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1st Quarter 2000

Under Lock and Key, a streaming real audio radio station found at, will hold an interview with Operation Ivy's Jesse Michaels on Monday, April 3rd at 10:30 PM Eastern Time. But don't wait until 10:30 to tune in.. the show runs from 9:00pm until midnight. If any of you don't know, Green Day's cover of Operation Ivy's "Knowledge" is found on 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, which is why this update pertains to Green Day.

From Rolling Stones Online Daily, Wednesday, March 29, 2000: GREEN DAY, BOSSTONES TO HEADLINE THIRTY-DATE WARPED TOUR As soon as GREEN DAY finish recording their sixth studio album, they'll hit the road for the annual Warped Tour, which kicks off in Phoenix on June 24. Joining Green Day will be seasoned vets and newcomers including NOFX, LONG BEACH DUB ALLSTARS, MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES, SUICIDE MACHINES, ONE MAN ARMY and the DONNAS. The five-week tour wraps in El Paso, Tex., on August 6. "We're amped about going on it," says BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG. "I'll get to skateboard every day, which will be fun -- but you're not going to get me on the vert ramp."

You'll find our favorite guys (Green Day, of course) in the April issue of Spin magazine this year. There's a pic of the band at Gilman Street from '93 on page 171, and there's also a Billie Joe quote found on page 121 of the magazine. It reads, ' "I don't like to be super-serious all the time," Armstrong understates. "But now people expect me to pull my pants down and wiggle my penis in front of their face, just because they heard about it on MTV." Of course, later that evening, Armstrong does precisely that, dropping trou to the delight of the crowd, and to the dismay of the roadie who's forced to hitch those pants back up. '

In site news, CDs are coming to the bootleg shop! There's one up right now, and more to come soon. I'm also running another sale on the videos.. check out the bootleg page to check it out.

Green Day didn't win the Grammy. That is all.

Today's the big day! Tonight on CBS, the Grammy Awards will take place. As you know, Green Day is nominated for best instrumental rock performance, so GOOD LOOK GUYS! The event all starts at 8:00pm ET/PT, so check 'em out, and wish Green Day luck!

Greetings, everyone. I just want to let you all know that I've added four shows to the bootlegs, and have a sale running now through February 29th, so order your concert bootlegs now!

Happy Birthday Billie Joe! Billie turned 28 yesterday, so make sure and wish him a happy birthday at [email protected].

Hey, everybody. Just checkin' in with all of you. First off, I'm aware that there's a problem with the chatroom. I'll look into that later tonight and hopefully have it fixed before TOO long.

I also want to thank all of you who have been ordering bootlegs. Every order that was received before February 9th, with the exception of just one, has been mailed out.. expect your orders soon!

Many of you have been asking for ticket information regarding the Warped tour. I highly doubt that there is any tickets available yet, since the dates set up aren't all for sure yet.. but I've been trying to find information. I haven't been able to contact Reprise Records quite yet, but I have found Ticket Master's toll free number. I'm not sure if the tickets will be sold through Ticket Master, but I haven't been able to get through, so the best of luck to all of you.. 1-888-972-0145. That's all the news I really have for now. One thing I'm going to add to the site, which you'll already see above the announcements, is the "Underground Punk Band Of The Week." If you have a punk band looking for some publicity, just e-mail me your band's name and your URL, and I'll post it in the order it was received. Thanks!

I've been informed by a fan that since Dave Letterman is ill, CBS has opened a voting poll up, where YOU pick which re-runs they play. As you know, Green Day's been on the show, so why not do CBS and all Green Day fans a favor, and vote here.

Also, my friend Brian from the Frustrators site is trying to get The Frustrators (Mike Dirnt's Side Band) on to KROQ. Help him, and the Frustrators, in their proposed victory and visit The Frustrators Page for more information. And finally, the Vans Warped Tour dates are out. You may check them out here.

Yes, fans.. it's true. Green Day jumped aboard the Vans Warped Tour 2000. SonicNet news reported yesterday, that the tour producer Kevin Lyman said that the band will have the opportunity to try out new material and just hang out. Green Day is undoubtedly the best-known band signed up for this year's tour, along with punksters NOFX, Snapcase, Good Riddance, and others. The tour is expected to kick off it's 36-city show in late June. Exact dates will not be available until later this week. The article also pointed out that Green Day will be recording their new album this spring, and is expected to release in the year 2001. Billie Joe told Reprise Records that the album will have a more positive outlook, unlike previous Green Day albums.
In site news, I've fixed the raffle page so you can read it now, and have added a new video to the concert bootlegs order page. Also, for the next 7 days, I have marked down the prices in the bootleg shop by 10%, as a way to introduce fans to the page and to show them that quality bootlegs don't have to cost an arm and a leg!

For the raffle page, click here. For the bootleg ordering page, click here.

The Grammies will be on the 23rd of February 2000, 8pm - ET/PT on CBS. As you know, Green Day is nominated for an award. Also, Mark McKenna sent me some info regarding Green Day songs. Babs Uvula is from a Saturday Night Live skit, Armatage Shanks is a slang term for Masturbation, and Tight Wad hill is a hill in Rodeo CA, where bums watch football games for free. And finally, the Frustrators page has been updated with more cool stuff. Visit it at

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