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2nd Quarter 2000

New Warped Tour article here: Calendar Live. Thanks to Anthony from for that.

Nothing much else... just the link to the 409 Records page.. Some news about the new compilation is posted there; go check it out. That is all.

Green Day rocked the house tonight at around 7 p.m. in Anaheim, in the parking lot of the Pond where the Anaheim Ducks play. I got there around 4, and NOFX was playing. Then I think came the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, a few more crappy bands, then Weezer, MxPx, and finally Green Day. Before they came on stage, Billie was having fun walking by the door of the trailer, and the crowd was just fucking loving it. He had a big grin on his face it was great. Mike came down out of the trailer for a few minutes, and took some pictures with some fans, and signed some autographs. They hit the stage, and played the same songs as the other shows, nothing new. They opened with Welcome to Paradise, and closed with When I come around, and a bunch of flames. The only other thing interesting that I can tell you was, the Green Day booth that they had set up, was full of brand new t-shirts that I hadn't seen before even at Cinderblock. They had new logos with the highway construction sign for "warning" on them, and some other new ones with funky designs, so make sure to bring lots of cash to the show near you - Bri


I got word that the first single for the new album, will in fact be "Warning" and it will be out September 18th. Less then a month before the October 3rd album release date.

Also if you wanted to go to the NY Randall's Island Warped Tour date, but couldn't get tickets, hurry and e-mail Jessica, because she has 2 extra tickets.

Green Day and the other bands on the Van's Warped Tour have pushed their Las Vegas date back from today, until August 7th. The next date is tomorrow in Ventura.

Green Day to join Beastie Boys and  Rage Against the Machine on Tour? Click: here to read more.

Check out these cool show reviews from the Warped Tour: / /

"This year's big draw is Green Day, the kings of the sweeter side to angst, and lead vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong got the crowd singing along to "When I Come Around" and "Brain Stew/Jaded" with the very first words. As expected, the popular trio was the apex of the all-day event as thousands gathered to be a part of it all. One lucky audience member named Steven joined them on guitar for a song before performing his first stage dive into the eager crowd. "

- New Review: here

- New article about Mike's other band, The Frustrators at Rolling Stone: Here

- New Review of Warped Tour: Here

Hey, everyone.. Broc, your "hidden" webmaster here. I've done a few things with the site. First of all, there's a new chatroom with more features and stuff up now. Check it out here.

Secondly, somethin' beneficial to underground our underground punkrockers. GreenDay.Net, in affiliation with 409 Records, is putting together a compilation of as many underground, or not so underground, punk bands as possible on one CD. If you're interested in this, which I hope you are, mail [email protected] and say "Hey, we want to be on the compilation!" From there, we'll let you know where to send your song and stuff. If you have the capabilities to record, that's cool, and it'll be a very easy process. If not, you have the option to come to 409 Records Studio in Jamestown, ND to record, which is a long drive for most punk bands. Your song can be live or studio recorded; whichever is cool. I plan to have the compilation organized and ready for print in three weeks, so please reply fast! I'll post the URL to 409 Records tommorow; I can't as of right now.

Also, everyone should give Brian a good "you kick ass," since he's been doing an excellent job here on the site, following Warped and all. I'm going to the Minneapolis show, so anyone who would be interested in "hangin' out," e-mail me. And finally, the live archive.. I'm still working on it. I'm looking for a host that will allow me to post live Green Day MP3s, and also will be talking with the owners of this site to see if they'll allow it.. I have around 100 Live Green Day MP3s ready to go, so we'll see what happens.
That's all for now.

Another early Green Day song, which was never released has finally hit the net. Thanks to Luis Gomez for sending this one into us. It's apparently from the "1,039" days when Al Sobrante was the drummer before Tre Cool. Since I can't post mp3's on this site but I want you guys to all hear it, it's on the news area of until I can convert it to Real Audio. Enjoy!

-Green Day hit San Diego last night, and the set list appears to be similar if not exactly the same as the night before last. The only addition seems to be Knowledge, and having a girl come up on stage to play guitar.

- has been updated, but overall is still a pretty useless web page. Keep on sending in those show reviews!

New LA Times Interview with Green Day: Here

Billie Joe: "There's more sense of hope to this record. For me it was important for this record to get up at 7 every day with my kids, take them to school, go home and work with the band and maybe enjoy standing out in front of a grocery store or something, just being me. I have a lot more lust for life than I had."

Thanks to Anthony for letting us know about that.

Thanks to Esteban and Marty for this rough set list from tonight's Green Day set at the Fresno Warped Tour date:

**Welcome To Paradise, Hitchin' A Ride, Geek Stink Breath, Brain Stew, Jaded, 2000 Light Years Away, Longview, She, Basket Case,  When I come Around.**

*Keep in mind that is really rough, but they both agree there were no new songs played tonight. *

According to the guys: "Weezer played on the same stage at 6:30, then Suicide machines at 7:00 on the other half of the stage, and then finally green day at 7:30"

The guys told me Green Day stole the show (is that really a big surprise?) and at the end, went out with some flames and destruction.

There is also a new interview in Spin Magazine with Green Day. Check out the guys at for the entire article.

The Warped tour kicks off today in Fresno. If you are going, send in any pictures, set lists, or song clips you can get a hold of. put out this article today, on their news headlines section

Click here to link to the article

"Frustrators Clarify "Midget Toss" 

After NBA FlapGreen Day and The Frustrators bassist Mike Dirnt
wants to set the record straight: He loves the little people.

(click here for screen shot)

3 NEW GREEN DAY Songs/Covers

That's right. I got a hold of some old live mp3's of Green Day, that as far as I know, have never been on the internet before. I'm not allowed to post mp3's on this site, and I don't want to piss any people off, so what I did was go ahead and post it on my Frustrators Site. So head on over to and the mp3 is waiting for you in the news section. Don't forget, you heard it here first!

Warped Tour stars tomorrow, in Fresno!

New Live 105 Article: Here, and a New one from Wall of Sound, Here.

Mike Dirnt's other band, the Frustrators released a statement today regarding their song- "The Great Australian Midget Toss" as well as adding 28 brand new pictures of the band on their fan site:

Here is a exclusive of Mike rockin' out and a great view of his amazing tattoos:
(click here for image)

K.R.O.Q. posted an exclusive today regarding the upcoming album, Warning.

"The final stages of the project saw Armstrong, bassist Mike
Dirnt, and drummer Tre Cool frantically driving back and
forth between three major recording studios and a
rehearsal hall where they were trying to remember the
chords to "Welcome to Paradise" in time for this year's
Warped Tour, which kicks off Friday in Fresno, CA.

Click here for the full article

Mike Mirnt's other band the Frustrators seem to be in a bit of hot water over their song "The Great Australian Midget Toss" which was played last night at the LA Lakers game.
-thanks to Lance for sending in this article. I'll try to get a scan of the newspaper clipping in the next day or so.

Big Win for Lakers angers Little People

LOS ANGELES (AP) - The Little People of America (LPA) organization today expressed outrage over a song that was played Monday night at the Staples Center during the Laker's 4-2 series finale. The song - "The Great Australian Midget Toss" by San Francisco rockers The Frustrators - was blasting during the 4th quarter run by the Lakers. According to the band's website, the inflammatory lyrics include such violent references as "hate to land them on their face/those little guys are hard to replace/fetch my nine-dwarf if you please/my eight-dwarf landed on his knees." LPA Teen Coordinator Casey Hubelbank claims the song displays "insensitivity" to people who suffer from Dwarfism. She told reporters Tuesday "It really isn't right. This sends out the wrong message to short-statured individuals and their families. [The] fact that the song was used as a taunt at a major sporting event only makes it worse... We don't like to throw the word 'boycott' around, but in this case can you blame us?" Neither the Los Angeles Lakers nor representatives for the band were available for comment although the Staples Center said this morning that there was a mix-up in the booth, and "[that] song was never meant to be aired."

- Paul Wunder
MS-NBC Sports 
[email protected]

The LA based radio station KROQ posted this article about Green Day the other day: Here. Nothing terribly exciting, basically exerts from other interviews that came out this week.
-thanks to Melinda K. for sending that in to us.

Vh1 charts the changes in this years Warped Tour lineup. One thing remains, Green Day is headlining. Click here to read the full article

The Warped Tour starts this Friday, so stay tuned for lots of news. I'll be at 2 of the shows, so at very least you will all get my reviews, but most likely a ton of fans will send in their reviews too. Oh yeah, if you go to the Warped Tour send in details, pictures, and anything you can!

I added a new section to the menu on the left that you probably noticed, titled "Related Bands" I'm going to be working on it a lot this week, putting up lots of info, pictures and maybe audio clips. For now there are a couple of pictures, and 1 in particular of Billie Joe that you probably haven't seen. Thanks to J.C. for that.

Click here for a brand new interview, and Real Audio with Tre Cool by MTV News.

[On skating] "Tre: Yeah, I'm going to learn. I'm going to learn to skate really
good, and if I can't, I'm going to get hurt doing it"

 Click here for MTV image #1 

 Click here for MTV image #2

-thanks to the wonderful Sarah Streit for sending this into us.

The boys are back in town! That's right, Green Day is in Los Angeles right now finishing up mixing "Warning!" Just published this interview: here

In it Tre says 
"It's broader and wider than anyone else's records, including probably our own," he said. "It's different than our other records because you can turn it up louder. You can always crank Green Day, of course, but I think we've been working on going past eight or nine on your stereo up to 10, and now you can play it on 10."

Thanks to Anthony for letting us know about it.

This was sent to me today, from THE OFFICIAL DRDREW.COM NEWSLETTER:


The rest of the week, look for interviews with Freddie Prinze
Jr. (dreamy), Green Day (punky) and Travis (mellow-y).

- I'm not sure if this will be on MTV's Loveline, KROQ's Loveline, or if it will be exclusive to the Dr Drew website:

Rather then cut and pasting, head on over to It's on the front page right now. In the article Billie reveals Green Day will be playing 2 "not-so-secret" shows in LA before the Warped Tour. Let's just hope they aren't at the Viper Room this time ;o)

The article has been moved since my last post. Click here for it now.

Greetings, everyone. First of all, I've modified this update section a bit so it loads faster for everyone. Secondly, tonight I'll be working on a live Green Day section, with as much live Green Day stuff as I can fit into a web page.. audio, videos, and pics, is what I see. As soon as I get it half ways up, I'll put a link up so you can check it out. That's all for now.. later.

Greetings, everyone. First of all, I've modified this update section a bit so it loads faster for everyone. Secondly, tonight I'll be working on a live Green Day section, with as much live Green Day stuff as I can fit into a web page.. audio, videos, and pics, is what I see. As soon as I get it half ways up, I'll put a link up so you can check it out. That's all for now.. later.

The Official Green Day Site,, was updated with a complete discography, and lots of video clips. Click here for a screenshot.

I was reading Teen Magainze today for no real reason, and came across a calendar page, featuring yours truly, Green Day. Click here to see the pic.

Here is a clip from Billie Joe's other band, Pinhead Gunpowder. It's from their release on THD records. More information is available at It's great, so you should all get it. Ok, here is the clip: Crazy Horse. If your using Netscape, press shift, then click on the link above.  Discuss what you guys think, on the message board. Click here for a pic of the album. Pinhead Gunpowder is on Adeline Records.

Mike Dirnt's other band, The Frustrators sent in a promo for their Official Site which will be at soon. Their Fan Site received this promo from the band today. To view it, click here. This is from the lead singer of the Frustrators, Jason Chandler: "Here is a poster of Stanley for all his adoring fans. And the site where he lives ( is actually coming very soon. I know you've heard it before, but it's true this time. The poster is meant to be color printed on a regular 8.5 x 11 piece of paper."

Hey, fans. As you may have noticed, I've been hibernating the last few weeks. Well, fact is, I've been doing alot of other stuff. First of all, anyone who's missing an order, I haven't lost your orders; but if your invoice date is more than five weeks old, you'll be receiving a $10 credit voucher for the bootleg shop with your order. Expect your order/trade to arrive in two or three weeks. As far as the bootleg shop's going, if you want to get live Green Day shit, get it now; all videos 40% and all CDs 50% off, now through June 12th. My way of saying "Sorry I've been slacking, but I'm a lazy ass."

Brian Gray, who runs the Frustrators website, as you've seen is helping me out, and has been doing a damn fine job if you ask me, so let him know he's appreciated.

Billie Joe's other band, Pinhead Gunpowder has a new release on THD records, with 4 brand new songs. Click here to check that out on No Idea Record's web siteClick hereto see a logo for the new recordings. Also, Pinhead Gunpowder's other album on Green Day's former label, Lookout Records, comes out June 13th. Lookout's Website now has it on the front of their page here.

The news keeps on coming! MTV has a new interview with Tre Cool up at It's on the front page for right now, but who knows how long that will last, so click here to go straight to the article and Real audio.

While Green Day hit the studio less than two months ago, the band has been preparing for "Warning" for the better part of two years. "Literally, we could play the album, all our parts, without the other guys there. We know the songs so well," Tre said. "We practiced for a long time, like two years. We've been practicing and writing songs and playing them and playing them and writing new songs and playing them and playing them and just hanging out at home with our families and getting together every day, five days a week, playing. People think we're off in Hawaii kicking back and sh**, but we're in Oakland playing our jams." [RealAudio]
While practice has made for an efficient recording process, it is also making for an album that Tre describes as "fucking amazing."

Green Day's 6th album is tentatively titled "Warning" and is set to be released this Fall - October 3rd, 2000.

Seventeen Magazine has some more Warped Tour / Green Day Info on their new issue, with Christina Aguilera on the cover. Click to see the pic.

And if you've been curious about the songs Green Day will play at the Warped Tour, this is from June 8th's Rolling Stone Magazine:

"Drowning out the whiz of skateboard wheels at the sixth annual Warped Tour will be the sound of twenty punk bands - and one hip-hop outfit - cranking through tight half-hour sets. "There's a punk-rock solidarity going on there," says Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt, whose band is making its Warped Tour debut, joined by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Long Beach Dub Allstars and NOFX, plus such up-and-comers as the Donnas, Suicide Machines and MXPX.

Green Day haven't toured for two years, and even though they will have finished a new album by the time Warped starts, don't expect to hear more than one or two fresh tunes. "I hate going to see a band that's playing all these rad new tunes, and you can't even go buy their shit," Dirnt says. "The other side of it is that this tour is a thank you to our fans who've been with us over the years. They're buying tickets to the Green Day they know already." If you're lucky, you might even catch the band throwing in a favorite cover, like Elvis Costello's "Alison" or the Who's "My Generation."

Mighty Might Bosstones frontman Dicky Barrett says his eight-man ska-rock outfit has toured so insistantly that it can play any song from its career at the drop of a hat. The Bosstones mix old stuff with tunes from their new album, Pay Attention, but no matter what, he predicts, "your're still going to get a kid coming up to you saying, 'You didn't do my favorite song!'"

If you're bored with the bands, you can always head to the half-pipe to watch skateboarding wipeouts. "We were thinking about making a Green Day skateboard and giving it to the guy who eats it the hardest every day," says Dirnt. "We'll bring him onstage, and he can show his nasty scars."

Thanks again to Jessica for the scan.

This months Cosmo Girl Magazine, with Britney Spears on the cover, has a picture of Billie, Mike and Tre and some Warped Tour info. Click here to see the pic.

Who: Green Day, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Jurassic 5, Long Beach Dub Allstars, The Donnas, MXPX, NOFX, and more.
When: Late June through August.
Why it's the hot ticket: It's like punk-rock summer camp! The Warped Tour is the coolest festival of rock/punk artists (past acts have included Blink-182 and Eminem). For around $20, you can watch bands all day and catch demos from extreme athletes.
What to expect: "Loud, fast, fun!" - Dicky Barrett, lead singer of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Concert-goer's scoop: "I went to see the '99 Warped Tour in Jacksonville, Florida. It was amazing to see so many different fans in one place enjoying the same thing. Plus, my ticket only cost me $20! I didn't get to see too much of the skaters, but what I saw rocked. They were there just having a great time, showing off some tricks. The whole vibe was great. It's not like you have to mosh to have a killer time at Warped--there's plenty of room to hang back and feel the tunes. There's something for everyone!" -- Kristyn, 18, Tipp City, OH

*Log on to www.cosmogirl/entertainment for Warped Tour dates and ticket info. Big thanks to Jessica a.k.a. [email protected] for sending in this news. For more information on the Warped Tour check out as well as for a complete list of the bands playing, as well as what stages they are playing on. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

The Official Green Day Site from Reprise Records is now up! Check it out here at

Green Day added 3 new tour dates in Japan, after they finish the Warped Tour. Here you go:

Aug 5th - Sat Osaka Cosmo Square
Aug 6th - Sun Fuji Conifer Forest
Aug 8th - Tue Okinawa Okinawa Zoo

The Adeline Compilation seen here (left) can be purchased now, and it contains great new songs from Pinhead Gunpowder (Billie Joe's other band),The Frustrators (Mike's other band), and tons of other great bands. Click here to check out Adeline's new site

Also in Pinhead news, their new album seen below (middle) will be on THD records, and another one set for release June 6th titled "8 Chords, 328 Words" will be released on Lookout Records (right). Click here to read more about it on Lookout's web site.


Billie Joe's band, Pinhead Gunpowder released a split record with Dilinger 4 last Tuesday, and you can order it at Adeline Record's Web Site here.  Here is an exclusive picture of the record art:

Mike Dirnt's other band, The Frustrators put a clip of their new song: Trout on which will be on Adeline Records first compilation released in a week.

I was amazed to see several upcoming releases by our friends, Pinhead Gunpowder, Billie Joe's other band. 8 Chords, 328 Words, the band's new 7" EP is due out on Lookout! Records on June 13th, 2000. In addition to this, the band also has the long-awaited Dillinger 4/Pinhead Gunpowder split EP, coming out on Adeline Records on May 16th. Little information is available to me regarding this album at the present time, but as more comes my way, I'll post it. That's all for now.. thanks for stopping by!

Today marks Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt's 28th year of presence on earth; meaning, HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY MIKE! Today is also the day that Alternative Press is on sale to the public, so go buy it, NOW! Anyways.., a very cool Green Day site, has all the graphics from the magazine scanned, so go check out their site.

Hello, everyone. I've got some news on the new Adeline Compilation which comes out next week. The Frustrators' contribution to the album will be a new song called "Trout." Jason of The Frustrators sent me the pic you're looking at to the right, which is the picture that they'll be inserting into their part of the compilation liner notes. Make sure to get ahold of the new Adeline compilation at, coming soon!

[Click For Larger Version]

Greetings, everyone. To clarify a few things.. the poll above was placed there by me, not MusicFanClubs. No one "made" me, or MusicFanClubs post the poll; I did it to see your guys' opinion. Also, my e-mail inbox at my primary address, [email protected], is presently full, due to the extreme volume of mail I've been getting the past few weeks. If you don't receive a reply as fast as you usually do from me, just give it some time.. I'll get to it. But to contact me from now on for a while, write to my secondary address at [email protected] And PLEASE, don't send comments and suggestions, and complaints regarding the message board. Post those things on the board, as myself and the moderators will get to your request. That's all for now.

Happy 4/20, everyone.. hope you're all havin' fun celebrating. A new letter from Billie came to Reprise Records on Wednesday, with some cool news pertaining to a new Green Day website. Go ahead and check it out here. Thanks to Trevor for pointing that out to me.

To clarify things, I posted "Happy 4/20..." today, because today is a national holiday for all pot smokers. Since Green Day's name is based on smoking pot, I figured it wouldn't be fitting to not recognize the holiday FOR THAT. I'm not a Nazi, I don't support Hitler, and I don't find school shootings amusing. Thanks.

I guess I violated a copywright when I posted those scans, so I have to take the article from Alternative Press down.. but the Circulation Department is trying to allow GreenDay.Net to post some of the article... When I receive more information, I'll post it.

Buy your copy of Alternative Press Here. The Green Day issue's release date is May 4th, so score a copy now. Here's a link to the exact page where you can preorder it for $5.00.

I received my advance copy of Associated Press yesterday, and must say YOU ALL HAVE TO BUY IT. More info is packed into that five page article than you've heard over the past YEAR. Mike is engaged to a girl named "Sarah" who works as a part time waitress at "Mama's Royal Cafe," where the interview took place. Green Day's new album, tentatively titled "Warning," will contain 14 songs, including, but not limited to: Warning, Fashion Victim, Blood Sex and Booze, Minority, Deadbeat Holiday, Macy's Day Parade, and Untitled. The magazine features detailed information about the meanings of the above-named songs, and tells a lot about the guys' beliefs. I have typed up one of the articles, which you can view here, and am going to get the rest of the 5 pages scanned tommorow over lunch at a friend's house, so expect MASSIVE Green Day news here, tommorow night, on GreenDay.Net, your official source for Green Day News.

Many of you have been e-mailing me regarding Ticket prices and "onsale" dates. Well, the Warped 2000 site updated, and has some ticket information. Click here to view the dates/onsale page.

Green Day holds the feature article in next month's "Alternative Press" magazine. The magazine has sent me a photo of the magazine, pictured at right. The magazine will hold information on Green Day's next album, and the Warped Tour 2000. The magazine goes on sale on May 4th, so make sure and get your copy at Alternative Press Online. Also, Just a little change with the contest. The e-mail address [email protected] limits me to 4 MB, so you need to send me the URL, not the seperate files, of high-quality Bridge School Concert MP3s.. and DO NOT send me URLs to duplicates of my own files, which are right around 800k - 1MB each. I want GOOD quality.

ALERT to EBay users.. the item 300724890, an autographed full-page magazine ad, is FAKE. This is easily noticable because the picture of the signature, shows Billie signing his name as "Billy." Fake? I think so. Check this bogus auction out here.

I got a little contest, here. The first person to send me the full Bridge School Benefit Concert in GOOD, Stereo MP3 Quality, will receive a $20 Gift Certificate for the GreenDay.Net Bootleg shop. E-mail your MP3s to: [email protected]. Files must be received by Sunday night, so send fast!

Hey, all. Just wanted to let you in on a good sale on Green Day stuff. Right now at MacroMusic, you can get the complete Green Day Singles Box (Normally right around $100) for $67.49. Also discounted are all Green Day albums, and the imports. Imports included in this sale: Bowling Bowling Bowling ($16.49), Hitchin A Ride ($9.99), Nice Guys Finish Last ($9.99), Redundant ($10.49), Time Of Your Life (Volumes One AND Two, priced at $10.49 each), and the new Live Tracks-Vol. 1-2 ($34.99). So check that stuff out now at this special URL. Main Page