'Black Water' by the Doobie Brothers
"In the band we call songs like 'Black Water' uncle music. It's the kind of song your uncle rocks out to when it comes on the radio. In fact, Mike wants to do a whole album of them. All he does is play drums really bad and sing them - and thats how he wants to record it. It's really funny. We want to call it 'Drummin and Cryin'."

'The Catcher In The Rye' by JD Salinger
"It's a classic from the fifties. My teachers tried to force me to read it in high school, so naturally I didn't. I did finally read it later and, ironically, rebellion is kind of what it's about. This guy tries to fin in but can never quite do it. Finally, he justs celebrates his uniqueness by rebelling and getting kicked out of high school and going on this crazy adventure. I could identify with that." (Note: Billie wrote a song on Kerplunk called 'Who Wrote Holden Caulfield' about the main character in this book.)

'The Bad News Bears' directed by Michael Ritchie
"There's a great punk rock message in this film. It's about a really crappy Little League baseball team that loses it's first few games like 25 to nothing. They wind up getting together and actually making it to the finals. Basically, it's about taking what you've got and learning how to deal with it - and then growing from that."