March 6th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Press Release from MSO:


GREEN DAY'S WARNINGS AND BOOZE: As they prepare for a Japanese tour launching March 12, GREEN DAY are leading the pack with nominations for the 24th Annual California Music Awards. The band and their critically acclaimed platinum album Warning rallied a total of seven nods to head a field of California musicians including Beck, Neil Young, Deftones, Limp Bizkit, No Doubt and the Wallflowers. GREEN DAY are in the running for Outstanding Album, Group, Songwriting (BILLY JOE ARMSTRONG), Male Vocalist, Drummer (TRE COOL) and Bassist (MIKE DIRNT). The awards will be announced April 28 at Oakland, California's Calvin Simmons Theater. On the television front, GREEN DAY will appear on two different MadTV shows in March and April (exact dates TBA). They'll be performing the Top Five Modern Rock single "Warning" and the upcoming single "Blood, Sex and Booze" on the popular Fox Television Saturday night show.

Don't miss the first of those MAD TV episodes this Saturday night on FOX!

March 5th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Go-Go's Explain The Hook-Up With Green Day's Billie Joe: here.

Go-Go's bassist Kathy Valentine told LAUNCH that the collaboration was spawned by the quick thinking of guitarists Charlotte Caffey and Jane Wiedlin: "He came to see us play. We were in Northern California, and he came to our show. Jane had lost her voice and invited him up to sing the part, 'Hush my darling' part, in 'Our Lips Are Sealed,' and he came running out on stage and did that part. It was really neat. We were all excited. He kind of came again. We were fans of Green Day, and I didn't even know it, but apparently Charlotte and Jane were talking to him and said, 'Hey, if you have any song ideas that would be good for the Go-Go's, send 'em down.'"

March 1st, 2001 - Update By Brian ( - posted a new picture of Billie Joe, click on the image to enlarge it. is now selling the Absolute Green Day CD that was released last month. Check it out: here.

Click for the image of Billie @ MAD TV: here.

February 28th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Green Day will appear on FOX's MAD TV - March 10th @ 11pm. Don't miss it!

February 27th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Green Day is nominated for seven California Music Awards (formerly Bammies) and you can help them win! To vote for them click here: The voting deadline is April 14, 2001.

February 24th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Green Day performed on the set of MAD TV in Los Angeles last night and blew the crowd away with "Warning" and "Blood, Sex, and Booze." Terry of the Frustrators played second guitar during "Warning." Between songs the guys treated the packed audience to live versions of "Brat", "The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink", and even some Slayer. Stay tuned to the site for details about air dates!

February 23rd, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Win an all expenses paid trip to see GREEN DAY in JAPAN!

from LA's
Greenday in Tokyo
Listen all weekend to win the entire Greenday CD catalog and be entered to win a trip to Tokyo. One lucky grand prize winner will be flown to Tokyo to see Greenday on St. Patricks day and get 58,000 Yen for expenses (500 bucks).
February 22nd, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Rumor has it Billie Joe's band, Pinhead Gunpowder will play a show in Berkeley, California on either March 8th or 10th @ The Starry Plough a 21+ venue. Stay Tuned for more details.

February 21st, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Tour Date added: GREEN DAY at Andrews Amphitheater (Hawaii) on March 25.

February 20th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -


Green Day will be in Los Angeles on Friday recording 2 songs, "Warning", and "Blood, Sex, and Booze" for the show to be aired at later dates in mid-March and mid-April. Stay tuned for more details.

Going to be in the LA area? Call (213) 833-6467 for tickets to the Mad TV taping. The taping is on February 23rd.

Green Day's "Blood, Sex, and Booze" will also be on the Motion Picture Soundtrack for the movie, "Freddy Got Fingered". For more details on the movie, click: here.The movie is set to be released on April 20th starring Tom Green. A music video will follow with the actor.

February 19th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Essentially Tre Cool More Players Choose Zildjian Sticks...and Mallets As the world�s hottest brand of drumsticks, we are now pleased to introduce a complete new line of Percussion Mallets called the Essential Series. We also welcome Green Day drummer, Tre Cool to our family of Artist Series Drumsticks. For more info:

February 18th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

This just in from


WATCH TERRY ON TV THIS SATURDAY! Frustrators fans will get a rare chance to see two of our boys on network TV this coming Saturday night, Feb 24th on Fox's MAD TV as the one and only Terry Linehan sits in on accoustic guitar with Green Day for the song "Warning" (while Jason White is on tour with the Influents).

We are still waiting to hear whether or not the show is TAPEING in Los Angeles on Saturday or if it will air then. Stay Tuned!

Green Day's "Waiting" is listed on LA based radio station KROQ's website on the "What's New?" page: here.

February 17th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Break out the candles and party hats because today is Billie Joe's Birthday! Best wishes to him and his family.

Yahoo News, A day in history for February 17th. Click: here.

The Influents rocked Koo's Cafe last night, Don't miss them in San Diego tonight!

February 16th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Entertainment Weekly

Does this look familiar? Probably not, because it's brand new! Click on it to go to's online store.

Don't miss members of Pinhead Gunpowder + the one and only Jason White tonight (Friday) at 7:30 p.m. in Southern California @ Koo's Cafe. For more info check out their website: here.

It looks like Mike Dirnt and the Frustrators may be working on a new album very soon. Mike and lead singer Jason Chandler recently posted messages confirming the news at on their message board.

February 15th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Yahoo News:

Billie Joe Armstrong of the band Green Day struck a similar populist chord in defending the song-swap service.

``I just want my music to be out, and that's always been the main priority,'' Armstrong said.

``It was never really about getting paid. It was just getting people to hear my music and say, 'Hey, I like your song.' So if Napster wants to put my song out so people can download it or whatever, let 'em do it,'' he said.

For the entire article click: here.

February 14th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Rolling Stone: Green Day Top Cali Awards Bammy Award nominations go to Green Day, Mann, Metallica: here.

Spin Magazine: Green Day, Aimee Mann Nab Awards: here.

February 13th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( - has a brand new listing for a GREEN DAY INTERVIEW CD. The title is called ABSOLUTE GREEN DAY, and includes a 4-page booklet for only about $6. Stay tuned for more details, it's set to be released next Tuesday.

Green Day Leads 2001 California Music Awards Nominees: here.

God Bless Billie Joe Joe @ NME: here.

February 12th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

The Adeline Showcase was a huge success! If you missed the show on Saturday you can still buy the event t-shirts @ Adeline Records so hurry before they run out. Also don't miss The Influents this Friday in Southern California at Koo's Cafe in Santa Ana. See ya there!

Go-Go's, Green Day's Billie Joe Pairing On Single @ MTV: here.

Green Day 's Armstrong Co-Pens New Go-Go's Single @ LAUNCH: here.

'Unforgiven,' written by Armstrong and girl group, first single off May release God Bless the Go-Go's. @ SONIC: here.

From Entertainment Weekly:

Entertainment Weekly

Billie Joe's birthday is on Saturday, February 17th. Best wishes to him and his family!

February 11th, 2001 - Update By Broc ( -

Billie Joe co-writes new single for the Go-Gos? Yep, it's true. The Go-Gos, releasing "God Bless The Go Gos," their first studio album since 1984's "Talk Show" will feature the new single entitled "Unforgiven," which was co-written by Billie Joe Armstrong. The album hits stores May 15th.

"Rest assured, fans of the band's Eighties' hits -- not to mention fans of later-day melodic punk/pop groups like Green Day -- are not likely to be disappointed when they get their hands on God Bless the Go-Go's" says one article, which you can view by clicking here.

February 9th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( - updates it's news section:

2.08.01 - Adeline Records Showcase For the first time ever, Adeline Records will host a "showcase" with four Adeline bands playing on the same bill. This will take place at none other than one of San Francisco's finest venues, The Fillmore. And for a mere $8 a head!! Come one, come all to witness the sheer brilliance of... The Frustrators, Fetish,The Influents, and Adeline's newest addition The One Time Angels. Mark those calendars for Saturday February 10th and we will see you there! Doors open at 8:00.

"Waiting" has been heard on several radio stations lately, could this be the new single? Stay Tuned!

February 7th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

NBC is re-airing the Tonight Show with Jay Leno with Green Day as the musical guest at 2:30 a.m. this Friday/Saturday (2/10/01) Get your VCR's ready!

February 6th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Jason White's band, The Influents released new tour dates today. Don't miss them on the road!

02/16/2001 - Santa Ana, CA @ Koo's Cafe
02/17/2001 - Norco, CA @ X-Records in-store (Matinee)
- San Diego, CA @ Che Cafe
02/18/2001 - Phoenix AZ @ Modified
02/21/2001 - Austin, TX @ Emo's
02/22/2001 - Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves
02/23/2001 - Fayetteville, AR @ Clunk Music
02/24/2001 - Little Rock, AR @ The Parlor
02/25/2001 - Lawrence, KS @ Bottlenekk
02/27/2001 - Denver, CO @ Cat Club
02/28/2001 - Salt Lake City, UT @ TBA
03/02/2001 - Portland, OR @ TBA
03/02/2001 - - Seattle, WA @ TBA
03/31/2001 - Scooters Pizza in Fremont CA

Thanks for for the news.
Stay up to date with their happenings at
February 6th, 2001 - Update By Broc ( -

Make sure to check out the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly.. they gave the Warning video an "A" rating. Also, listeners of the World Famous KROQ were able to catch "Outsider," the B-Side to the Warning singles last night in L.A. on the Rodney and Roq show.I've also stumbled across a cool Green Day page that I feel like helping out.. There's this cool "Green Day Top 25 Sites" page located here, and I'd like to ask anyone who runs a Green Day site to sign up, because right now, we're the only site signed up.. next to the Nirvana Top 25 Site, which is sad. That's it for now, so until next time, live without warning.

February 5th, 2001 - Update By Broc ( -

Greetings, everybody. Here's a press release from MSO about the Warning video,that we forgot to post earlier. It's dated January 18th, 2001, so it's a bit"out-of-date," but it rules, so I thought I'd post it anyways. Here it is, straight from MSO:

LIVING WITHOUT WARNING: GREEN DAY recently returned to their Northern California hometown to shoot a video for their new single, the catchy acoustic-based title track from their platinum WARNING (Warners/Reprise). Directed by Francis Lawrence, the video spends a day following a carefree young man while he ignores each of the "warnings" he comes across without the slightest hint of fear or hesitation. Whether he's running with scissors, eating raw chicken or staring at the sun, he confidently keeps pressing forward, unharmed and consequence free. While out for an evening jog, dressed in black from head to toe, he nonchalantly accepts candy from a creepy stranger without a second thought. His actions humorously reflect the song's lyrics that examine the "warnings" everyone fears and obeys. "Warning," the second single from the album of the same name, moves to #3 on next week's Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart, following the success of "Minority" which held the #1 position on the same chart for six straight weeks. Barry Walters reviewed the WARNING album in Rolling Stone's 2000 Yearbook issue, where it was listed among the Top 50 albums of the year, writing: "Green Day are willing to show their vulnerabilities, which sets them apart from their mainstream progeny, but 'Warning' is an incredibly enthusiastic record. Even when tempos drop and arrangements embrace artful pop, these tender hooligans still sound like they're pogoing." Here's how Playboy's Vic Garbarini recently described the self-produced album: "'Warning' is Green Day's way of staying true to their punk ideals. Even though their latest is a quantum leap in sophistication for the Bay area trio, the band is still angry and still churns out kick-ass punk rock. Green Day proves that punks can grow up without selling out." Meanwhile, GREEN DAY's headlining U.S. concert tour launched January 11 at the Bronco Bowl in Dallas, with the first leg running through January 27 in Tulsa, OK.

February 4th, 2001 - Update By Broc ( -

Here's a run down of Green Day on TV this week."Green Day Spotlight" will be on MuchMusic USA Tommorow at 6:30pm ET and 11:30pm ET,and Tuesday, 02/06/01, at 6:30am ET, 6:30pm ET, and 11:30pm, and againon Wednesday, 02/07/01 at 6:30am. Also on Tuesday is the re-run of Green Day'sFarmclub Episode on the USA Network, beginning at 3:00am ET. Then, on Friday, Comedy Central is re-airing the Saturday Night Live Episode featuring Green Day and Roseanne, so make sure to check that out at 12:00pm ET. And on Saturday, 02/10/01, VH1's Before They Were Rockstars will air the episode with Green Day at 2:30am ET.

As you probably noticed, there's a new poll to the right. The results of the last poll,"What's Your Favorite Green Day Album?" ended like this: In first place, receiving 2007 votes, which is 27% of all votes counted, is the 1994 smash "Dookie." Then, in second place, is the Lookout! Records Debut, receiving 1,446 votes (19%) is "1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours." In third is 1997's "Nimrod" with 1,167 votes (15%). Then, in fourth place is 1995's pure-punk smash "Insomniac" with 1,022 votes (13%). Fifth place, trailing fourth by a mere 12 votes is the newest album, "Warning" with 1,008 votes (13%). And finally, my personal favorite, in last place, is the album before they made it big, is 1991's "Kerplunk" receiving 708 votes (9%). Make sure to vote the new poll. Now, I realize there were several festivals that the band played at during December, so if you seen those shows, just select "Somewhere Else."

Also, any band interested in submitting covers, anyone with stuff to send to the site, like videos, reviews, audio, pictures, or ANYTHING, please contact me on the ICQ Network thisevening. My UIN Number is 78692157. If you don't have ICQ, you can get it at

And, if you live in California, don't miss the Adeline Records show on Saturday.. Click the banner above for more information.

Have a Green Day, everybody.

February 3rd, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Billie Joe's Adeline Records is set to re-release the band Agent 51's album "Just Keep Runnin." Stay tuned for more details. Thanks to for the news.

February 2nd, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Don't miss Green Day on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight, check your local listings for times. If your on the West Coast it's on at 11:30pm PST. (NBC)

February 1st, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Happy February everyone! to kick off this month, I have a big scoop! Billie Joe wrote us personally! Check it out!

Hello Everyone! We just got back from the US tour. Thanks to everyone who came. The shows were GREAT. Currently, we are sitting around doing as little as possible, except for Leno tomorrow night. Tre's wife, Claudia, is due to have their baby any time now. And then we are off to JAPAN. Which is always cool. We are still making plans for a big summer tour. I'll keep you posted. Oh and by the way, we had nothing to do with the "kids and bags" deal at the Wembley gig. We weren't aware of what the security was doing that night. I don't think "security" was aware of what they were doing that night.
Billie Joe

January 30th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Tickets for Adeline Records big show coming up, sponsored by Levi's is now on sale ONLINE!! Click to go to the Ticketmaster page : here.
Don't miss Mike Dirnt's band, The Frustrators and Jason Whites, The Influents as well as more kick ass bands from Adeline Records.

For more info about the show check out Adeline Record's home page at: and The Frustrators at:

January 29th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Reprise Records is having a Green Day contest, giving away some cool prizes, but only to the first 20 people who enter, and enter correctly! Check out the contest page at now to try and win some cool stuff!

Don't miss Green Day performing live on the Tonight Show this Friday, playing "Warning"

January 28th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

News from Reprise Records:
Green Day on Tonight Show

We just got word that Green Day is playing live on THE TONIGHT SHOW next Friday, February 2nd. (That's Jay Leno's tv thing.)

Green Day's last gig in Tulsa, "Owed to Billie Joe": here.

January 27th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( -

Green Day rocked Milwuakee on Thursday, read about it at the Milwuakee Journal Sentinel: here.

January 26th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( - updated it's news section:

1.26.01 - Who's that guy playing guitar in the back?

Who is he? He's Jason White! Straight out of the Ozarks, same as former President Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea. She's a Green Day fan. Coincidence? I think not.Jason has been a friend of the band(f.o.b.)for just as long as Green Day has existed. He also sings and plays guitar in Billie Joe's other band, "Pinhead Gunpowder". Yes, he's a singer, a songwriter, a guitar player, and an Arkansaian. All very impressive, but there is more!! When he isn't very busy with Green Day or Pinhead Gunpowder he doesn't just sit around all stoked to be be him, no. He's got another band called the Influents and they kick ace, in spades!! They've been performing throughout the bay area for over a year now and word is people around here are much better off because of it. I can feel it. They also have a fresh new album out called "Check Please". They put all their best songs on it. It comes on Cd for $10.00 or on vinyl for $9.00. You can get it through Adeline Records. You can find all the orderig information by visiting Adelines website which is or by visting your local punker record store.You should definetly check it out! See ya
January 26th, 2001 - Update By Broc ( - Hey, everybody. I JUST got back from Milwaukee, and it was amazing. The Get Up Kids played for around an hour, then Green Day went on about 20 minutes after 9 o'clock to play a two hour set. I'll have a full review and rough set list for you tommorow. And also, I wanna say thanks to Kyle and his mom for saving me and my friend from the evils of spending the night at a bus station.

January 25th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( - Mike Dirnt's side band, "The Frustrators" as well as, "The Influents" (Jason White's band), "Fetish", and "One Time Angels" will be playing in San Francisco at the Filmore- Saturday, February 10th Presented by Levi's. It will be a blast, Adeline Records style. For more info check out these great sites:

See ya there!

January 24th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( - "Green Day's Armstrong Plays to the crowd" Click here to read the full review of last nights show. Green Day is scheduled to hit Milwuakee tonight.

January 23rd, 2001 - Update By Brian ( - ***NEWSFLASH*** Green Day is playing Dayton, Ohio tonight and the Dayton Daily Newspaper is updateing their front page with live photos straight from the show as it happens. Click here to be transported to the Daily News Online

January 23rd, 2001 - Update By Brian ( - MTV debuted Green Day's brand new video "Warning" yesterday on TRL. You can vote for it by clicking here. In case you missed it, you can also view it online here.

January 21st, 2001 - Update By Broc ( - Nothing really new in GreenDay news today. Some of you have been inquiring about our covers section that was on the site a LONG time ago. If we get a strong support going for the covers,we'll bring them back, so if you want to see Green Day covers on this site,just let me know. I'd also like to ask everyone to join up with our new sponsor,MyPoints (click the banner to the left). It's program that you visit websites and takesurveys to earn points which can be redeemed towards Blockbuster, Sam Goody, OnCue, and Rolling Stone gift certificates. I've gotten Spin magazine for free for three years thanks to Mypoints, so make sure to check it out.

January 20th, 2001 - Update By Brian ( - Punkers with publicists "Green Day comes to town with an aging punk rock sound "Green Day hits Athens Georgia- click here to go to Athens Online.the URL is Athens Online.

January 20th, 2001 - Update By Broc ( - After 18 days of suspense, it's here!The new GreenDay.Net. So, what's everybody think? Meet me in the chatroom tonight at1:00 A.M. Central time (sorry for the late hours). Some of the sub-sections may have a few broken links yet, but rest assured, it'll all be nice and clean by tommorow. Also, some of the deep sections (like, Multimedia> Audio> Albums) don't have the new design implemented into them yet, but gimmie a few more days, and everything will be peachy.

(Brian) - Friday, January 19th 2001 -

Green Day Rocks Knoxville, TN. Click on the image for full story:

Don't miss TRL on MTV this coming Monday for the premiere of the Green Day video: "Warning". This isn't the live video that was posted on a few months ago, but a REAL video! Don't miss it! Also the Green Day Stree Team is having a contest giving away rare import singles, so if you aren't already on their list join now: Click here.

(Brian) - Thursday, January 18th 2001 -

Green Day responds to copyright lawsuit: article

Spin Magazine online reviews Green Day's performance in Austin, TX.: here

(Broc) - Wednesday, January 17th 2001 -

Greetings, everyone. A bit of a dilemma on my hands, here. I just found out that I will not be able to attend the two Wisconson shows, which means I still have two ticketsthat I paid $70 for on my hands. If you're interested in purchasing a ticket for Milwaukee,Wisconson, or Madison, Wisconson, January 24th and 25th, e-mail me TODAY at I'll sell them for $25/each, which saves you about twenty bucks. You can buy one of them or both, but irregarless, contact me today!!

Here's a scan of the tix:

(Brian) - Monday, January 15th 2001 -

Rudy and the AdelineWeb Team tell us they are about to post a design update for Adeline Records' website. Parts of it will be going up VERY soon. Look for improvements in their online catalog and even some audio. Here is a sneak preview screen shot of the home page...

(Brian) - Sunday, January 14th 2001 -

FOX will re-air the episode of "King of the Hill" guest starring Green Day tonight (1/14/01). For more info click: here

(Brian) - Saturday, January 13th 2001 -

English Rocker Claims Green Day Plagiarized His Song: Sonicnet Article

The article above has an error in it when it says:

*Green Day's official Web site,, offers a link to, which contains an MP3 excerpt of "Never Got the Chance."*
- Obviously it does not.

(Brian) - Friday, January 12th 2001 -

Read about Green Day's gig last night in Dallas here: Goofy Paradise

The band hits The Aerial Theatre at Bayou Palace in Houston, Texas tonight.

(Brian) - Thursday, January 11th 2001 -

New article at the Dallas Observer about the Green Day/Get Up Kids show tomorrow: here.