts, police tape, and other promo stuff, but will have their image placed at the top of the site. Several runners-up will just win prizes. You have until this Sunday to e-mail your images to me at [email protected]. Monday all of them will be posted, and Tuesday the winners will be announced. Good Luck, and happy designing!

*LIVE GREEN DAY CHAT* Want to talk to the boys in Green Day? Tonight is your chance. If you have AOL, go to keyword: greenday and they will be doing a live chat tonight (Monday) at 9:30 Eastern time, that's 6:30pm if you're on the west coast like me. see you there!

Brand new Article, "Green Day Hits the Road": here



Eagle-eyed Green Day members noticed some details during last week's presidential debate that likely passed the casual observer by. "I thought [Al] Gore had a lot of blush on and he kind of looked like a drag queen," says bassist Mike Dirnt. "He reminded me of my Aunt Sue," adds drummer Tre Cool.

Thanks to Sophie for sending in these great pics from MTV Europe this weekend:

from Rigor regarding the Green Day tribute video at

There are 2 seconds where it scrolls down a piece of paper with the new song titles on it scribbled by someone. I went back and froze each frame, and sure enough, you find out there were at least 3 out takes from the new album.

It's at 1:16 and 1:17, with the second frame being the good one.

The first 2 out takes are titled "Waste Away" and "Sleepy Head", but I can not make out the last one. Looks to me like it starts with a "C". Oh, also, if you look, it appears the original title for "Waiting" was "Waiting A Long Time."

Green Day reached #6 today on's sales ranking.

Don't miss the television show tonight on USA which will feature the band playing a 5 song set including 2 new songs, Warning, and Blood Sex, and Booze.

Reprise has a new Green Day intro page off of which you can see here.

If you want to get the new Green Day album in Vinyl, Generation Records in New York has it. Jen and I found it, and were excited to see it was GREEN VINYL. You can also order it from here.

T-Shirts and stickers from our last contest will all be sent out this week, and stay tuned for me to post the new contest for all sorts of rad promo stuff that Reprise Records sent us.

Green Day adds more tour dates:

Manchester - M.E.N Arena - 7th Dec
London - Wembley Arena - 8th Dec
Nottingham - Nottingham Arena - 9th Dec
Glasgow - S.E.C.C - 10th Dec

Oakland's Green Day gives fans their say:here

Green Day Gets Political, Sizes Up Presidential Debate:here

Green Day Maintain Irreverent Attitude In Free Show:here

Green Day Plays "Request Hour" in New York:here

Green With EnvyGreen Day's Billie Joe Armstrong wishes they had chosen a different name for the band. "I think we have the worst name in rock," says the frontman. "Even the Offspring have a better name than us." Drummer Tre Cool concurs: "I wish we were called something like Blood or Spikes or something punk."

Greetings from New York. The Roseland show was amazing. Green Day played a bunch of new songs from Warning.

The set list included:Minority, Church on Sunday, Hitchin a Ride, Nice Guys Finish Last, Longview, Castaway, Disappearing Boy, Sweet Home Alabama, Only of you, Christie Road, 86, All By Myself, Dominated Love Slave, Who Wrote Holden Caufield, 409 in your Coffee Maker, Brat, Dancin with Myself, Blitzkrieg Bop, Basket Case, She, Scattered, Blood Sex & Booze, Warning, Waiting, When I Come Around.

They played for over two hours. After the show I talked to the band and they were great. I also saw them at TRL earlier in the day.

Special thanks to Corrie and Electric Artists for an amazing time. If you haven't already joined the Green Day Street Team click: here to join.

Rolling Stone Daily Mailing List: 10/4

Green Day Grow Up On Warning

On "Warning," GREEN DAY's sixth studio album (which hit stores yesterday), the veteran Bay Area punk band have sharpened their pop hooks and traded their trademark apathetic sarcasm for considerably more serious -- and occasionally even political -- themes. The band chalks it up to maturity. "I think our antics sort of get in the way of what people think," frontman BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG told Rolling Stone. "And when you start getting into your politics, you have to be vulnerable and sort of sensitive, because if it's always like straight aggression, there becomes no empathy for the stance that you're taking."

Rolling Stone Daily Mailing List: 10/5

Artist of the day: Green Day

"Warning" may be the punk band's most serious record to date but they reveal their lighter side to

The new album "Warning" is #15 on's sales ranking.

LIVE GREEN DAY WEBCAST TONIGHT! - Hey, everyone. Hope everyone caught Green Day on TRL today. We'll hopefully have some video or audio or somethin from the show for you lateron this week from the show. I want to remind everyone, if you don't already know, that thefree show in New York tonight will be webcast on the internet. You may watch it by clicking here.So check it out. Also, that contest stuff I posted a week or so ago will begin on Saturdayof this week, so check it out!

The new album "Warning" is now in stores!

Green Day will be on Howard Stern's radio show this morning. Here in Los Angeles it's 97.1 FM.

Watch CBS tonight, for Green Day performing on David Letterman.

The contest for the new stuff I posted about yesterday hasn't started, but stay tuned.

Live version of "Blood, Sex, and Booze" here from the MTV First Listen. MTV will re-air it today at noon. Click:here. Thanks to Ricky for recording it for us.

I'm hitchin' a ride to NY, so my next update will be from the Big Apple. Happy CD shopping today everyone.

Look for a brand new contest coming soon. The fabulous Reprise Records just sent me another huge box full of stuff to give away here.

See those stacks of stickers? There are literally hundreds of sheets of them. I may have a bunch of you send in a self addressed stamped envelope, and try to give them away to as many people as possible. We'll see.

New article at
Thanks to Chad for sending that in. added some new videos to their Video Page today, including a tribute to the band, and the video for *WARNING*

Live concert on MTV from 8:00-9:00pm on Wednesday, October 4th, from Roseland.

Billie Joe in teen people: here. Thanks to Beckie for that.

Don't miss Green Day on Howard Stern tomorrow morning.

Don't miss Green Day on Letterman tomorrow night.

Mike and Tre are doing a LIVE AOL chat October 9th. Don't miss it!

The new album comes out tomorrow, October 3rd. Why wait? Most Tower Records are open till midnight. Get it tonight!

I'll be in New York most of this week, but I will do my best to keep the site updated as often as possible from the road.

Sophie was nice enough to send us in pictures from Top of the Pops:

click for larger versions:
Image #1 Image #2 Image #3 Image #4 Image #5 Image #6 Image #7 Image #8 Image #9 Image #10 Image #11 Image #12 Image #13 Image #14 Image #15

X-fest 2000 last night in Noblesville, IN.
set list:
Minority, Nice Guys Finish Last, Longview, Welcome to Paradise, Hitchin' A Ride, Brainstew, Jaded, Knowledge, Basket case, She, King for a Day, When I Come Around, Scattered, Good Riddance

Thanks to Rylo for that

The new album "Warning" is #15 on's sales ranking.

New Interview at, find out what celebrities are big Green Day fans:

Thanks to Tony for letting us know. has a new Green Day Warning poster as one of their "Hot Items"

Entertainment Weekly: 10/6

Older--and maybe even a little wiser--Green Day blast back with another volume of spunk rock

Green Day have always defied the odds. Who'd have thought, for instance, that their 1994 major label debut, Dookie, with its short-and-sour, punk inspired guitar attacks, would go multiplatinum, much less win these assiduous brats a Grammy? Or that six years later, with Warning, guitarist/complainer Billie Joe Armstrong, pushing 30, would manage to remain entertainingly adolescent while allowing for a few lifestyle modifications? Where on Dookies he said, "I'm not growing up, I'm just burning out," Warning's "Church on Sunday" has him acknowledging that he's not getting any younger, and asking "If I promise to go to church with you on Sunday/Will you go with me on Friday night," wrapping it all up with the startling declaration "If you live with me, I'll die for you and this compromise." He surrounds these piquant sentiments with music as peppy as any Green Day have recorded, allowing a way to grow up without losing much in the way of spunk or sass.

The band's musical range has also broadened a bit. You'd expect a Green Day song called "Misery" to be a whining rant; instead, it's set to a waltz beat complete with sung-spoken lyric that's probably Billie Joe's idea of a Brecht-Weill pop operetta. Too bad this clever idea goes on too long: five-minutes plus--an epic by Green Day Standards. Still, the boys are capable of revving up their patented heedless hedonism, encapsulated neatly--and gloriously--on "Blood, Sex, and Booze," whose choral guitar thrash is deeply satisfying. These days, Green Day sing about troubled consciences ("Hold On") and political apathy (the title tune), and have the sense to give a song with the lyric "loving you must be like suicide" the title "Jack Ass." After selling millions, Armstrong nevertheless professes, "I wanna be the Minority," and he remains enough of a juvenile twit to make that manifesto seem both heartfelt and convincing. B+

Thanks to Melinda for typing that up. Main Page