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4th Quarter 1999

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BJ Does Duet With Penelope Houston.. Lyrics in the Multimedia Archive

Welcome, fans. The wait has ended, as I now have a new hard drive so I can again update the site as I used to. Sorry for the delay, and thanks to my friend Glenn for the HD! This past weekend was MTV's Sports & Music Festival 3, and the edition of TRL was videos relating to sports or something, and Nice Guys Finish Last was number 6. Also, more information is now available about the Friends Again soundtrack at MFC has taken down the MP3s on our site.. which didn't include the WARNING MP3, but it did include all the covers in MP3. Sorry for the inconvenience. In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, with Christina Ricci on the cover, there is a short paragraph regarding the new album. It reads: "We're trying to create some more positivity lyrically," reveals Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day about the group's sixth studio album, now in progress. "To just try and stand for something, instead of just being depressed". The article was in the "In the News" section on page 27. The issue also has an article about the Bridge School Concert, which says "Green Day injected a welcome dose of young snot, stealing the first half of the show with thrash-acoustic takes on favorites like 'When I Come Around.'" Thanks goes out to [email protected] for that info. I am downloading the full Bridge School Benefit concert as we speak so I should have that up by tonight or tommorow. And finally, I received an e-mail from Jason who plays in the Frustrators, notifying me of a contest that they are holding. You need to explain a dream night with the Frustrators. You can read his full e-mail for more details here:

That's all the news for now.. more updates tommorow. has written a press release about the Bridge School Benefit Concert, and can be accessed here. The Berkeley, Calif., trio didn't let up for the next half-hour, with drummer Tre Cool (born Frank Edwin Wright III) bashing his way through a half-dozen sets of drumsticks and bassist Mike Dirnt treating his acoustic bass as roughly as he does his electric instrument. At one point, Cool flipped a souvenir drumstick back to one of a dozen Bridge School students who took their customary honorary spots on a riser at the back of the stage.." the release points out.
Also, word has come to me that Green Day is scheduled to appear on Love Line this month. I am working on clarifying this information, as it isn't listed on the Love Line site on MTV. Finally, there won't be an update tommorow, because I'll be on my way to Minneapolis to see Blink 182, Silverchair, and Fenix*TX.

Hey, all. Many people have requested the lyrics for "Warning," and since there's a few lines of the song I can't make out, I'd like you all to attempt to solve the mystery. Send your lyrical submissions to me at There's no prize; but I'll post the winner's name and URL here in the next update.

Congrats to Jim Beauchamp. He was the first to send me the lyrics to the new Green Day song "Warning". You may view the lyrics here.

Hey, everyone. Sorry I didn't update last night.. I was busy with some other personal matters. Our good friends over at Emenius Clubus received this information regarding the new album from a member of Mike's side band (The Frustrators):

"From what we have talked about at Frustrators rehersals I do know that they're taking their time and producing the kind of record they really want to make. And it's very time consuming, but they have no need to rush any of it. So they are still writing more songs, and they probably will be for a few months I bet. Then the recording takes literally a few months for them. So the new record is something they are working on right now, but it's also not going to be done anytime very soon. Maybe it'll be finished in the summer?"

So, that's cool.. a LITTLE album news. Also, 409 Online will be sponsoring a contest being put out by a promotional company who is trying to sell copies of the new Friends Again CD.. one lucky winner will receive a free copy of the CD. More details will be given as I get them. I've been forced to remove my ICQ number from the site, because my list seems to have overloaded, and I can't get on ICQ. Regarding the Bridge School audio.. that guy hasn't sent it to me yet, so I'm still waiting to see when he gets it done. Many of you have been asking to have me post something regarding a Green Day song on TRL.. yeah, I'm gonna do that, soon. But I need to get myself organized so my site isn't the ONLY one doing it, so it's a sure win. If some of you "older" fans of the site remember Phil Humann, well, I've offered him a position at the site again. I'm not sure what he'll be doing, but expect to hear from Phil in the near future. I sent out the November newsletter a few nights ago, and in it I had a few "exclusive" things to newsletter members. You see, subscribing to the newsletter brings you Green Day news in few cases even FASTER than the site itself! Subscribe with the subscribe box below these updates. The exclusives were the following.. A clip of the Billie Joe/PH song can be found at GreenDay.Net, with the cooperation of other parties, will soon be bringing over 20 live concerts of Green Day to VHS video available for purchase for $14 to the site within the next few weeks, and The latest YM magazine features a photo of Green Day. One other thing.. AGAIN, please don't spead rumours!!! Here's come clarifications regarding rumours I've heard people spread: Tre` Cool is NOT dead, despite British Tabloids, Tre` Cool has NOT been arrested to my knowledge, the Green Day album has no set release date, track listing, or cover art released to the public yet. the band did not break up, and Billie did NOT divorce his wife. Well, NO MORE RAMBLIN'! Come back tommorow for MORE ramblin!

Just to clear up some rumours. Green Day has NOT broken up, Tre` is NOT dead, and GreenDay.Net has no knowledge of Tre` starting his own band.

Hey, everyone. New month today. I've found someone who has the Bridge School concert in much better quality than I have it in, so rather than put my hard-to-make-out copy up, I'll just wait for the person to send it to me, which should be tonight. I've also had some requests for a tape/concert trading section, so I've put one of those up. You can either trade or buy concerts on audio cassette (Videos and CDs will come within the next month). The page is located here. That's all for now.

GreenDay.Net now has 'WARNING' in MP3 format. Click here to download. The guys over at GreenDaySite.Com sent this to me, and they're also going to be sending me the entire October 31st concert in MP3 format within the next few days, so a HUGE thanks goes out to GreenDaySite.Com. Notice: GreenDay.Net was able to legally post this MP3 because the Bridge School concert was live, and was not copyrighted by any firm, making the show legal to publicly reproduce and distribute.

Happy Halloween, everyone. Well, uh.. sorry the audio isn't up. My bad. Actually, REAL.COM's bad. Or, just mine.. in any case, my Real Encoder decided to crash today, so I couldn't get the audio up. Tommorow, I'll download a new copy and get the audio up.. I PROMISE. In the mean time, you can check out the The Frustrators Site for some videos. I haven't confirmed their presence, but Brian (webmaster) tells me they're there, so I'm gonna have to trust him. Again, I appoligize. The set Green Day played tonight was the same as last night's, but I missed it because I was at band practice.

I just want to remind everyone to watch the webcast of Green Day's concert for the Bridge School tonight. It starts at 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time, and I figured out that that's at 7:00 P.M. Central Time.. you can do the rest of the math, and the show will be broadcast via Real Audio or Windows Media Player. Make sure you get the plug-in downloaded to your browser before the show if you haven't done so already. And then the broadcast will be at And tommorow, the action starts at 2:00 P.M. Pacific Time, so there's two great shows.. don't miss either! Also, due to popular demand, I've added a links page. It's at I'll put it in one of the sections later tonight. And finally, I've been visiting with someone regarding live Green Day videos on VHS, and it looks like we'll be able to bring you the concerts you want for about $14 a tape, and that includes shipping. As soon as we get everything figured out, I'll post something. Well, that's all for now. Thanks for stoppin' in.

Well, the show tonight was just as expected.. awesome. I did manage to capture the audio on cassette, and I'll put it up on the site (in Real Audio) either late tonight or early tommorow. The band's set list included Geek Stink Breath, Hitchin' A Ride, Longview, She, King For A Day, When I Come Around, Scattered, Time Of Your Life, and a brand new song they called "Warning." The greatest part about the whole concert, in my opinion, was how they didn't refrain from using profanity, and the audience was filled with young children. But, I should have expected that they wouldn't have. I mean, come on.. it's Green Day! So to recap for you, I WILL HAVE ALL OF THE AUDIO UP TOMMOROW, please quit asking for it. Also, "Jason," damned if I can remember his last name, played with the band. He had a fro, and that was cool. And I'm almost positive I seen Billie give the crowd the finger. Anyways, I'll watch tommorow's show too, and have audio on that too, so no need to ask. Hey, one more thing, if any of you have a cable connection or better and are fairly computer smart, and managed to capture the show in like, really good quality, let me know, because I could use your contributions! The quality of the concert I have is not the best; the words are quite muffled, but I only have a 28.8 Connection. And then if someone would want to do that tommorow.. you will get credit for anything you contribute.

I've almost doubled the Multimedia section with live stuff and interviews, a few that some of you requested I put up, and a few that are completely new to the online world. I've also added some audio files from a few concerts, MTV, Woodstock, and Letterman. Regarding the Jennifer Love Hewitt show "Time Of Your Life" and the connection with Green Day, to our disappointment, there was absolutely no connection. Thanks to those of you who let me know. And finally, word has come regarding the Bridge School Concert Webcast. The webcast of the entire show will be available at beginning at 5:00pm PT on Saturday, October 30 and 2:00pm PT on Sunday, October 31.

As most of you know, Mike Dirnt, Green Day bassist, has whipped up his own side bandover the past few months, called "The Frustrators." Brian, from The Frustrators Website informed me tonight that The Frustrators have a release date and album name for theirdebut recording, "Bored In The USA." The 10"EP/CDEP is scheduled for release on January 11th, 2000 on AdelineRecords. Read more about the release, and see the cover art at I've also noticed that the former page vanished, so you have to access the official OFFICIAL page via Reprise Records at finally, anyone who seen the premiere for "Time Of Your Life" should e-mail me so I know if Green Day wasinvolved. I was out of town and was unfortunately not able to check it out.

On October 30th and 31st, Green Day will be playing at the Shoreline Ampitheatre in Mountain View, California. They'll be playing these shows to fund the Bridge School. If you're not familiar with thefirm, Bridge School programs enable physically challenged, severely speech impaired children to cross the threshold to achieving their full educational and social potential. You can bid on front row seats to the concert on VH1 Online, butthe bidding starts at $2,000. If you are interested, click here. Also,Jennifer Love Hewitt's new show "Time Of Your Life" premieres tonight at 8:00pm on Fox.In an issue of YM or TEEN or something a few months back, Jennifer Love Hewitt said that Green Day isone of her favorite bands, so it's almost certain that Green Day will have SOME type of connection ontonight's premiere.. check it out.

Billie Joe Armstrong has recorded a duet with punk legend Penelope Houston for the 'Friends Again' album, which will be released on November 23rd. The track title in which they will do istitled "The Angel And The Jerk." Other bands included on the album are The Barenaked Ladies, The Pet Shop Boys, Semisonic, Smash Mouth and more. Read the press release here.I also have just become aware of the UNawareness of some visitors regarding the Queen remix which was to be done by Billie Joe and DJ Hurricane (Wendell Fite) on his (DJ Hurricane's) second solo album. Earlier, 409 Online managedto acquire a press release from TVT records regarding the album, which can be found here. The only CURRENT information I have on the album, is that it is expected to be released on TVT Recordssome time in the summer of 2000. "..You can also witness Hurricane�s sense of humor as evident by the reworking of the classic Queen rock anthem "We Will Rock You," featuring Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day.." -TVT Records

Just some really small Green Day news, this morning on MTV's "The Blame Game," towardsthe end of the show where they have to go sing a song to their feuding partener, the guy sang Green Day's "When I Come Around." It was cool, but he couldn't sing. Anyways, I'm working on the design and stuff yet.I've been told that the Picture Archive isn't linked, so I'll get that linked up here today, and also the coverspage will be available later tonight. We've only got two covers so far, so if you want to get your band known,let me know so we can make arrangements to get your cover to me. That's all for now.

Hey, everyone. Since you've all been asking me to "do something," I've decided toput the almost-finished design up. The multimedia section is great.. much better than the old one. I'll beadding imported and more live stuff as the weekend progresses. Also, the Message Board, Chatroom, etc. is now located in "Site Stuff," and the covers page will be up again as the weekend progresses. As stated before,I have no new information on the new album. GreenDayWeb is NOT closing, to let everyone know. I thought I could sympathize on Jason, as some of our visitors have been impersonating him in the message forum. Itshould be up by the end of the month. Anyways, that's all I have for you now. Main Page