Mike Dirnt


 FULL NAME : Michael Ryan Pritchard (Dirnt)
 BIRTHDATE : born May 4, 1972
 HOMETOWN : Berkeley, California, USA
 HEIGHT : 5'10
 CHILDREN : Estelle Desiree (Stella); born April 1997, to ex-wife, Anastasia
 FAMILY : Mike was adopted. His adoptive parents divorced when he was 7, and both are now remarried. I know Mike has at least one step sister, named Myla, but I don't know of anymore.
 RESTAURANT : Rudy's Can't Fail Café, in Emeryville, CA.
 INSTRUMENTS : Bass, farfisa, guitar, drums, and a baseball bat.
 OTHER BANDS : Mike still plays with The Frustrators. He has also played with the Screeching Weasel, Crummy Musicians, and Squirtgun.


 Michael Ryan Pritchard, now known as Mike Dirnt, was born on May 4, 1972. Mike's mother was a heroin addict. He was given up for adoption when he was a baby, to a Native american mother and a white father. When he was 7, his adoptive parents got a divorce. Mike lived with his father for awhile, but confrontations sent him back to his mother. He lived there on the borderline of proverty, while his sister left home at the age of 13. "There were all sorts of things happening," says Mike. "When I was in fourth or fifth grade, my mom stayed out all night, came home the next day with a guy, and he moved in. I'd never met the guy before, and all of a sudden he's my stepdad. We didn't get along for years. Later on, when I hit high school, my mom moved away from us, and me and my stepdad got real close. He instilled a lot in me. The one thing my family did give me is blue-collar morals. But then he died when I was 17."

  By that point, Mike had already moved out, leaving home when he was 15 to live out of his truck. He then rented a room in Billie's house, and later he lived in a punk squatter building. Billie and Mike began living for their weekends at the Gilman Street Project. Mike still continued to go to school, play in Sweet Children (which later became Green Day of course), and live on his own. He supported himself by working as a cook. Mike almost didn't graduate from high school, because his mother refused to sign one of his mandatory-attendance forms. "I took my mom aside," Mike says. "I said, 'This is how it is. You have so much shit going on in your life, so if once every semester you ask me if I've done my homework and jump all over my case, that's not right. Have I failed yet? No. And I'm going to graduate if you stay off my back. The one time in your life you chose to have morals, and it's going to fuck me up. Don't play mom once a year. It doens't fucking cut it.'" In the end, Mike did graduate from high school, and he even took more than a year's worth of courses at a community college. Then Billie and Mike moved into a squat in Oakland, California (the inspiration for "Welcome to Paradise").

  Mike married his long time girlfriend Anastasia in 1996 and their daughter, Estella-Desiree was born in April 1997. Mike loves his daughter very much, and his nickname for her is "Hero". Today, Mike and Anastasia are separated, but still remain very good friends. He recently was remarried in 2004, however his wife left him because he spending too much time in the studio recording American Idiot. Mike is currently dating, and he resides in Oakland, California. He also owns a café/resturant named Rudy's Can't Fail Café, after a song by the Clash. The café is located in Emeryville, CA. -Courtney Smith