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(Oct 15) - I managed to pick up the SNL - The Musical Performances Vol. 2 CD tonight, which of course includes Green Day's "When I Come Around" from their appearance on the show on December 3rd, 1994. I've got it encoded and ready for you in Real Audio. Download It Here. I have found that in the credits of the CD on page two of the liner notes, it states the band members to be "Billie Jo (with no e) Armstrong, Trey Cool (yes, with a y), and Mike Dirnt. Now, could they have possibly botched the guys' names up a little more, ya think? Oh well.. they made the CD, didn't they? You should of course complain to NBC about this, though. Another interesting fact printed with the band's performance information, at the date of their performance, Rosanne was hosting the show. Other bands that appeared on Volume 2 are Nirvana (Rape Me), Neil Young (No More), R.E.M. (Losing My Religion), Hole (Doll Parts), Beastie Boys (Sabatoge), Dr. Dre (Been There Done That), TLC (Creep), Arrested Development (Tennessee), Oasis (Acquiesce), Beck (Nobody's Fault But My Own), Pretenders (I'll Stand By You), Alanis Morrisette (Hand In My Pocket), Mary J. Blige (Reminisce), and Janet (Any Time, Any Place). I give the CD a 9/10.

(Oct 14) - reported today that the information regarding the new Album, posted yesterday, is false. The album has no release date yet, the Church On Sunday thing is wrong, and the album has no name yet. Sorry for the mishap.

(Oct 13) - If you're wondering why the old design is back, it's because people were getting lost in the new one, because I was working on it, and not everything was ready, so until me and Dan get the new design up (week or two), you can use this design, which might I add is pretty sweet. If you have troubles getting into something, try again in an hour.. it'll work. Any bands interested in submitting their covers of Green Day songs to the new GreenDay.Net covers page, which will open in a week or two should contact me asap so I can get your files uploaded. E-Mail me at [email protected] to set up a file transfer method. PLEASE do not e-mail the file right away. And finally one last note, I've got all of 39/Smoothed up and ready for download in the Multimedia section in Real Audio, so check it out. Next will come Dookie. Thanks.

(Oct 12) - As I've been trying to incorporate this design in with some of the content, I've realized this design really sucks. So, a friend of mine will be helping me get a new design up, which will be much easier for you guys to use. I've received a considerable amount of mail regarding the chat room not working. Well, as soon as the new design and stuff is set up, I'll get a new chat room, which will be compatible with all browsers. And, one more note.. Green Day did not break up. That's about all for now. I appreciate your feedback and stuff. Keep it comin'.

(Oct 11) - I've decided to open up now with my new design, but the links you'll click on above are 90% material you've already seen on for a long time. The reason behind this is so you have something to download and view while I strive to get the new 409 Online material, as well as the regular material up. Note that this will take around a week, as 409 Online's previous E-Access directory's space quota totals around 500 MB. Any of you who tuned in last night waiting to see the new Green Day video on 120 Minutes were disappointed, when you seen episodes of Undressed on. The reason behind is because of their Road Rules or Real World Marathon or whatever they had shown the previous day. Next Sunday night will again feature 120 Minutes, with the new video.

(Oct 10) - Hey. MFC got the FTP info to me today, so I'll be gettin' the new design up within the next few days, along with all the audio and stuff. Just to let everyone know, Green Day released a new video for Last Ride In for some reason a few weeks ago on 120 Minutes. The video kicks, and is available here for download, the file came from Green Day Web. Anyways, talk to you all later.

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