Green Day Sightings in the Media


In the movie Analyze That an International Superhits Green Day poster is visible in the sons room.

In Chasing Amy several copies of Green Day albums are visible in the record store scene behind the actors.

In High Fidelity a girl asks if they have the new Green Day album

In Angus several Green Day references are made.

In the movie "House Arrest" starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Pollock, the
heavy metal kid warns off the police by pretending to be an electrician
saying "there was a problem connecting the main wire to the Green Day

In the movie Dirty Works with Norm MacDonald, "Burnout" is playing on the
radio when him and his fat friend are in the car and its right before his
fat friend is going to moon these people on the sidewalk, but Norm stops
the car when the dudes ass is hanging out of the window.

The trailer for the 2001 movie Rat Race featured clips from the movie to the tune of Green Day's "Nice Guys Finish Last"

"Nice Guys Finish Last" was also featured in 1999's Varsity Blues,



On an episode of "Do Over" When Joel enters a Star Search-like competition using a hit song from the future, he reevaluates whether he should become an accomplished musician the honest way or by stealing someone else's material..
NOTE: The song Joel sings is Green Day's "Time of Your Life". 

In the TV series 24 a Warning poster is visible in the daughters room during the first season.

On the Craig Kilborn Show, when guest Matthew Fox appeared he was wearing a Green Day dragon style T-Shirt.

On the last episode of Seinfeld, Green Day's Time of your Life was played.

On Sabrina the Teenage Witch one of the characters bands fictitiously opened for Green Day

On Days of Our Lives the character Belle has a Warning poster in her college dorm room.

                   On the Friends episode of Rachel's 30th birthday, and they're showing a clip of Ross' 30th, when he gets the car, there's an Alternative Press poster with Green Day on it, behind them.

                            On two different  episodes of Friends.  outside the coffee shop, CENTRAL PERK, there's a record shop. on one episode there was a nimrod poster  (the yellow circle with nimrod written in it

                        On Season 4 of the television show ER during the episodes "Gut Reaction" and "Shades of Gray" included 
                              Green Day's "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)" to go with the storyline of characters nurse Jeanie and the dying boy, Scott Anspaugh.

"Espionage" is playing on the radio as background music for a commercial for the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team.

On an episode of Third Watch one of the police officer's daughters is wearing a t-shirt with the shenanigans cover on it and
 in various other episodes there is an International Superhits poster on her wall.

- On The Chris Isaak show, there are a number of times that you can see Warning or Superhits stuff on the walls backstage at the bar where they
play, and of course they acted in "The Wrong Number" episode and performed on 2 episodes.

- There is also the song "The Angel and the Jerk" by Billie Joe and Penelope Houston on the Friends 'Again' soundtrack that was played on one of the episodes, and I'm sure the Go-Go's credited Billie Joe for co-writing Unforgiven for the God Bless the Go-Go's labum.

On the show "A Guide To Becoming A Rockstar" in the lead singers room there is a warning poster !


In the comic book "Pit" by Image Comics, there is a bully kid wearing a Green Day shirt with the Kerplunk! style of lettering.

In an Archie comic strip, Veronica has a scavenger party at her house,
where the first prize is two tickets to a Green Day concert.

In the Barons SAT book, the verbal section mentions Green Day in a
sentence with the word "exceptionable" - Do you find the punk rock band
Green Day a highly exceptionable, thoroughly distasteful group, or do you
think they are exceptionally talented performers?



97.1 The FM talk station in Los Angeles constantly plays Green Day as bumper music during the Tom Leykis Show.

Jim Rome's radio show has been known to play Green Day as intro and outro music.

Toronto's 102.1 'the edge' plays 'last ride in' multiple times every afternoon while doing the traffic report.

The Glenn Beck Radio Show  plays green day music quite often


On the song 'El Scorcho' (Pinkerton) by Weezer... Green Day is mentioned: "I asked you to go to the Green Day concert 
You said you never heard of them

On the Sum 41 video for "Still Waiting" a record producer mentions Green Day.

On Tilt's album "Been Where? Did What" Billie Joe is given a credit with Kevin Army for mixing and recording the song "Worse To Bad" 

- The Mr T Experience mention Green Day in their song "Dumb Little Band". The line is "The guy at the bar says he thinks we're okay, we kind of remind him of Green Day." 

- On the comp Short Music for Short People, Billie Joe is thanked for recording one of the bands songs.

On the 13 eve web site, under "lyrics"  and then "4 more days", the drummer is wearing a GREEN DAY Nimrod T-shirt!

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