Billie Joe "Raves" to Rolling Stone

(By Billie Joe Armstrong from the February 17, 1998 issue of Rolling Stone magazine)

"Meatballs" Directed by Ivan Reitman. I never went to summer camp, but I'd want it to be like that if I did. I like the scene where they take the guy who snores really loud and string him up in a tree while he's sleeping. I think Mike (Dirnt) and Tre (Cool) have done that to me a couple of times. You're fair game on our tour bus if you pass out.

"Goodnight Moon" Margaret Wise Brown (HarperCollins). It's a children's book about saying good night, stuff like that. Me and my wife read it to my daughter Jolie every night.  (Note: this was an error made by Rolling Stone. Billie doesn't have a daughter Jolie, only a son named Joey)

"The Sun Sessions" Elvis Presley (Sun). The first record I ever bought - I lucked out on that one. I had just seen one of his movies - Double Trouble, I think - and got it because he looked good on the cover. Even then, I wasn't into the jumpsuits.

"Beavis And Butt-Head". It's like my childhood passing in front of my eyes.

Bloodrage With Transgressor at On-Broadway, San Francisco, circa 1986. My first show. It  was when speed metal was happening in the Bay Area. Me and my friends went - we were all about 14. We had never seen slam dancing, and all of us sat on the side, but this group of skinheads ran by and dove on us. My first show, and I just got dove on.

David Lee Roth. A showman and a loudmouth.

Beer. Budweiser is the standard - I'm drinking it right now. But Red Nectar on tap is good. It's a Humboldt County (Calif.) microbrew that's sweet, satisfying and tastes enough of alcohol that you feel like you're being good and bad at the same time. Schaefer is a good, cheap beer. Olympia - that's good, too. But Blatz is my favorite. I drank a lot of it with my friend Eggplant when we were 16. A bum named him that one time.

Johnny Rotten. He was beautiful when he was in the Sex Pistols - that eye that wanders a little bit, and his voice. He just blatantly knows that he's smarter than you. Now he sucks, though.

Skateboarding. I suck. I've been doing it for about two weeks. But it keeps my mind off music for a while.

Jesse Michaels of Operation Ivy. He could step onstage and take over a room just standing there. He had charisma and a great sense of melody.