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  • Green Day blow away all competition in the 2001 California Music Awards (formerly the Bammies.) They won 8 statuettes: Outstanding Album (Warning), Outstanding Punk Rock/Ska Album (Warning), Outstanding Group, Outstanding Male Vocalist (Billie Joe Armstrong, right), Outstanding Bassist (Mike Dirnt, center), Outstanding Drummer (Tre Cool, left) Outstanding Songwriter (Armstrong) and Outstanding Artist for the group.

  • In Spin magazines list of the top 40 bands in 1997, Green Day are ranked #36 despite not having released an album for two years.

  • On MTV's "Top 100 Of 1996 Countdown" on New Years Eve, Green Day's Walking Contradiction video ranked #64, and their Brain Stew/Jaded video ranked #40.

  • On The 1996 American Music Awards, the guys got the nominations for Best Alternative Group (lost to Pearl Jam), and Best Artist (lost to Garth Brooks).

  • On MTV's countdown of the best music video's of all-time, Green Day ranked #1 in 1996 for "Geek Stink Breath".

  • On MTV's "Top 100 Of 1995 Countdown" on New Years Eve, Green Day's Geek Stink Breath video ranked #48, and their When I Come Around video ranked #4.

  • On MTV's "All-Time Alternative Rock Countdown" in 1995, Green Day's Longview video ranked #35, their When I Come Around video ranked #13, and their famous Basket Case video ranked #4.

  • In the June 1995 Seventeen mag, Billie Joe is one of the "Top 10 Guys You Want". He is along side the likes of Keanu Reeves and Ethan Hawke. Also, Green Day was voted Best Band in Seventeen Magazine's Seventh Annual Readers' Poll. They also got second place for best video from "When I Come Around".

  • The May 1995 Circus poll results gave:

  • Best New Artist: Green Day
    Best CD: Dookie
    Best CD cover: Dookie
    Best Bassist: Mike Dirnt
    Best Drummer: Tre Cool
  • The Bay Area Music Awards were given out March 11, 1995 at San Francisco's Warfield Theatre. Here are some winners in the 18th annual Bammie Awards given out.

  • Outstanding Album: Dookie - Green Day
    Outstanding Group: Green Day
    Outstanding Bassist: Mike Dirnt - Green Day
    Outstanding Drummer: Tre Cool - Green Day
  • Kerplunk spent 2 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Pop Catalog Album Chart in March 1995.

  • When I Come Around was #1 on Billboard's Modern Rock charts for 7 weeks, in January and February, 1995. This breaks their previous best of six weeks atop the chart for Basket Case in summer '94.

  • On Rick Dee's top 94 songs of 1994, Green Day are ranked 4th with "When I Come Around".

  • After 52 weeks on the Billboard album chart, Dookie was still in the top 10 (#2) in February '94. The album sold over twelve million copies worldwide, and finished as the #24 album of 1994 in Billboard's year-end chart. It was the fifth-best selling album of 1994, according to Spin, Feb 1995, with sales of 3.3 million. Also, the singles Longview and Basket Case logged in at #3 and #4 respectively on Billboard's 1994 year-end Modern Rock chart, and Green Day rank as Billboard's #2 Modern Rock artists of 1994.

  • Four 1995 Grammy Nominations:

  • Best New Artist. (lost)
    Rock Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocal, Basket Case. (lost)
    Hard Rock Performance, Longview. (lost)
    Alternative Music Performance, Dookie. (WON)
  • Green Day were also nominated for a 1995 American Music Award, for Alternative Artist, but they lost to the Counting Crows.

  • Congratulations to Green Day for having MTV's #1 video of 1994 (Basket Case). They also have MTV's #18 (Longview) and #70 (When I Come Around - Woodstock version). The regular version of the When I Come Around video was #1 on MTV's video countdown for four non consecutive weeks.

  • MTV also had a poll about who was "IT" in the world, during the first week of February, 1995. Billie Joe came in #3 in the top 10.

  • Congratulations to Green Day for having Dookie being named the "Best Rock CD of the Year" by Time magazine (Dec 26, 1994 issue). "Do you like playing your car stereo so loud that cars in back of you flash their lights? If the answer is yes, then Green Day is for you. If no, then here's a gift you can give to your younger relations that will make them all think you're incredibly cool. While the raucous, cathartic songs of this Berkeley-based punk band are adolescent and snotty, they're always laughing with you, not at you... or are they?"

  • Rolling Stone magazine featured Green Day as a prominent band for the future in its Generation Next special issue. Then (January 26, 1995 cover story), Rolling Stone readers named:
  • Green Day - Best New Band of 1994
    Green Day - Critics' Choice Best New Band of 1994
    Dookie - Best Album of 1994
    Dookie - Best Album Cover of 1994
    Billie Joe Armstrong - Best New Male Singer
    Billie Joe Armstrong - Critics' Choice Second Best New Male Singer
    Green Day - Third Best Artist of 1994
    Green Day - Fourth Best Band of 1994
    Basket Case - Fifth Best Single of 1994
    Basket Case - Fifth Best Video of 1994
    Longview - Critics' Choice Third Best Single of 1994

  • Spin magazine's readers poll (January, 1995) gives Green Day a number of accolades:
  • Best New Band or Artist
    #5 single of the year (Longview)
    #2 artist Spin should be covering
    #1 artist predicted to "make it big in '95".

  • Green Day log in KROQ's #1 single of 1994 (Longview), as well as scoring #8 with Basket Case, 17 with Welcome to Paradise, and 34 with When I Come Around.

  • An article in Entertainment Weekly declared Green Day to be "1994's hottest band", and that 1994 has been the "Year of Green Day" in an excellent cover story. EW also named them #3 rookie of the year in their Best of 1994 issue.